Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Daily cuckold - Our friendly barman

..... the staff there are so nice and friendly.
We always go to the same hotel on holiday every year. Geraldine, my Wife likes it because she says that the staff there are so nice and friendly. I suppose they are, especially the barman called Manuel, who seems to like getting me pissed every night.

Geraldine seems to be able to hold her drink a lot better than me and I have often found myself asleep the next day on the floor of the hotel bar. She, on the other hand, always manages to make it back to bed.

Happy holidays!

Monday, 20 November 2017

Daily cuckold - Do you want me to find one?

"Are you sure you won’t mind being cuckolded?”
“No problem Dear. Do you want me to find one for you?”
“Oh that would be wonderful Darling. Are you sure you won’t mind being cuckolded?”
“Not at all. It’s no more than i deserve. So what kind of chap are you thinking of? European, Asian, African? Big, Medium, Small? Well hung, medium or like me?”
“Do you really need to ask cucky boy?”
“That’s a big well hung Black Man then. I shall see to it straight away.”
“Make it quick Dear. As quick as it takes you to cum would be nice.”

Sunday, 19 November 2017

In our imagination

In my imagination I see a cuckold who is totally committed to his way of life and is prepared to do anything and everything his Wife and her Black Master require of him. A true cuckold.

What do you see in yours fellow cuckolds?

Saturday, 18 November 2017

My cuckold shorts

Just a few reflections on what it is to be a cuckold.

“I’m just going up to have a bath Dear,” is just something a
wife would say to a normal husband, but to a Cuckold it can
mean something different entirely - happily.

There are many women in this world who, no matter what
they do, always look classy. And the lucky Cuckold of this
beautiful young wife knows it and is so proud of her.

Every Cuckold wants the every best for his wife, and this beautiful and lucky
young wife clearly has a husband that takes his duties very seriously.

“That’s the young man that has asked me out on a date tonight Darling!”

“Will you be going? He looks very well hung and very fit.”

“Of course I am. You don’t mind being cuckolded for tonight and, if I’m
lucky, a few other nights as well?”

“Of course not. He clearly has more than I have to satisfy you.”

“Well most men have that. But thank you anyway my Love!”

Perfect Symmetry - and perfect happiness for my wife when she’s with him.

Finally fucked by a real man! And her Cuckold is so happy that another,
better man has taken over what he cannot do.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Daily cuckold - The whole time?

"... exactly how long?"

“i didn’t mind putting my little cucky cage on to suit you Dear. But exactly how long will i be locked in?”
“Well let me see. While I am out on a date with him is about right.”
“Seems fair!”
“And when I bring him back here and we spend the night upstairs.”
"Okay! If you think that would be appropriate.”
"Yes it would. And I suppose while you make breakfast for us both.”
“That long eh! I suppose that would be tolerable.”
“Oh yes! And while him and I are on holiday in Barbados together.”

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Daily cuckold - Let’s see if he can identify his Mistress 

Just the pretty mask and nothing else.

“i think he will know who you are. Don’t you?”
“Maybe - maybe not! Either way it will be fun finding out if he recognises me or not.”
“So you’re going like that? Just the pretty mask and nothing else other than a welcoming smile.”
“That’s right cucky. Let’s see if he can identify his Mistress out of all the others there at the party.”
“So you think that the man who bangs you five nights a week upstairs in our marriage bed might not remember what your naked body looks like? i don’t recall you telling me he was short sighted.”
“No! He’s not short sighted. But he does know my body more by feel than sight.”

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Daily cuckold - Please don’t go up there to him

"..... get your hand off the button."
“Please don’t go up there to him. Is there anything i can say or do that would change your mind?”
“No Dear. You know that I belong to him now and when he rings down for me I have to go up to the top floor and spend the night with him in his bed.”
“You make it sound as if you have no choice.”
“Well seeing that you, my poor weak cuckold husband, have a thin three inches long penis and that Master’s is nine even when he is ‘soft’ then I have no choice. Not that I want one anyway.”
“So there is nothing I can do to change your mind?”
"Hell no! Now get your hand off the button.”
“Yes Dear!”

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Cuckold Marriage

I shall remember it forever.

As I took the photo of Julia I knew that there would be little need to print it out for me to remember the moment by. This was her arrival at the discreet hotel that we booked for us, our friends and my Wife’s Black Lover. This was our Cuckold Wedding, and I shall remember it forever.

On that wonderful day Julia promised to be her Master’s willing bed mate for the rest of her life and I made a solemn vow that I would willingly be ‘Cuckold Slave’ to them both. To this day, and three little dark brown children later, we live in complete harmony as Master, Mistress and slave, which for me as a dedicated cuckold - is the perfect way of life.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Daily cuckold - I’m already packed

"I’m having an affair with your Boss.”

“Oh look! You might as well know. I’m having an affair with your Boss.”
“Really? Who’d have thought it after you and he danced the night away at the office Christmas Party and then he phoned me to ask you to go on a date with him. And when you didn’t come home for two days after the date but then went out straight away to accompany him on a ‘business trip’ to the West Indies. I can manage to work it all out for myself - don’t you think?”
“Okay cucky - well done. And have you worked out that he is sending you to the Arctic on a four month fact finding mission?”
“Yes actually. I’m already packed and I have been brushing up on my Inuit“
“Then Tavvauvutit cucky!”

Sunday, 12 November 2017

A cuckold's Conversation

Being underneath his Wife, both emotionally and physically, is especially arousing for a true cuckold

Saturday, 11 November 2017

It Would Be An Honour To Be cuckolded By Wives Such As These

Cuckolds know that there are many ladies in this world who would bring him joy and  that it would be an honour to share her with a better man than he.

She has something to tell hubby, and
the poor cuckold knows what it is.

"Of course he will like you in that my
Darling, that is why I bought it for you."

A warm smile for Master before their
mating begins gives cuckold such a
warm and happy feeling.

Such a pretty bride dressed for mating.
Her new husband knows it and so does
her Black Master. There will be no
question who will consummate the

Pure beauty but still ready to
please her Master. Such a Wife
would bring joy to a true cuckold.

A pretty Wife's legs always open when
she daydreams about her Lover

Friday, 10 November 2017

Daily cuckold - To the winner goes the spoils.

".... is there something i should know?”
“Your night out with the girls Dear; is there something i should know?”
“Erm! Gretchen here is taking me to a Black Masters’ poker party. She says that I am the prize for the highest hand.”
“To the winner goes the spoils. Is that it?”
“To the winner goes your Missus more like cucky.”
“i think that i got that My Darling. Have fun!”

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Daily cuckold - cucky credentials

You need to have a wider skill set.

“If you’re going to join Master and me in the bedroom tonight Dear you might as well learn your duties.”
“I thought that it was just you i had to pleasure. I’m good at that aren’t i?”
“Yes you are, but you need to do more. And that is why you must now train in new abilities to broaden your cucky credentials.”
“i stand timidly by the bed every night you and him go at it like newlyweds, isn’t that enough?”
“No little man. You need to have a wider skill set. Now get that tongue of your working on the head. Just like you will be for Master tonight.”

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Daily cuckold - I shall keep my mouth closed


“Wait a minute Marcus. I think we are being watched.”
“Don’t worry about me My Love. Marcus and i have an understanding.”
“What kind of understanding could that possibly be?”
“That i could be beside you when you are doing it without protection.”
“Oh he told you about that did he?”
“Of course he did. Him and i have been friends for a long time. It was me who brought you both together.”
“Oh did you now! Well just shut up and keep out of the way while we ‘do it’ as you say!”
“I shall keep my mouth closed, which is more that you can say for your legs Dear.”

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Daily cuckold - Well! It may be a shock to you

"Why are you checking your breasts?"
“Why are you checking them Dear?”
“Oh! No reason!”
“Really? Can I ask you again? Why are you checking your breasts? Those very same breasts that have been increasing in size recently.”
“Well! It may be a shock to you, but you may as well know that I am having Master’s child.”
“A shock? Every night he has been with you I have been there beside the bed wearing a restraint on my little penis, with your unconsumed birth pills hanging on a loop around my neck. And I have suffered the embarrassment of knowing that each and every time he ejaculates in you that he does so into your unprotected body. So ask me again why you think it is such a shock that he has knocked you up.”
“Maybe ‘shock’ is too strong a word. How about total ‘humiliation’, or ‘less than a man’ or ‘emasculation’. Would they be more appropriate cucky?”
“Of course they would Dear.”

Monday, 6 November 2017

Daily cuckold - You will enjoy it - I promise.

“Do you have to make it so obvious?"
“Do you have to make it so obvious? All of my friends and work colleagues know you’re cuckolding me and when they see that little key they will also realise that you have locked my little penis away.”
“It’s all part of your journey as a total cuckold. Only through humiliation and your unmanning will you finally become what is known as a ‘true cuckold’.”
“Is that why you have bought those panties and other ladies underwear for me?”
“Spot on cuckold! Now get your kit off and start putting them on. You will enjoy it - I promise.”
“I think i am liking it already.”

Sunday, 5 November 2017

In our imagination.

In my imagination I see a newly cuckolded husband tasting her Master's seed for the first time, in the sure knowledge that there will be many more such times in the future.

What do you see in yours?

Saturday, 4 November 2017

The Story of Elaine, Jackson and cuckold james

Chapter Eighteen - Alana

Warning - this chapter depicts sexual intimacy between men.

It was Friday morning and I was still asleep when I felt the bed move as Elaine, my Wife, clambered over me to go to the toilet, leaving me and Jackson alone still in a post sexual languor. I had spent much of the last night acting as sex slave to Elaine (who I now routinely refer to as Mistress) and had learned that I was far from alone in my cuckoldry in just the small row of houses where I live in Blackheath South London. It's funny the things you recall when still only half conscious.

Slowly my mind cleared as I remembered what had transpired the night before. I recalled kissing Elaine as Jackson had made love to her, I recalled almost calling Jackson 'Master' in the same way as did Elaine and I recalled my cleaning of her pretty pink labia of his semen. Other than that, my mind was still a blur - late nights tend to effect me that way. But there was at the back of my mind telling me that something had occurred last night that had changed our three cornered relationship.

I had done everything that I could to manage the situation since that last Sunday when I had seen Jackson take Elaine under that tower of that beach on the South Coast; this included purchasing a restraint for my little penis. I then left the pair of them alone in my house and received a soaking from the summer rain that night when I had stealthily crept back into the house and found that it was no surprise because I had been outguessed. And last night, Thursday night, I had laid out the bed for them and then joined them and acted as a slave to them. Effectively, my so called management had been that of the 'if you can't beat them - join them' philosophy. But something had changed last night; 'What the hell was it?' I thought, while still half asleep.

The story leading up to this point can be read (Chapters One to Seventeen) can be read by clicking on the link [here].

Little by little, the night's activities came back to me. I could recall sitting at the window and Mistress (Elaine) telling me about my next door neighbours; a couple living on one side of my house (Sheila and Jack) living as 'Black Owned' by their lodger Mr Obinga, and the other couple (Gwen and Charlie) who lived the other side were 'Party Slavers'. It was such a shock to me, so I guess that was why I recalled it first.

Party Slaver

Next came the delicious memory of attending to Mistress's sweet pussy after Master (sorry - Jackson) had released the heavy streams of his seed into her vagina. His ejaculate had not been a problem for me as I had tasted and swallowed the salty, musty cream before and with a sudden realization I understood just why I it was acceptable to my palate. In all truth, his sticky and warm essence is not particularly tasty but what was truly a joy for me was the concept of  'serving' Mistress and the better man than me, and accepting the demeaning nature of my activity. I knew that it would not be long before I would kneel before my Wife's Lover and call him 'Master'. 'But what was it that had happened last night?'

My addled brain was still withholding that 'special' memory, when the bed moved again and Mistress rejoined us, "Roll over cj," she said quietly to me, "I need your special magic again."

Turning over onto my back I looked up to see her lovely pussy descending onto my face. With her legs  stretched out a little further than usual she had allowed my arms and hands to remain free so without any further encouragement from her I reached up to stroke those lovely firm breasts and tweak the coral pink nipples that I had sucked while Master had ploughed his rock hard manhood in and out of her in a gentle but in such an unrelenting way.

But wait! That's not right. He had stopped occasionally, when late into the night Mistress had hooked her upper leg over his and he had taken her from behind while they lay on their sides together - and they had done this for my benefit. It was coming back to me now. Mistress had pushed my hand down to her mound while Master's rod was still embedded deep inside her - and then? With a rush I recalled all that had happened - she had pushed my hand down onto Master's big heavy balls. Not just once but twice, and at the third time I had gone there myself without encouragement from her. For the first time in my life I had touched another man's sexual parts and instead of being scolded or worse he had commented that it was, "nicely done cj."

As Mistress's much welcome labia came into contact with my lips I knew that the 'training' that they were now clearly putting me through was going to progress at a faster rate and although I had initially resisted my journey down the cuckold's path I now couldn't wait for it to proceed apace. So like the willing slave that I was, and still am, my tongue started to work on Mistress's swollen lips, with the memory of another man's balls in my hand still fresh in my mind. 'Pervert!' Was my amused thought as a little taste of Master Jackson's semen settled on my tongue.

This was sheer heaven to me! To be lying naked with my little penis caged, totally subservient and subjugated like a slave to be used at his Mistress's pleasure. The more I licked and swallowed, the more aroused I became; my small penis was now so tight inside it's little restraint it was starting to hurt. It was with some surprise that I became aware of the bed moving again as I felt Master Jackson rouse himself and kneel on the bed with his knees either side of my own.

Although I could not see him, I felt him lean forward and start kissing Mistress and, like the good cuckold I had become, I continued to work diligently on her labia and her clitoris. Everybody was having a nice time and the room was silent as three highly sexed young animals fulfilled their obligations to each other.

Such was my disconnect from reality that it was moments before I realized that something heavy was in contact with my groin, 'What the hell is that?' I thought, my mind still fuzzy from sleep and arousal. I removed my right hand from Mistress's perfect breasts and reached down to try and find out what it was.

I put my hand down on the mystery object and found it to be warm and soft, and as I moved my hand up and down its length I realized that it could only be one thing - it was his big penis. His thick, dark manhood was laying up the side of my plastic cage with its bulbous glans resting gently on my lower stomach. 'Oh Christ! It's Master's cock.'

In shock, I tried to snatch my hand away but instantaneously Mistress's hand closed down on my own; it was then that I knew that this was no accident. Once again, she interlaced her fingers with my own and gently moved my hand up and down the warm soft length of flesh, pausing only to wrap my hand around the large round head just to make sure that I fully understood exactly what I was being allowed to touch. 'Its the 'Rule of Three again,' I thought as she allowed my hand to move away. But only for a second or two as the two Lovers above me (a highly symbolic disposition, given my acceptance of their dominance over me) kissed again.

As before, her cool little hand descended over the back of my own and eased down onto his now thickening penis. And as before, lingering a little longer this time she moved my hand in such a way as I was now stroking it for him - from pubic hair down to his glans. I was stroking another man's cock and as conflicted sexually as I was, I was actually enjoying the act. 'It's that serving thing again,' I thought dimly as I appreciated the soft strength of his now hardening cock.

Mistress took my hand away and did nothing further except continue kissing Master and easing her clitoris up and down over my nose. The 'Rule of Threes' requires every cuckold to try something twice (or is it three times? I couldn't remember but it didn't matter because I knew what was expected of me) before making up his mind whether he would do it without being told or encouraged to, so I understood clearly what was required. It was my decision; was I going to voluntarily stroke Master's cock for him? It was a big step for a man to take, even a cuckold like myself. It would bring my sexuality into question and I would never be the same man again. But the questions were irrelevant; I had allowed myself to be taken down a path and there was no going back now.

I lowered my hand down onto his member that felt stronger, harder and, dare I say it, more manly than my own. With delicate strokes I now explored that big hard rod as it rose from my body to stand hard and upright. I brought my other hand down from Mistress's breasts and felt for his large testicles, they were heavy and starting to harden as my ministrations of his member started to take effect. Slowly at first his body started to move so as to push his manhood through my fingers that were now flickering over his rod and his bell end. He was fucking my hand and the soft groans emitting from his throat bore witness to his impending release.

His thrusting increased and it was clear that 'Master' was enjoying what I was doing for him; he also knew exactly whose hand was pleasuring him intimately. It was the "Oh yes!" that came from his throat that was the signal for Mistress to move away and sit to one side. She had heard that little phrase from him many times and knew exactly what was about to unfold.

His testicles tightened and his cock suddenly jumped in my hand as a stream of creamy white ejaculate shot out from his penis and landed with a 'splat' on my face. It jumped again and his seed landed on my throat and chin. Again and again his rod spat out prodigious amounts of his seed everywhere - into my open mouth, my chest, my tummy and finally the last dregs onto my plastic penis cage. I was once again degraded and humiliated by these two who now knew that they had a cuckold who would do anything for them.

My feeling of humiliation lasted just seconds as I glanced up and saw Master Jackson looking back down at me with a broad smile on his face. "You get better and better, cuckold james," he said, using the full name he had given me, "but I think it's a bit late in the day, so we had better go downstairs and get some breakfast."

His 'commonplace' words brought us back to reality and as they put on their dressing gowns I went off to the shower to clean myself up, but only after rubbing his jism all over my face and body as an overt demonstration of my acquiescence, and to prevent it dripping from me onto the floor. 'What a start to the day. What else is about to occur?' It was a rhetorical question but I knew that my 'journey' had not finished for that day.

The remainder of Friday was spent lazily eating and drinking and tidying the place up for our guests that evening, Bruno, Madeline and my best friend Alan. We did not speak much about what had happened in the bed that morning (which is unlike Master Jackson) but when I did speak I made sure that I addressed Elaine as 'Mistress' and him as 'Master Jackson'. By that level of deference I was signalling that my total capitulation to him would be sooner rather than later - and it pleased him.

It was eight o'clock that evening when the bell rang on the front door and I went to open it. "Hi cj!" said a clearly pregnant Maddie ('Slut') as she brushed past me, closely followed by a large Black Man with a round shaven head, "and this is Bruno," she continued as she dragged him up the hallway and then wrapped her arms around a happy and smiling Elaine.

"Hi I'm Alana," said a voice below me on the front door step. Looking down I saw a very pretty blond, short haired young woman in a red dress. I was taken aback but I did not say anything but bade her welcome as she moved past me to join the others. I remained where I was with the door open.

"What are you doing cj?" asked Mistress after she had extricated herself from Madeleine's hug and kisses.

"I'm just waiting for Alan," I replied.

"I'm already here James," said Alana, "it's me! Alan!"

'What the fuck?' I spun around to look again at the pretty blond. "Alan?" I exclaimed loudly and then remembered that I was supposed to be the timid cuckold, "you're a Woman." I said lamely.

"Well spotted Detective Inspector!" she replied with a nervous smile on his face.

I closed the door behind me and looked once again at Alana, "I guess that you and I have a lot to talk about," I said as I ushered the other four into our Front Room and her and me into the kitchen.

"Alan!" I said but was interrupted.

"Alana please!" she responded with a sudden passion.

"Sorry!" I replied, "Alana then. Now I am going to sit here and shut the fuck up while you tell me what the hell is going on with the guy who is my best mate and who goes with me to the football every other Saturday."

Alana did not have a chance to speak because Mistress, with a sardonic smile on her face, brought two glasses of wine in for us both, "You boys need to talk," she said. But when she had gone it was if a damn had burst. He needed to speak to someone of a like mind or who was in a similar position.

"I hear that Jackson and Elaine are calling you cj now," she said after delicately sipping her wine, "and I know just what has been happening to you since Sunday. Elaine and Maddie talk on the phone every night, and it's mostly about you."

"So?" was my terse reply, which seemed to irritate her.

"Then I guess if there was anyone who wouldn't stand in judgement on me it would be my best friend." she replied tersely. "Especially one who is a fellow cuckold like me."

"I'm sorry Alana," I replied, "this is a bit of a shock. So bear with me and please continue."

She smiled at my emollient tone and took in a deep breath. "This is my way of handling the way my life has been turned around cj," she said, reminding me once again that I am a cuckold too, "and please make no mistake, it is very much to my liking."

Alana looked at my aghast face and continued, "If you think about it I can be exactly what I would like to be, now that my Master has taken over our lives. I can go to work, the pub and the football as Alan and when I get home I change and become Alana."

"I take it that 'Master' is Bruno then?" I asked.

"Exactly!" she replied. "And for someone who said he would 'shut the fuck up', you seem to have a lot to say."

"Ooh Sorry Dear!" I replied laughing - at which I was relieved to see Alana smile at my sarcasm.

"There has always been this side to me cj," he continued 'cuckold reminder again'. "I don't show it at work or anywhere else but at home, that is until tonight in your house. When Maddie took up with my Master I did not know how to handle it. I was depressed, tearful, and suicidal even - for weeks. Maddie was terribly worried, that is until she brought someone to the house to talk to me. His name is John and he, with his Wife Jennifer, owns and runs Mede Manor on the South Coast. He's a sort of cuckold counsellor and after we had talked, within minutes even of discussing my situation he convinced me to embrace my cuckoldry and learn to love the idea of a better man bedding my Wife."

" ..... learn to love the idea of a better man bedding my Wife."

 'Mede Manor?' I thought, 'Isn't that where Maddie, Bruno and him are having some kind of 'marriage ceremony' on Sunday

Alana took a deep breath as she clearly was about to talk more intimately about her 'journey'. "John is clearly an astute man because he had deduced very quickly that I am quite fastidious and he said that such guys often have feminine traits. He advised me to start slowly with stockings and 'hold ups' and to also talk to Maddie about how to actually manage these things. I thought that Maddie and Bruno would laugh at me, but they did not. They encouraged me. She bought me pretty underwear and padded bras from a shop in Bond Street and invited me into their bedroom when they make love."

"So you're part of their lovemaking now?" I asked.

"I was before that but I hated it," she replied without commenting on my interruption, "all that stickiness and intimacy was repulsive to someone as fussy as me. I only did it to keep Maddie, although she said that she would never leave me, but I couldn't be sure. To please them both I was advised to buy one of those plastic things for my little willy, just like the one you now have," she ignored my embarrassed look, "and tried as hard as I could to please them. But we all knew that my heart wasn't in it. Unlike you cj."

She ignored my even redder face and continued. "The sudden enlightenment came to me on the first night that I came into their bedroom ...."

"Wait a minute Alana," I said fully aware that I was interrupting her again, "what do you mean 'their bedroom'. I thought it was your house that you live in still. Have you moved?"

"Oh no cj!" she responded quickly, "it is still our house, it's just that now I recognize Bruno as 'My Master' it is only right that I refer to the main bedroom as 'theirs'. Can I continue now?"

I nodded but she carried on anyway. "I had just a garter belt and stockings without my restraint on when I joined them for the first night as a woman in their bed and immediately everything felt so right. I was no longer the finicky little fusspot, but I now had a double sexuality. I was no longer a man, because in all truth I hadn't been a real man for quite some time. I was neither man nor woman. A slut who would do anything with anyone and to anyone. In modern parlance, my type of sexuality has a name."

"..... everything felt so right."

My open mouth gave away my incredulity and there was a silence in the room before I could think to ask the obvious question, "Do you mean 'Transvestite?"

"No cuckold james! I don't mean that," he replied with a wide smile on his face. "I am no longer cuckold alan, I am now Sissy Alana."

Friday, 3 November 2017

Cucky Texts

My Wife looks so contented.

Txt: Hey Jeremy! Don’t Jeanie look great. Took it this morning outside St Martin.

Txt: Thank you Master. My Wife looks so contented. And tanned. And, dare i say, not particularly overdressed.
Txt: That’s the most she’s had on all week. She only puts those on when we are in port.
Txt: Well that’s quite a delicious thought for me Master. My Wife spending days alone at sea with her Black Lover - naked and fucking.
Txt: Well that’s the cuckold’s curse or delight - imagining what his Wife is doing when she is with another man. What is it for you cucky boy?
Txt: i am not going to say Master. But i would be delighted if you sent me another picture.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Daily cuckold - I wanted to keep my modesty

 "....... for now I shall leave them guessing.”

“Why have you chosen to cover yourself on a nude beach Dear?”
“I wanted to keep my modesty in front of all these Black Men. One of them will get to see the lot later but for now I shall leave them guessing.”
“Well I’m not afraid of letting everyone see what i’ve got.”
“Yes Dear. And that is why we are on a nude beach full of Black Studs isn’t it.”

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Daily cuckold - But you didn’t suffer no shock.

"So what’s cucky boy’s problem?"

“He left ten minutes ago. So we can be all alone together.”

“Well that’s pretty sweet Darlin! But he knew that I was coming to see you today. So what’s cucky boy’s problem?”

“He said that he just couldn’t bear watching that lovely big rod of yours disappearing inside me again. I think that he hasn’t got over the shock from last time.”

“Yeah! But you didn’t suffer no shock. Did you my sweet little whore?”

“Hell no Master! Now let’s go inside and see how many times you won’t shock me today.”

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Daily cuckold - Bloody hilarious more like

"Wonderful party don’t you think?”

“So I’ll just have this coffee and go back in. Wonderful party don’t you think?”

“Wonderful? Bloody hilarious more like. Did you see my Jim’s face when I went out the back with big Henry.”

“Oh God yes! And did you see Gerald’s little lump in his trousers when he saw me making out with that other black bloke with the big bulges - everywhere?”

“Well they are both such a couple of cucks aren’t they. Just as well really. So let’s go back in and have a nice time with Henry and Bulgy - whatever his name is. Our hubbies can drink themselves silly while we do what we should have done ages ago.”

“And what’s that Sis?”

“Fuck their brains out!”

Monday, 30 October 2017

Daily cuckold - I arranged it

"I think that you are going to enjoy this just as much as me.”

“Realize it? i arranged it.”
“Yes I know. But everything will change after this.”
“Do you mean me no longer feeling wretched that i can’t satisfy you. Or do you mean that i will no longer be sick with worry that you have left me for a better man.”
“Well that’s all to the good then. But somehow I think that you are going to enjoy this just as much as me.”
“It’s the sacrifice that i shall just have to put up with Dear.”

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Dear Diary - Gerald (one)

Dear Diary - Gerald (One)

Note: to read Gerald's Wife Melissa's diary over this period, click [here]. You may wish to read the two diaries together of course.

Tuesday. Dear Diary. The cheeky bastard! Benjamin my Boss called me into the office yesterday. I thought it was about the company accounts but he started talking about Melissa instead and how pretty she is. I agreed, but then he asked if I would be offended if I asked her if she would like to go on a date with him. I was offended but said nothing - thankfully Mel flatly refused when I told her.

Wednesday. Dear Diary. I didn't see Benjamin at work on Tuesday because I did everything to keep out of his way. Told Melissa that Benjamin thought she was attractive, she still said no - thankfully.

Thursday. Dear Diary. Told Benjamin yesterday that Melissa had said no. He didn't seem too put out and suggested that we have dinner at ours. He's my boss so I couldn't say no. Maybe it won't be such a bad idea; Mel knows how to put someone in his place and that will be the end of it. Besides it might be amusing to see my beautiful Wife withstanding the advances of a big Black Man.

Friday. Dear Diary. My 'best laid plan' has definitely 'gone awry'. The moment she saw him, I could see that Melissa couldn't take her eyes of Benjamin. It very soon became obvious to me that Mel was more than enjoying his company and that my presence was not particularly welcome, so I found other things to do while they chatted.

Mel was more than enjoying his company.

Saturday. Dear Diary. Benjamin didn't mention a date last night, so I was assuming that the matter was over. Then a small package arrived from Ben with a beautiful pink rose. Melissa blushed a bright red and commented that many flowers had meanings, she suggested that I look up 'coral pink'. I did, and it means 'desire'. I wasn't happy with the way things were going, but Mel obviously was - very much so.

Sunday. Dear Diary. Just what I thought would happen, has happened. Over breakfast Melissa was very quiet and thoughtful (most unlike her) and I sat patiently waiting for what was to come. It wasn't long before she cleared her throat and asked that going on a date with Benjamin would not be so terrible, if I was okay with it of course.  I don't know why I said what I did in reply; probably because Mel has always been the boss at home. I just replied that I would comply with her wishes, which is always better than an argument. I am starting to feel nervous now.

Monday. Dear Diary. Benjamin's reaction was one of 'what took you so long' when I told him that Melissa would be happy to go for drink. I don't know why but I offered to help her get ready for her date. Her reply that it was just a 'drink' didn't convince me. Hopefully, one date with him will convince her of what an arsehole he really is.

Tuesday. Benjamin picked her up at our house dead on eight o'clock and she looked really nice after my help getting her ready, which much to my surprise, seemed the natural thing to do. The wait for her to come home again was agony as my mind went through all the possibilities of my Wife dating another man. 

I heard Ben's car on the drive at eleven and couldn't help myself, I had to watch what they did. They talked for a minute or two then my heart flipped as I watched Melissa drape her arms around Ben's neck and kiss him passionately. 

Why did that make me feel aroused? Why did my penis suddenly become hard. By the time she came in I was very confused. Am I liking what's going on? Is Mel liking it even more? 

Wednesday. I couldn't get a word in edgeways at breakfast this morning as Melissa seemed to be much energised by her evening with Benjamin. Ben was away on business so I couldn't talk to him, but he still found time to send Mel two coral pink roses. Two now, does that mean he desires her even more? I think that I already know the answer to that question. And why do my hands keep shaking?

Thursday. Benjamin met me in the restaurant at work today and said, in front of all of my work colleagues and friends I might add, that he enjoyed his date with Melissa. As if I wasn't embarrassed enough, he then told me (he didn't request) to ask her if she would like to go on a second date. I mumbled that I would and then fled the room, but not without telling him that Mel likes Chopin (why did I do that?). 

Like the fool that I am, I told Mel that Ben wanted another date and, even though I warned her that he would want more than a kiss this time, she just smiled and said, "yes please!" I started to shake uncontrollably - why? Surely I should be angry instead.

Friday. Henry Marchant and Bert Sansom came to see me this morning at work and told me about their own Wives who had been with Black Men thinking that just one date would be fun. They warned me that their Ladies were now Mistresses of these men and that they (Henry and Bert) were now living the life of a complete cuckold. "If Melissa goes on another date with Benjamin," said Henry, "he will bed her. And you will be one of us." Somehow I knew this already but I am a rabbit in the headlights - I see it coming but I can't get out of the way.

I was still shocked by her answer yesterday, nevertheless I still tried to help Mel to get ready for her date with Ben, but when I tried to fasten her stockings to her suspender belt I just couldn't do it I was so emotional. My hands shook, my whole body shook and I thought my penis would burst I was so aroused. 

Ben and Mel arrived back at approximately midnight and I know that they were 'making out' in the car. I also know that he had his hands all over her body and that he kissed her bare breasts and to cap it all she held his cock. My Wife stroked another man's cock for Christ's sake. 

I don't know why I even bothered to read her diary, it was clear by the state of her when she finally got in that they had been doing more than just shaking hands (and she calls him a 'gentleman'). Perhaps I should stop reading Mel's diary - it clearly isn't good for my peace of mind.

I know that they were 'making out' in the car.

Saturday. Three fucking pink roses today with a card saying 'In Anticipation', so it's clear that my Boss at work thinks that he is going to 'bed' my Wife. Benjamin, for all his gallantry, is the kind of arsehole that always get what he wants, and he wants Melissa. The question is, will Mel let it go that far? 

She says (in her diary) that she doesn't want to cheat on me, but I know that secretly she wants to be more than just Ben's 'friend.' She raises the question that if I know that she and him are 'together' is it cheating, and more to the point if I was to say, before their next date, that a sexual relationship with him is acceptable, would that be her 'green light' to go ahead? She's conflicted - I'm conflicted - but Ben? He's not conflicted; and he fully expects to get what he wants - Melissa! 

Sunday. I told Melissa this morning that I was very concerned about the Benjamin situation, at least now she knows that I am deeply worried and feel spurned by her. I told her about the humiliation of having two work colleagues tell me about their own Wives and how they were now cuckolds and their Wives were now the permanent Mistresses of big handsome Black Men. It was if they fully expected me to join their club. Her response was one of sympathy for me but, although I didn't ask, she did not say that she would not see Ben again even though I told her about the 'third date expectation'. I needed to be alone after our talk and spent the rest of the day potting on my Geraniums.

Monday. Thank God that I don't have to see Benjamin at the office. He's in Manchester until Thursday but I know that he is on Melissa's mind - she goes into little faraway silences. I felt sick when I read in her diary that she thinks Ben is a 'real man' (whatever that is) and that I am not. The headlights are getting much closer to this rabbit and a sense of doom has enveloped me - so much so that I do not know just how to talk to Mel, such is the distance between us.

Tuesday. The blokes at work are now making 'cuckoo' noises whenever I walk past their offices. They know that my Boss has set his sights on my Wife and that I have done nothing to discourage him of Melissa. In their minds I am already a cuckold.

Benjamin phoned the house tonight and when I answered he immediately asked for Mel; he didn't say 'Hi' or ask about the business, he just said, "Put Mel on please Gerald." I then had to listen to my Wife talking intimately and suggestively down the phone to the man that I knew was going to have her. I could feel tears forming at the back of my eyes so I left the room and went down to my potting shed again. But I didn't make it out of the room before before she blew him a kiss down the phone.

Wednesday. More 'cuckoo-ing' today; is this my future? Benjamin phoned this evening and I had to sit and watch as she flirted with him over the phone for an hour. I swear that if he had been there in the flesh, then much of his flesh would have been naked and on top of an equally naked Melissa. After the call I mentioned that I thought that Mel and he seemed to have hit it off better than I thought. I went to bed early and although as much as I tried, I couldn't get visions of Mel and Ben out of my mind; and, dare I say, they were very arousing - much to my shame.

I couldn't get visions of Mel and Ben out of my mind;

Thursday. It wasn't a request. "Ask Melissa if she would like to go out with me on Saturday night," said Benjamin, newly returned from the North. Not 'If you don't mind,' or 'be a sport Gerald,' - he just told me to ask her. There was no recognition of my legal status as husband to her, or of my love for her. It was a terse and dismissive instruction from the better man to the 'little' man. I said I would ask.

I mentioned this invite to Mel over dinner and she said nothing when I reminded her of the other cuckolds and made the point that if the 'third date' resulted in her and Ben becoming Lovers then I would be joining their ranks. She didn't answer but was clearly thinking about its implications.

And so was I.

To be continued

Friday, 27 October 2017

Daily cuckold - “So tell me something i don’t know”

“Then you won’t mind if he fucks me again."

“So tell me something i don’t know”
“Then you won’t mind if he fucks me again. Will you.”
“Why are you saying all this when you know perfectly well that i arranged for you to date him?”
“So you know that you’re a cuckold then?”
“Alle - fucking - luia! What do you think this has all been about?”

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Daily cuckold - Are you sure you can take my size?

"I have been practicing with a strap-on.”

“Are you sure you can take my size?”

“Oh yes Master! If you take it easy at first I’m sure it will be fine.”

“You think? You’ve locked your cucky boy away and have never had something as big as me inside you before. Or have you?”

“No one else Master. But I have been practicing with a strap-on.”

“I see! And who was wearing it?”

“Do you really have to ask?”

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Daily cuckold - i didn’t hear you come in last night.

"He was like a wild animal.”
“Good morning Dear. i didn’t hear you come in last night. Are you feeling okay?”
“A little sore, but it was worth it. He was like a wild animal.”
“So those pretty things i bought for you did the trick?”
“Oh God yes! Thanks to you he couldn’t get enough of me.”
“Well if you’re a little sore, would my tongue be of any help?”
“I was hoping you would ask me that cucky. But I am still a little sticky down there.”
“No problem. I’ve tasted his black seed before.”

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Daily cuckold - Is he special?

"Did I tell you that he’s a Black Guy?”

“You seem to be making a lot of effort for this new guy? And you’ve shaved your mound. Is he special?”
“I should say so. Did I tell you that he’s a Black Guy?”
“i pretty much guessed so. These Black Men expect their Girlfriends to be soft and shaven. It makes mating and baby making all the more pleasurable and efficient apparently.”
“Well so now you know.”
“Oh Christ alive! You’re going into production with him aren’t you.”
“That’s a good deduction cuckboy!”

Monday, 23 October 2017

Daily cuckold - I want you to do that

“Well it’s about time too.”
“Well it’s about time too.”
“What do you mean? He’s very particular about his lady friends.”
“Yes i’ve heard. He particularly likes other men’s Wives in his bed.”
“Then I am pretty well qualified. Aren’t I.”
“So you’re going to tell him ‘yes’ then!”
“No! I want you to do that my little cucky boy.”
“Okay. But i think i will be confirming what he already knows - judging by the look on your face.”

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Cuckold Conversation

Many husbands have a Wife who is another man's concubine. She lives with him when his own Wife is not around and, when the time is right, bears his children. Oh to be a cuckold to a Wife such as her.

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Cuckold Counsellor - Nathaniel


Things had moved on a bit since first being contacted by Melanie about her Husband Jonathan's attitude to their beautiful little baby daughter Julie. Although dutiful, Jon had not made an emotional connection to the child because he was not her natural father; that was the privilege of a big Black Man called Nathaniel. 'Nat', as we know him, is an ex Lover of my own dear Wife Jennifer and we had bumped into each other again when on holiday in Corfu two years ago. Nat, and a heavily pregnant but nevertheless beautiful Mel (she was carrying Julie) were staying at the same hotel as Jen and me so it was inevitable that Nat and Jen were attracted to each other again.

Mel, due to her condition, had to sleep most afternoons so it was an opportunity for Jen and Nat to make a connection again in the way that they had done before - that is by going back to our cabin and spending the afternoon banging the headboard against the wall (metaphorically speaking). When the holiday was over, we all returned to our lives and Jen and me thought nothing of it, that is until the letter arrived from Mel asking for our help; effectively asking for me to counsel Jon as he was not showing any signs of affection for the baby. All of this and the subsequent counselling can be accessed at the [Cuckold Counsellor - List of Chapters] page.


After a long and heavy night of lovemaking and fun the three of us (Dominic, Jen and me) slept in until almost ten o'clock and I was still tired when the phone rang  after I had just about made it downstairs into the kitchen to put the kettle on - it was Mel. "Nat would like to meet. He suggests a quick pint in the Chequers. Do you know it?"

I replied that I did and that I would meet him there in the bar, "I'll be there at eight," I confirmed. She rang off and I continued to make breakfast for the two Lovers still snoring upstairs.

I had a feeling that Nat was pivotal to this problem, but I didn't quite know just how, and because of that I was pretty unsure just what to discuss with him that evening. But I knew that I had to try.

The ringing telephone  plus the noise of my conversation with Mel had woken Jen and  she gave me a tired but happy smile when I walked naked into the bedroom with a tray laden with tea, toast and grapefruit. "You were on form last night," she commented as she raised her arms in an extended yawn over her head.

"One does what on can Mistress," I replied, handing her a cup of her favorite breakfast tea. She smiled at my impudent reference to her domination, albeit lovingly applied, of my sexuality.

"Who was on the phone 'D'?" She asked, using my often used initial.

"Melanie," I replied, "She's arranged a meeting with Nat at a pub in Sevenoaks tonight."

"Oh good! Let's get this thing rolling," Jen remarked, but continued with asking me, "But you do agree that this chap Jonathan needs to be unmanned - don't you?"

"Probably!" I replied, "But not until I've heard Nat's story. I just think that he has a piece of this puzzle that we haven't found yet."

"Okay 'D'," she replied while nibbling delicately on a piece of toast, "just don't go chasing every little clue and let too much time pass."

By this time Dominic has woken and was munching happily on a slice of toast and marmalade. Looking up he spoke, "what are your plans for today Derek?" he asked offhandedly.

"Shower, shave and a little gardening Dom," I replied, "plus a bit of a ponder over my problem."

Dom laughed, sat up in bed and I noted that he allowed his large straight brown member to lie flat on the bed as if it had a life of its own and was taking a rest. 'It's probably exhausted after so many hours on my tongue and in my Wife.' I thought mischievously.

'It's probably exhausted after so many hours ...'

"I think 'Our Lady' has already given you  the answer to that," he said as he brushed past me on his way to the bathroom, "you need to get him doing for his Wife's Boyfriend what you do for me." He said as if reading my thoughts. He pondered for a second before he continued, "I wonder!"


"You said he had shaved his groin and he wears a cage on his 'chap' when he watches them."

"That's right," I replied - now intrigued.

"Check his drawers and wardrobe next time you're there. You may be surprised at what you find. My money is on silky knickers," he said as he disappeared out of the room.

'Shit! I wonder if Doms right?' I thought to myself as Jen also brushed past me going to the bathroom also."It's worth asking the question Derek," she said as I watched her lovely round arse sway as she walked away from me to join Dom in the shower.

"Hey Cuck boy!" came the rich male voice, an accented mix of West Indian and North Kent, from down the landing, "come and join us. We need you to back scrub us both." 

The giggling from Jen confirmed what they both had in mind but I didn't care. I was going to do what I like to do and my pride didn't matter.

My 'back scrub' was, as is usual when Dom stays over, a full body wash of them both. They both enjoyed my soft soapy intimate hands on their skin and their private parts and when complete they both appreciated that a skilled exponent of the art of selfless pleasuring had done his very best work on them again. And I, as I removed my penis cage and stepped into the shower alone to wash myself, was content that my duty had been done and the smooth salty taste of Dom's erupted seed in the back of my throat bore witness to my skill.

The rest of the morning passed as one of those that we pretended to be busy, but achieved very little. I mowed the lawn and the other two went on the train to a cinema in West London. I made supper for them both and then made myself ready to meet Nat in Sevenoaks.

I took my car and found a parking space near to the Chequers and went in to stand at the bar. 

"What'll it be Derek?"

I swung around and Nat stood there with that same amused look on his face that he used to reserve for me when Jen and him were Lovers.

"Pint of 'Spitfire' (a local beer from Kent) please Nat," I replied shaking his hand, "but perhaps we should find a quiet table where we cannot be overheard."

"Go find one and I'll bring the drinks," he replied. I did so and he brought over two pints of the pale ale and we sat down looking at each other wondering who should talk first.

Nat went first, "You know Derek, even when Jen and me were - you know!"

"Lovers?" I interjected.

"That's it! Yeah! Lovers! I always had a soft spot for you. You were a cuckold but you were never weak like many of the others." he said. I instantly knew that he was trying to find a common ground between us and I appreciated the effort.

"Thank you for saying so Nat," I replied, "but it's not you and me we have come to discuss. Has Mel briefed you on why we are meeting?"

"You mean her little sissy boy is having trouble with his inner being." he said sarcastically, "If ever a little hubby needed to be told his future its jonny boy!"

I looked at him as I sipped my pint and thought about what I was going to say next; I needed to be subtle. "Then why haven't you?" I asked the big Black Man across the table from me, completely forgetting any form of subtlety.

He contemplated for a second as he sipped his own beer, "He isn't like you Derek. When Jen and I hooked up all those years ago you already knew what your duties were."

"So?" I exclaimed.

"All my other ladies' hubbies were already trained," he said reflectively into his drink, "and Jon was, shall we say, a 'virgin'."

"Virgin what?"

"You know," I knew what he meant but I like my little moments of mischief occasionally, so I put on a bemused expression until he decided to continue,"a cuck!"

"He was a cuckold long before you two met," I reminded him - enjoying his discomfort.

Nat looked  sheepish, "Yeah! But he hadn't made that jump from 'passive' to 'active' like you had all those years ago."

I was immediately struck that the big Black Man was thinking through just what he had not appreciated and I was going to ram it home. "That was your job Nat. You're the Bull in this little triangle of lust," I said forcefully. "You were quite happy to slide your big rod into Melanie, but you didn't think about her little hubby. Did you."

"... but you didn't think about her little hubby. Did you."

Nat put his pint on the table and looked at me coolly, "You're a bit sharp aren't you mate," he retorted, "for someone who used to suck my cock, that is?"

I looked back at him and matched his glare, "Let me tell you exactly why I am here Nat." I said, "Last night I watched a baby hold out her arms looking for affection and received nothing in return." I knew that my eyes had tears appearing at the corners at the memory, but I continued nonetheless, "so if what I am saying gets up your nose, then that is but a small price to pay if I succeed." 

Nat looked shocked at my sudden vehemence and then lowered his head to stare into his pint glass. A silence descended over us both because after all of the convoluted relationship we had over the years, we both actually liked each other. A 'cuck and bull' story if you will. (Sorry!).

"How's Jen by the way?" asked Nat, still staring into his glass, but nevertheless breaking the uncomfortable silence between us.

"Oh she's fine Nat," I replied, "she's spending the night with her Boyfriend in Dartford." I hadn't driven all the way to Sevenoaks just to talk about my Wife and her Lover with one of her Exes. I needed more from him before I left his company.

"Nat!" He looked up from his beer. "You both met at a party didn't you," I said, "could you tell me how that went?"

"Well! We both took an instant shine to each other and flirted. A lot!" He said, brightening up with the clearly pleasant memory. "Right there in front of Jon, we danced closely and chatted about each other as if he weren't in the room."

"So you were hot for each other before Jonathan asked you for your phone number?" I asked.

"Man! Yeah! She was everything Rob said she would be."

 "... She was everything Rob said she would be."

I stopped drinking immediately. This was a revelation. "Do you mean Robert. Her first Lover," I asked, suddenly suspicious.

"Yeah! Big Robert. We played in the same football team and were good mates at one time," he replied. "He'd become concerned about some of the guys she'd been seeing so he asked me to step in."

"Wait a minute Nat," I said, trying to think. "Are you telling me that Melanie was set up by her former Lover?" I decided to taunt him a little with Robert - God knows after his cuckolding of me over the years, he deserved it. "You know the big white guy who used to play lovely games with her while Jon, her husband,, said nothing."

"........ while Jon, her husband, said nothing."

'Did his face just go a little red at the thought of her with him?' He maintained his composure however and continued but not before giving me a clue as to his feelings. "Not so much 'set up' Derek. 'Organized' would be a better way of putting it."

"I see!" I remarked. But I did not 'see'. Something didn't add up. It did not answer the question of who coordinated the meeting of the two prospective Lovers. Then a light went on in my head.

"Jonathan!" I exclaimed loudly. "It was our timid little cuckold who organized it!"

"You think?" asked Nat, suddenly very interested.

"Of course. Who else!" I said to the handsome Black Stud across the table. "Christ! The little bugger even made sure that she could contact you the next day."

"Hey that's right!" he loudly cried, causing heads to turn in the bar.

"The cuckold sets his Missus up with a date with a Black Bloke." he blurted out. "You have to admire his sense of duty."

His loud laughter was now causing even more heads to turn and the Barman was starting to look concerned. So following up on the clue he had given me, I decided to bring him back to earth with a question that I knew would stop him in his tracks. "Do you love her Nat?"

The noise stopped immediately and for the first time in all the years I had known him, Nat was knocked off his stride. "Whad'ya mean?"

"Easy question big boy!" I said with my best cold eyed 'smiling assassin' face on, "It just needs a Yes or a No."

I allowed him a few minutes to think about the question. His silence told me that he hadn't thought about it before and that he was now confronting reality. "Do you know something Derek. I believe I do."

There! He'd said it. And I sat and watched a man suddenly realize just what he had in the palm of his hand. 'Now to put the boot in.'

"That may be so Nat," I said to the now fully contemplative Black Man across the table from me, "but there is one thing about Wives who have contented cuckolded husbands you may not realize. Or maybe you do after your time with my Jennifer."

"What's that clever dick?" he asked - now looking distinctly uncomfortable.

"They love their little hubbies more than their big Lovers." I said forcefully but quietly to avoid any further stares from the barman, "And if they ever have to make a choice it's the feller with the big cock who goes. And do you know why?"

He was wary as he replied to my question, "No!"

"Because blokes like Jon and me are very, very hard to find, but studs like you are legion." I said to a very thoughtful Nat, "So if you having thoughts about replacing the guy you earlier described as 'her sissy boy' then think again. It won't happen."

He looked thunderstruck at my words. 'You bastard. You were thinking that weren't you!"

I continued my verbal assault, "There is now only one way that you can continue to warm that lovely girl's bed and have the happy little family you want." He looked ashen now as he realized the truth of my words that were taken from experience. He nodded.

"You will have to accept a three cornered relationship with Melanie and Jonathan." He nodded again, this time in assent. "And you will train that 'sissy boy' to be a good cuckold."

"Just how the fuck am I going to do that Derek?" He asked in a low voice.

"With my advice and a program of training. That's how."

"Okay," he replied cautiously, "starting when?"

"Tonight!" I replied, "Go back to Mel now and tell her that I have a plan and that I shall be at hers at three tomorrow afternoon. I want you both there - but not Jonathan. And when you get in, don't just brush past the poor chap as if he is not there. Ask him how he is and try to open up some kind of dialogue."

"I'll try Derek. But we don't speak much. If at all."

"Then if he's hostile don't push it." I replied to a clearly discomforted Nathaniel. "But if my thinking is correct and you and Mel accept my plan, then you could have yourself a very nice little set up with that pretty young lady, and Jon will be happy in his own skin again."

He looked back at me with a new respect as he finished his pint and got up to leave but I stopped him in his tracks, "And more importantly, Julie will get the affection she' entitled to."

We left the Chequers together and went our separate ways; both of us knowing that we were on a mission.