Friday, 22 September 2017

Daily cuckold - You like to think about him, don’t you

"But I like it better when he fucks me."

“Can you imagine his big dark cock sliding inside you in just a few minutes?”
“Oh god yes!”
“Do you like to think of his large manly hands stroking your breasts like this?”
“Yes! Yes!”
“If i pull your knickers off will you open your legs for your Master and welcome his taking of you as his Mistress?”
“You know I do my little wimpy cuckold.”
“You like to think about him don’t you.”
“Yes! But I like it better when he fucks me. Now get your hand off my pussy and get him in here.”
“Yes Mistress. And i shall be thinking of you.”

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Daily cuckold - Those soft warm moments

But you don’t care because she is here
with you now and you are a cuckold.

Most cuckolds have experienced those soft warm moments you share with her, knowing who she was with last night. As you ease yourself close to her lovely young body you are very aware that the remains of her Lover’s semen is still inside her. You also know that the lips you kissed when she came home had been wrapped around another man’s big rod. But you don’t care because she is here with you now and you are a cuckold and all is right with the world.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Daily cuckold - Janine it’s time to go

"....... try not to show too much
more of your arse to the boys.”

“Janine! It’s time to go. The last bus leaves in ten minutes.”
“I don’t want to leave just yet Dear. Harvey here said that he would give me a lift home later.”
“That’s humiliating! Leaving my Wife in a club flirting with another man is not quite what I had in mind for the rest of the night.”
“And going back home with you isn’t quite what I had in mind cucky!”
“Well Okay. But try not to show too much more of your arse to the boys.”
“Of course not. Except Harvey; he can see as much as he likes.”

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Daily cuckold - Have you forgotten something?

“Where are your knickers?"
“Madeline. Have you forgotten something?”
“I don’t think so. What do you mean?”
“Where are your knickers? You remember them? Those strangely odd shaped pieces of cloth that are supposed to cover your sexual organs.”
“I’m sitting here with my sarcastic boring little husband in a bar surrounded by big handsome Black Men. Do you honestly think that I am going to cover up just to placate you?”
“No! Silly me! Whatever was I thinking of? Why on earth would I think that my little Wifey would want to sit quietly with her devoted husband and not flirt with other men.”
“Yes you are silly. Now if you care to fuck off, I think my flirting just worked.”

Monday, 18 September 2017

Daily cuckold - So what is your news

"Has something happened?”

“You’re looking very serene and happy Dear. Has something happened?”
“I’ve had some good news.”
“Oh God! Do i want to hear this? You’re pregnant aren’t you.”
“No Jerome and me are very careful. We know that it wouldn’t be fair to spring that on you.”
“Oh thank you My Love! So what is your news?”
“We have decided that I should come off the pill. There! At least it won’t be a shock for you cucky.”
“Well thank you! Fucking thank you!”

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Sometimes when you really look one realizes that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Especially if you have a pretty young Wife who has a well hung Black Lover.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Cuckold Art and Toons

Every now and again I like to put something on this site other than photos. I like art and some well done toons so why not. I hope that you enjoy them.

Cuckold and his best friend fully tamed. Let's hope that her big Black 
Lover doesn't mind them being around when he takes her up to bed.

"The pleasure's all mine," says cucky.

Cucky knows that he's there to serve 
Mistress, and for no other reason.

Sometimes cucky just likes to do his 
duty and give a helping hand.

Finishing Mistress off after a night with her Black 
Master is a special moment for a cuckold like me.

The way it should be for all of us cuckolds.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Daily cuckold - Put that plastic thing on your willy

".......... we started before you.”

“Oh high Babe. Denzil arrived earlier than planned so we started before you.”
“i should be used to it by now, but i thought we were going to make a night of it.”
“Don’t be upset Michael. He’s going to cum in me again in a few minutes. You can do your thing then.”
“Oh thank you Luv! i do look forward to our cucky nights.”
“Then stop wasting time. Go and get showered, and put that little plastic thing on your willy before you come back in”

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Daily cuckold - Bugger off cucky!

“Did you go bra-less tonight for a reason Dear?”

“Did you go bra-less tonight for a reason Dear?”
“Well I thought that big Black Guy who was flirting with me on the beach might be in the bar tonight?”
“Yes it was pretty humiliating. You and him arranging a date while me, your poor husband, looked on. i felt so small.”
“That’s why I wanted a date with him; you being so ‘small’ and everything. But never mind, it looks as though he’s not going to show up.”
“Oh i think he will My Love!”
“You do?”
“i do! Especially as i told him that you had cuckolded me many times before.”
“Oh thank you Sweety. And he’s just arrived. So bugger off cucky. I’ll take it from here.”
“I think it’s more a case of he will take you from here My Darling.”

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Daily cuckold - I’m taking the Mercedes.

"Who are you meeting this time?”

“I’m taking the Mercedes,” she said as she left.
"Who are you meeting this time?” i asked.
“A new guy. Someone from work. I shall probably be late.”
“It’s that big black man you were talking to when i picked you up from work isn’t it,” i said.
“Yes! What of it,” she replied aggressively.
“Oh nothing Dear! It’s just that i asked him to take you out,” i replied.
“Good,” she said, “then you will know that he has a taste for doing other men’s Wives in the back of their car.
“i know Dear! That’s why i asked him. I’m quite proud of my Merc and of you. It’s what us cuckolds get off on.”

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Cucky Texts

Melissa looks so happy.

Txt: ‘Hey cuck I took this close up of your Wife this morning.’
Txt: ‘Oh thank you Master! Melissa looks so happy, especially after a night with you. One would think she would not have the energy for even more of your beautiful big manhood.’
Txt: Your Wife is an insatiable slut. She can’t get enough of what I am giving her almost every day now.’
Txt: ‘If you are giving her it every day, then I suspect that she is your insatiable slut Master.
Txt: ‘Now you’re getting it cucky. And so is Melissa.'
Txt: ‘That is good to know Master.’

Monday, 11 September 2017

Daily Cuckold - Lies and pretence

We have our rituals.

After a long night in my Lover’s bed I always return to my husband Roger. As the Mistress of a powerful, rich and well-hung Black Man I have always seen it as my duty to please my Master and to make sure that Roger doesn’t miss me too much.

We have our rituals, and one of them is for hubby Roger to stay in an adjoining room when I join Master in his hotel room. When I return to his room in the morning I always pretend that that the sex we had was only okay (a lie) and Roger pretends that he is asleep and didn’t listen at the keyhole all night (also a lie).

Lies and pretence between cuckold and Wife - the secret of a good cuckold marriage.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Daily Cuckold - When i see my Wife with him

making promises with her lips and her body

When i see my Wife with him, talking, kissing, making promises with her lips and her body they present a picture of gentle and beautiful love. But at the end of the day when their bodies entwine in passion and i kneel beside the bed like a good cuckold should, their loving takes on a whole new exciting picture.

a whole new exciting picture.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

How Would You React - Matters In Hand

This blog contains written and visual content of a 'gay' nature.

Your holiday to the Caribbean with your Wife had developed in a way that you would have never guessed before your arrival in the Mandingo Palms Resort. Over just a few days and nights you had been converted from a 'normal husband' of a pretty Wife to an enthusiastic cuckold. You had watched powerlessly as she had met, kissed and then had been made love to by a handsome Black Man called Charles who you now refer to as your 'Master'. In fact you had learned that you must call all Black Men 'Master' while at this strange resort where its sole raison d'etre was to cuckold white husbands and provide powerful Black Lovers for their Wives.

You had embraced the status of cuckold so readily that it had been a natural progression for you to provide intimate pleasures for not only your Wife but for your Master too. You had paraded naked, except for the little plastic cage on your equally little penis, around the pool and had shown all of the Masters, Wives and their cuckolds just how it should be done by prancing and mincing, thus making sure that your little 'package' of penis, cage and testicles wiggled side to side most fetchingly. It was your 'Graduation Parade' and, because of your enthusiasm, you were awarded a pair of cuckold's antlers to wear, which you did with great pride.

After a particularly erotic adventure with Master and your Wife, who you now refer to as 'Mistress', she placed a collar around your neck as a symbol of you inferiority as a man and gave you a pair of women's black 'hold up' stockings to wear. Feminized and enslaved in this way you realized exactly what Master and Mistress were doing with you - they were turning you into a cuckold sissy - which, to your astonishment you found very much to your liking.

Dressed accordingly, the three of you attended an evening party on the beach where you mingled with other interracial couples and their cuckolds. After a small ceremony in which the 'second year returnees', including your new friend Ken from Yorkshire, had been matched up with gay Black Masters as their new Boyfriends, you had been called forward to the stage. There, the big man who had given you the antlers now took them back off you and then presented you with a glass phial to hang around your neck - the phial held Mistress's birth pills. 

Your humiliation was complete; Master and Mistress were making a baby together and later that night Master made you lie under Mistress and support her lovely arse off the bed. You understood that your sole purpose in this matter was to give Master's cock deep penetration thus increasing the chances of fertilizing your Wife.

The next morning you decided to go for an early morning swim and left the hotel room in just a pair of swimming shorts, your 'cucky collar' and your little cage. As you walked to the lagoon you met Ken and his new Lover who offered to put sun cream on your body - something you both enjoyed. It was Ken who had noticed that you were not wearing shorts at all, but a pair of black lace panties that you had mistakenly taken as you had felt for your 'swimmers' in the drawer, in the darkened room. Yet again you felt sissified - and you liked it.

At the lagoon you stripped off the panties and collar and swam in the clear blue waters; losing track of time and place you were suddenly swept out to sea by a strong tidal current. You screamed in terror as you felt something grab you and pull you, thinking that an octopus was attacking you. But it was not; your rescuer was the huge Black Man who had given you the antlers, your glass phial and had given you the new name of 'Sweet Cheeks' the night before - it was Master MC, the owner of Mandingo Palms.

Despite his initial anger at your stupidity, Master MC started to mellow and after you had been deposited on the nearby beach, you both swam together in the lagoon. You were now just two friends swimming in the water but you knew that you owed this man your life - and you dearly wished to repay him. You had made your offer clear to him and he had refused but you had finally said to him so there was no mistake in your offer, "then can I show you my devotion to you please Master?"

That is the story so far, and if you wish to read all of the previous chapters, please click [here].

"So you want to show me your devotion do you Sweet Cheeks?" Master MC asked while looking down appreciatively at your pink nakedness.

You nodded, looking up at his dark face looming above you. You had been hoping that he would say yes and a sense of rejection brought a glistening to your eyes that were already stinging from the salty sea water.

"Well little cuckold I think that I understand what you have in mind," he continued, "But I want you to sleep on it. If you are of the same intent at the same time tomorrow morning then I shall take you up on your offer. How's that."

"I shall be here Master," you confirmed, suddenly feeling better.

"That's good then Sweet Cheeks." he said with a smile. "Now there's a small shower room just through those trees, so why don't we go and wash the salt from our bodies and tidy up a bit before we go back to the hotel."

You picked up your black lace panties and your collar and followed the big naked Black Man into the shower, where there was just room enough for two - at a squeeze.

Turning around as he entered the shower Master MC looked down at the lace panties you were carrying. "Are those your own knickers Sweet Cheeks, or your Wife's."

You confirmed that they belonged to Mistress and that you had taken them by mistake in the dark.

"Pity!" he remarked, "I saw you with them on when you were with the boys earlier. Black lace suits you."

You stood close together as Master MC turned on the fresh water and then gasped as the cold jet made you both jump. The shower head was mounted on a ball and socket so it could be aimed in any direction. "I have some soap here Sweet Cheeks," said Master MC as he delved into a small plastic bag hanging on a hook, "I keep it here for mornings like these. You can use it if you like but I would appreciate it if you could wash my back first."

You complied immediately, suddenly proud that such a man had taken the trouble to be friends with you. He passed the slippery soap to you.

"Of course Master," you replied while lathering up the soap. 

You applied the soap to his back in gentle but firm hands and judging from his reaction you knew that this big Black Man was enjoying your attentions. It was therefore no surprise when he neither commented or reacted when your soapy hands strayed over his hard arse cheeks and you began to wash them too. You knew that any minute he could turn on you and tell you to get away from him, but he did not. He was liking what you were doing and you both knew it.

You washed the back of his legs and then quietly asked the big man to turn so you could wash his feet - he gave his permission readily. This humble act of subservience was not lost on Master MC and in the little world of the shower cubicle you both knew who Master and servant were. Speaking very quietly, because you were unsure of his reaction you asked if you could wash the front of his body.

He remained quiet for a moment or two as he contemplated your request. "Yes Sweet Cheeks. You may. But be careful; this old body of mine has seen a lot of action over the last few days."

You were about to start washing his shins and thighs when he spoke again, "And that agreement we have? That still stands. You can show me your total devotion tomorrow but until then - make free cucky boy!"

You laughed together as you washed up his legs and thighs and then missing out his groin all together you stood and washed his chest, arms and then the tight abdominal muscles. All of this time you had studiously ignored his large dark brown manhood and large testicle sack hanging like ripe fruit from his groin, but this was the moment to sit down on your haunches, in front of the big Black Man and wash his substantial mating equipment.

His member and his balls were heavy to the touch but you felt that you had a duty to ensure that they were fully cleansed of all of the salt water. With your effeminate hands you tenderly rubbed the soap  up and down his large manhood pausing only to work the same soapiness down between his legs and onto his heavily hanging balls  Your newly acquired experience at pleasuring your Master in the hotel room at night served you well that morning. Softly working yet more soap onto his now thickening glans you made sure that the underside of the head of his cock was well attended to by rotating your hand around the shaft of the dark rod that now had you transfixed with its beauty and power.


.... had you transfixed with its beauty and power.

"Do you think you are clean enough yet Master?" you enquired of the Black Stud as your soft slippery right hand moved up and down his shaft and your equally slippery left hand stroked his large balls, "I am happy to carry on if you think you need more attention from me."

"I .... think that ... you are doing .. a pretty good job Sweet Cheeks," he replied in a shaky voice as your silky ministrations played out on his now rock hard manhood, "but .. let's make ..... absolutely sure eh!"

You lifted your body from the sitting position to kneeling upright and, as you had done previously with Master Charles, you fondly pressed the velvet skinned dark rod to your chest and continued to stroke it lovingly. The temptation to lower your head down onto the now huge upright manhood was strong but you held your nerve without too much difficulty. 'This is just a 'taster' of what is soon to come for both of us,' you thought mischievously as you increased the tempo of your silky soapy strokes on his cock that now lay hard against your chest.

Your hands were beginning to tire when you heard the first low moan come from Master MC's throat. "Sweet Cheeks," he said in a distant voice, "you had ... better move .... your pretty face out of the way."

"I'm fine where I am Mast...." You didn't finish your reply as a stream of hot ejaculate hit your face, filling your left eye and nostril; the next spurt parted your lips and gushed into your open mouth whereupon the taste of his manly semen hit your taste buds and you experienced the salty musty aroma of another man's essence - again. The next eruption from this man who you had begun to like very much, hit the back of your throat and you found yourself with a mouthful of Master MC's seed. So you did what every good sissy cuckold should - you kept your mouth open, swallowed it all and then licked your lips as the very first eruption now slid down your face and onto your chin.

"Sweet Cheeks," said Master MC after regaining his breath, "you are a revelation to us all. Just a few days ago this nerdy little white hubby arrived here with his pretty Missus; but now look at you. Have I unleashed the Kraken?"

Still 'cleaning' his manhood you thought about what Master MC had said before replying. "A path has been chosen for me Master. I now realise that my Wife has always known what I really am and she has brought me here to become what I always subconsciously desired to be."

You both finished washing yourselves under the cold shower before he spoke again, "And what is your 'secret' desire then Sweet Cheeks?"

You contemplated his question as you both busied yourselves collecting your things from outside of the shower room. "To be asexual Master," you eventually replied as you were pulling up your Wife's black lace panties, "neither gay nor straight."

"Sorry Sweet Cheeks," replied Master MC, "but that's rubbish. Asexual means no desire or wish to be sexual at all; you my sweet little friend are running around this place like a kid in a candy store. You want it all."

As you both strode away from the shower room together you asked the question that you need to hear the answer to, "Then what am I Master, if not that."

"You're one of the luckiest people in the world," he replied, looking round at you as you trotted along beside him in your black lace panties, pink collar and phial of Mistress's pills around your neck, "you are everything Sweet Cheeks. You are gay, straight, sissy, cuckold, servile and total submissive. You name it and you will do it - and you love it."

"You're right Master. I feel as though a straight-jacket has been removed from my whole life."

"She's a very intelligent and intuitive woman is your dear Wife," commented Master MC as you both continued your walk back to the hotel, "speaking of whom is now walking towards us looking somewhat disconcerted at your swimming attire."

Mistress and Master, holding hands like the young Lovers they had become, were some distance away but instead of walking towards them Master MC stopped suddenly and, turning to you, said, "Before they get here Sweet Cheeks I have a favour to ask you."

"What is it Master?" you asked intrigued. 'I thought I just had,' you thought in amusement.

"There's a chap who arrived a few days ago who hasn't paraded yet. He's a cuckold and he now knows it because he has been following his Wife around for the last few days. But his Wife and her Boyfriend haven't caged him yet."

"So what do you want me to do?" you asked, "I can hardly go up to his Wife and tell her to get a cage for him; I could get my head knocked off."

Master MC laughed at this and replied, "No Sweet Cheeks, I'll handle that today, but what I want you to do is befriend him. His name is Graham and he's a bit of a ladyboy anyway. He likes to wear silky panties, and between you and me he likes to take them off when he thinks nobody is looking. 

"He likes to take them off when nobody is looking."

"Sounds to me that he's desperately ready for his cage Master." you replied, "But yes! I'll go and find him and have a chat."

"Good man Sweet Cheeks." You felt a small frisson of pride when you heard Master call you a 'man' but he continued, "The success of his holiday is resting on you. Now go and make friends with a fellow sissy, and do whatever is necessary!"

'So much for calling me a man.' But you said goodbye to Master MC and then walked towards Mistress and Master.

"What was that all about Dear?" said Mistress, but without waiting for your answer she continued, "And why are you wearing my best knickers?"

You told her that you had mistaken them for your swimming shorts in the dark and you hadn't realised until you were told by your friends.

"Well you will just have to stay in them for today Sweet Cheeks," she replied (you noticed that she used your new name), "In fact you have stretched them so much they will have to be yours for the rest of the holiday."

Master (Charles)stepped forward with his lead and clipped it on to your collar, "Now we are all together," he said happily, "let's go to breakfast."

"Where did you go this morning?" asked Mistress after you were sat down to eat.

"I had a morning swim in the lagoon," you replied casually without mentioning that you had nearly drowned, "and I met Master MC there. We swam together and then chatted for a while," you lied - again.

You had barely noticed the cat calls and whistles by Black Masters and cuckolds alike when you had entered the dining room in your Wife's black lace panties. 'They're only jealous.' you thought to yourself as you realised that you actually enjoyed your new notoriety as a true sissy cuckold.

After breakfast the three of you went to the main beach, took three sunbeds with an umbrella and then settled down amicably to do some nude sunbathing and swimming. Because you had been in the water that morning you remained aloof from Master and Mistress cavorting in the sea but felt a sense of joy at their hunger for each other's bodies.

You remained aloof .... but felt a sense of 
joy at their hunger for each other's bodies.

You pretended not to notice as they went into deeper water and when Master lifted Mistress clear of the surface and then lowered her down again, you knew that he had impaled her on his thick black rod. This was no longer a shock to you because you had seen Mistress and Master fucking before so you decided to go for a walk to find the new cuckold - Graham.

You made your way through the palms towards the hotel and casually wandered the paths through the gardens enjoying the warmth on your almost naked body. Gradually you found your way towards the other side of the hotel grounds where the more expensive cottages with private pools were located. 

There was a small shady path between the cottages that, on a hunch, you decided to follow. 'I haven't seen this bloke by the pool, maybe they are keeping to themselves out here.'  Your reasoning seemed to make sense to you so without hesitation, you ventured into the unknown.

Turning a corner you stopped suddenly as a small private pool came into view. 'I bet that's Graham's Master and Mistress,' you thought as you spied, through the leaves of a small bush, on a pretty young blond being mounted by a large Black Man.

'I bet that's Graham's Master and Mistress,'

For a few minutes you watched the couple doing what comes naturally to White Wives and Black Masters, enjoying the pure beauty of love unconfined by law or convention. Instinctively you knew these two Lovers were Graham's but where was he, you asked yourself.

"Who are you?" said a small voice behind you. You spun round to see a very pretty young man standing just a few feet away. He was exactly as Master MC had described him, right down to his panties.

He was exactly as Master MC had described him

"You must be Graham," you said while at the same time noting that his 'package' was pretty much the same tiny size as your own.

"And who are you, standing there in your Wife's underwear watching my Wife and her Lover?" he asked guardedly. 

"My name is Sweet Cheeks," you replied, "and the hotel management has sent me to find you; and to talk to you." You paused to let your words sink in to the girlyboy in front of you, "So! Are you Graham?"

"Yes!" he replied, "And by the look of you, I think I need your help Sweet Cheeks."

"How so?"

"You seem to have taken a step that I haven't." he commented, pointing down at your groin, "You've been locked away Sweet Cheeks. Aren't you ashamed?"

"No I'm not ashamed," you replied without rising to the bait, "I'm proud of it in fact Graham, and I am not the only one here like this. If you had been looking at the others like me at this hotel, you would have noticed all the other White guys are wearing one."

"Why would I do that? Look at other guys that is!"

"Because we are all cuckolds, that's why - just like you by the looks of what is going on over there. It's the custom here at Mandingo Palms for us to be locked away like this." you replied.

"I haven't heard of it," said the now blushing young man, "and nobody has said."

"That is your Wife and her Lover right there, isn't it?" you asked.

"Keep your voice down please Sweet Cheeks, if that is your real name. Master doesn't like to be disturbed when he's with Mistress."

'So you call them Master and Mistress do you pretty boy.' This was a revelation and you suddenly felt that persuading him was not going to be too difficult.

You were about to tell him that the mating couple qualified him as a cuckold, when he suddenly changed the subject, "Can I have a closer look please. If I'm going to wear one of these I might as well see what I am getting."

You stood open mouthed at what he had just asked, "Sorry?" you asked, "Did you just say that you wanted to look at my penis cage?"

"Yes please. If it's not too much trouble."

You didn't want to be difficult because Master MC had asked you to 'do whatever is necessary', besides this wasn't the first time you had been fully naked in front of other men - and enjoyed the feeling of total vulnerability. The decision was made so your little joke of, "Well okay, but only in the interest of science," made Graham chuckle as you pushed the elasticated waist of your lace panties over your bottom and your 'little man', and then wriggled them down your legs onto the floor.

He stepped forward and the knelt down to get a closer look, "It looks a good fit Sweet Cheeks," he remarked, "does it hurt at all?"

"No Graham, it fits perfectly. I like wearing it."

"Can I touch it?" he asked, looking up innocently at your face as he leaned closer. So close that you could feel his warm breath on your groin.

"What? Er! I dunno! Oh Shit! ........ Oh! "

This effeminate young man had lifted your plastic restraint up and out of the way and his long fingers with perfect nails were now investigating the plastic saddle under your little balls. His touch was gentle but insistent and it was not long before you began to enjoy his touch on your private parts.

"Oh I see," he said from somewhere near your groin, "not everything is locked away." He kept your penis lifted for almost three minutes as he gently stroked your testicles with his soft hand, "And it doesn't seem to stop your normal functions in any meaningful way."

Your little cage was now feeling very tight as your penis filled with blood in response to his touch.

"Well I can see what I must do now Sweet Cheeks," he said taking his hands away from your groin. "I think I shall wear my pink one tomorrow when I Parade."

"Whaaaat!" you said, "Do you mean to say that you knew exactly what I had come here for."

"Oh God yes!" he said with an impish smile on his face, "it's just that we wanted a couple of days of 'our time' together before we join the others at the pool tomorrow.

"You cunning little bugger!" you exclaimed laughing at his trick, "You had me fooled."

He laughed again with you and then, looking around at the now empty small pool remarked, "It looks as though our Lovers have finished rutting. So I had better leave you and find them. You didn't mind me playing that trick on you did you Sweet Cheeks?"

"No!" you replied, smiling because you felt that you had made another friend, "We're good! And I'm looking forward to watching you tomorrow morning. Please don't start without me."

"Wouldn't dream of it," he replied also smiling at you, "But one more thing before you go."

"What's that Graham?" you asked, now fully intrigued at how easily the dynamic of the meeting had changed.

"Pull your knickers up before you leave Dear."

Friday, 8 September 2017

Daily cuckold - Some punishment!

"They’re just like the ones i wear."
"i have never pretended to be a ‘real man’. Whatever that is.”
“Well a real man does not let himself to be cuckolded like you have. And now you are going to have to wear these as punishment.”
“So you’re going to make me wear black lacy knickers are you?”
“It’s only right. You being a sissy cuck and everything.”
“Well they’re just like the ones i wear when you’re spending the night at his place. Some punishment!”

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Daily Cuckold - Of course you are

".... i’m going to be cucked again.”

“Of course you are. I don’t know why your telling me this. It’s not as if you’ve never done it before.”

What are you saying? Are you implying I am a slut?”
“Perish the thought My Love! All those Black Men you have been going to bed with while I stay at home with the kids is just your way of being friendly.”
“Well that’s alright then. Will you help me get ready now. I’ve promised that guy that I shall be friendly with him again tonight.”
“Yes of course Dear. Why not? To paraphrase you - i have been cucked before and i’m going to be cucked again.”

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Daily Cuckold - Thinking of my Wife on a date makes me hard?

And that’s just for starters.
What a thought! Well what else makes me aroused? Let me think.
  • Listening to her talking to him on the phone;
  • Helping her get ready for dates with him;
  • Wearing a little cage on my equally little penis;
  • Thinking of her with his big manhood in her mouth;
  • Thinking of me with his big manhood in my mouth;
  • Thinking of his large cock deep inside her;
  • Thinking of his seed erupting inside her,
  • Scooping his seed out of her pussy with my tongue;
  • Doing all of the above again, and again, and again!
And that’s just for starters.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Daily Cuckold - Isn’t that a little obvious?

"Make the most of what you have - that’s what I say.”

“That’s me ready, how about you little man?”
“i’m ready Dear. Isn’t that new dress a little obvious.”
“Obvious? What do you mean?”
“Well just to make a wild guess. That new Black Man at your work is going to be at the party. You know! The one who has asked you out on a date yesterday.”
“Well what of it. Make the most of what you have - that’s what I say.”
“Like you said, ‘put a cage on your little penis.’ Is that what you mean by making the most of it?”
“That’s right cucky. Now let’s get going. I’m wanting some dark loving tonight.”

Monday, 4 September 2017

Daily cuckold - I’m to be degraded

“It’s our cuckold wedding Dear."
"You’ve shaved yourself for him haven’t you. i can’t think when i have ever been so humiliated and aroused.”
“It’s our cuckold wedding Dear. This how I will give myself to him tonight.”
“Don’t you mean this is how we give you to him”
“No Dear! It’s a case of him taking what he wants and you accepting it. He’s my Lover and you are my cuckold. You will therefore declare yourself as the inferior man and tell all of our friends that he is now our Master.”
“So that’s it then! I’m to be degraded, subjugated and humiliated in front of everyone we know.”
“That’s right cucky! Accept it!”

Sunday, 3 September 2017

In a cuckold's Imagination

In my imagination I see total subservience in action; pure, beautiful and wonderful cuckoldry. To see it is so humbling for all us cucks. What do you see fellow cuckolds?

Saturday, 2 September 2017

My Cuckold Shorts

Happiness is being a cuckold, please enjoy my reflections on the life i have enjoyed over the years.

“Oh come on baby, stop pretending like you didn’t know he’s had been
fucking me when you are not around…”

“Of course I know my Love; I just popped by to let you know that I know
and that, as your Husband, I readily acknowledge my Cuckoldry.

So please carry on with what you were doing!”

And it is no more beautiful than the sight of a strong
black stud taking a white man’s Wife for his pleasure.
 All Cuckolds know this and accept it because this is
the way it should be

“Did you tell your Husband that you were coming on holiday with me?”

“Of course; he’s known about you and I for a long time.”

“Did you tell him that we had come here to get away from him and that we
were going to make a baby?”

“Yes! I told him just as he dropped us off at the airport.”

“What did he say?”
“Nothing. He’s a Cuckold and he knows his place.”

A beautiful moment captured on camera. A pretty white girl kissing
a handsome young black man with passion and affection.

Its even more beautiful knowing that she is your wife and that she is now
going off with him to spend the night in his bed.

 To open her legs wide for him, to be penetrated by his thick manhood and to
give him the pleasure he deserves.It was ever thus for a Cuckold

This is the look she gives you that says, “This is what I wanted
from you Dear.”And you know that she will take it a lot and for
a very long time; and as her Husband you now know that you
have joined the ranks of the inadequate Cuckolds. But as a True
Cuckold that you know you are - you will be glad.

Tim: I love the way we make eye contact when you’re being
fucked by someone else.

Susan: But what I haven’t told you Tim is that I have stopped
taking the pill and that I am going to stay with him for the next mo

Friday, 1 September 2017

Daily Cuckold - I want it because you want it

“That’s my girl!”
“When I go in there I shall become a commodity. Bought for pleasure by a rich Black Man. His personal ‘bed slave’. Is this what you want for your Wife?”
“I want it because you want it Dear. It’s the erotic adventure you have always desired.”
“I go to him completely unprotected. No clothes, pills or anything that is mine. Just this collar and chain, shoes and thong. I will be vulnerable, naked, to be used like a whore without any say in the matter. There will be no seduction or sweet words of romance, and when he snaps his fingers I shall lay on my back, open my legs and be penetrated by his big dark cock. That’s the reality of the situation.”
“You can change your mind My Love. Do you wish to go home?”
“Hell no! Just stop bleating cucky boy and get me into that auction immediately.”
“That’s my girl!”

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Daily Cuckold - Are you fully naked under that dress?

“I ask it because I care my Darling!”
“Are you fully naked under that dress Dear? Do you think Jamal will appreciate you giving him easy access to your beautiful body?”
“You know he will, because he always does. And you always ask me that same question when I go in there to spend the night with him.”
“I ask it because I care my Darling!”
“You ask it because it turns you on to talk to your Wife just before she climbs into bed with her handsome Black Lover and opens her legs for him.”
“That too. It’s what a cuckold such as me likes to do.”

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Daily Cuckold - You already have the key

"Who is this one for - dare i ask?”
"Why. i have been good and locked myself away like you told me to. i am your cuckold so i don’t want to let it out anyway. i like my willy being restrained like this.”
“I know all that Dear, but I need the key and must have it. Now!!!”
“But you already have a key. Who is this one for - dare i ask?”
“Okay. I shall come clean. Shandrell, my Lover, wants to be sure that only his seed fills my vagina. So now you know. We are making a baby!”
“Why didn’t you say so. Here - catch.”

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Daily Cuckold - He wants me again tonight

“Get involved? How?"
“He wants me again tonight. He said that maybe this time you would like to join us.”
“Banging another man’s Wife while her hubby watches. That’s a bit extreme isn’t it?”
“Watching or joining in. I think he’s relaxed about what you do. He just thinks that you might like to see us together and get involved.”
“Get involved? How?”
“Oh I don’t know. Lick his semen from my pussy. Felate his big dark cock. Something like that.”
“That’s disgusting!”
“Yes! And will you come?”
“Okay. Why not. It has been a few years since i did this sort of cuckold thing with my first Wife.”

Monday, 28 August 2017

Daily cuckold - I can’t put it any plainer than that.

“So you want to go on a date with another man."
“I’ve been thinking about that conversation we had the other night.”
“Yes Dear. The one just after we had made love?”
“If you want to call it that. But yes - that conversation.”
“So you want to go on a date with another man. And leave me, your husband, at home. Can i ask why?”
“It’s a matter of needs. I need more than you can provide. I need a real man to make a fuss of me and seduce me, and I need a vigorous Lover to fuck me hard and long all night. There! I can’t put it any plainer than that.”
“i see. And when this man does all those things to you i will be a cuckold. i will put a little cage on my tiny penis and make it my duty to lick your Lover’s semen from your pussy. And i can’t put it any plainer than that.”
“It’s a deal then cuckface!”

Sunday, 27 August 2017

A cuckold's life

When a total stranger tells you that your Wife is with her Lover, whatever the circumstances, how do you feel? Humiliated or elated - or something else?

Saturday, 26 August 2017

The Story of Elaine, Jackson and cuckold james

Chapter Seventeen - Date Night - Part Five

Warning - this chapter depicts sexual contact between men.

How many times that night had I dropped my head down to Elaine's sticky labia and with my ever more experienced tongue soothed any discomfort and scooped 'Master Jackson's' seed into my mouth? I had also lost count of the times his warm and salty cream had slid down my throat and much to my surprise I had not been repulsed by it; it just seemed to be the normal thing for a cuckolded husband to do.

I was being used as a sex slave by my Wife and her Black Lover and I knew that I was being debased, demeaned and humiliated; but that was the whole point of me attending their lovemaking. I knew it, tolerated it and, although it would be a stretch of the imagination to say that I was enjoying it, I accepted that by degrading my manliness my journey into becoming a true cuckold would be that much easier to travel.

Jackson, was an experienced stud and knowledgeable in these matters, and it was through his careful controlling of the situation that the path had been less tortuous than it may have been. Elaine was clearly and deeply in love with him and now readily called him 'Master' not only when together but also in front of me; she had also encouraged me to call him 'Master' but so far I had declined. I knew that the moment I did so that I would subsume all pretensions of free will and manly control over my life and my Wife; I also knew that, should I wish to give myself over to my new life as a 'true cuckold', then that would be the moment I call him 'Master'. Nevertheless, I knew that day was not far away - it was only a short matter of time that my emotional conflict would be resolved in 'Master's' favour.

So there I lay contemplating my future, next to a quietly snoring Jackson and a gently sleeping well-fucked Wife. The bed was a King size but it was still a cramp for me as the two sated and sticky lovers (it was still a hot night in spite of the rain) took up much of the bed with their outstretched limbs. 

How did I get to this situation? The story to this point (Chapters One to Sixteen) can be viewed by accessing the 'Previous Chapters' page [click here to view].

I snoozed for a while in that hot bedroom until I woke again with a slight headache. 'Christ it's warm in here,' I thought as I regained my senses and realised the reason for the high temperature, 'I need to get the window open.'

Climbing naked from the bed I tottered over to the window that faced over next doors garden. Having released the sash cord from its tie, I pulled up the lower half of the window up by approximately two feet and then felt the welcome Easterly breeze coming up from the Thames and blowing over the South London Borough of Blackheath. The breath of air felt quite delicious on my body, especially so as it cooled down my small penis that was now locked up for the night in a plastic restraint (no cuckold half measures for me). 

I stood looking out over the gardens for at least a twenty minutes, enjoying the cool and the solitude when something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye - it was a flickering light in next door's garden. The light extinguished and was immediately replaced by the red pointed glow of a lighted cigarette.

Almost at the same time a very familiar noise started to emanate from the open window opposite. It was the noise of a lady being sexually pleasured and by the tone of her voice I knew it was my neighbour's Wife Sheila, 'Jacks doing the business. Good on him!' I thought, 'But who is that having a ciggy down there?' I knew that their lodger Mr Obinga didn't smoke so I was perplexed.

I felt Elaine's warmth behind me even before she wrapped her arms around my neck and placed her head on my shoulder, "Don't let that breeze blow you thingy off Dear," she said, laughing softly at my expense. That she had called me 'Dear' was unusual because over the preceding two days Jackson had starting to refer to me as 'cuckold james' or 'cj' for short, and it was a name that had seemed to stick; in fact they were both calling me cj now as a matter of routine.

"There is someone in Jack's garden," I said without responding to her jibe about my small penis, "Should I call the police?" I asked.

"That'll be Jack," replied Elaine softly, "he always goes down to his shed for a smoke when Sheila's entertaining.

"Entertaining? Who would she be entertaining at this time of night," realisation struck me that Elaine, or 'Mistress' as I now call her in the interests of subordination, was talking about Sheila having sex with another man.

"Who do you think cj?" She asked, "Who lives in that house as well as Jack and Sheila?"

"Mr Obinga?" I asked, even though I knew the answer beforehand.

"Henry Obinga has been Sheila's Master for the last ten years cj," she said quietly. "Didn't you know that you had a 'Black Owned' couple living next door to you?"

"Didn't you know that you had a 'Black Owned' 

couple living next door to you?"

I stepped away from her and looked in her eyes which were now reflecting the golden glow of the orange street lights of London. "And how do you know that Mistress?"

"Surely you haven't missed all the clues cj," she replied as if in disbelief, "if Jack had the word 'cuckold' stamped on his forehead it couldn't be plainer. Watch them all together. Who stands closest to Sheila?" I shrugged. "And who does she ease her body against when they are together at a party?" she continued.

"I've never noticed," I replied, "but that's very astute of you to deduce all that from just observing them. That's very clever, I must say."

I could see Elaine's smile even in the low orange light. "Yes I am clever," she replied smugly, "But Sheila also told me about it when she came around one morning for coffee when you were laid up after your fight with Nathaniel."

"So you have known about them for all this time and not said a word?"

She answered my question with another, "Well, why would I? It's none of our business. And anyway, they're not so unusual. There are couples just like us all up and down this road. We live in South London Dear; the biggest centre of interracial loving outside of the United States."

I stood open mouthed at this revelation. I knew that there were plenty of White Girls with Black Lovers in my area, but put this way to me it still shook me; but Elaine hadn't finished.

"I see I have surprised you cj," she continued, "so I guess that you don't know about Gwen and Charlie next door."

Again - open mouthed, I just remained quiet in that warm room and listened to yet another revelation.

"They're 'Party Slavers'," she said simply as if she was describing a couple of Rotarians.

"What on earth?" I said incredulously, and then compounded my naivety by saying that I didn't have a clue what she was talking about. "Gwen and Charlie are a very respectable couple." I said to my naked Wife in that dark warm bedroom, "She arranges the flowers in the church every week."

 "She arranges the flowers in the church every week."

 "Yes Dear," she replied with some amusement, "and on Friday nights she gets her chains and fishnets on and offers herself to the highest bidding Black Stud for the night. The two of them have been going to 'White Slave' parties for years."

"But they are so quiet and such a nice couple," I commented weakly. It had been a shock to find out that the pleasant couple next door had such exotic sexual tastes.

I felt Elaine's cool hand fold softly around my balls and my little penis restraint, "Now shut the window cj and come back to bed," she said, gently tugging me back to bed.

A thought struck me. I only had half of the information about Gwen and Charlie. "What does Charlie do when Gwen is 'offering herself' like a whore." I asked.

"The same Dear! The same!"

And with that disturbing reply, I decided not to ask any more questions but followed her meekly back to bed and lay down beside her.

"Hi you two," came the quiet but manly voice from the other side of the bed, "did you enjoy your little chat about your neighbours?" 

"Yes Master!" Elaine replied as she rolled sideways and snuggled her arse into his groin, "I think our little cuckold is less naive than he used to be. Aren't you cj."

"Yes Mistress," I replied while noting that she had raised her upper leg and hooked it backwards over his.

In the half light of that room I watched as Elaine reached down between her legs and felt for Jackson's hardening cock. Dark and thick it looked again like a piece of black power cable as she rubbed it against her labia lips. Within moments it was stiff, and with an adroitness that comes with much practice Elaine moved her pelvis slightly so that the bulbous glans disappeared into her vagina. 'It's three o'clock in the morning and they are fucking again,' I thought, 'no wonder the randy bitch has got the 'hots' for him.' 

Those happy noises of a woman enjoying a large solid cock moving inside her soon started to emanate from Elaine's lips as he slowly pushed in and out of her vagina. "Don't just be a spectator cj," said Jackson from over the top of her head, "show her how much you care. And do that thing of yours again."

"Yes Mast....," I replied, nearly calling him the name that I had said that I would not, "of course!" And with that reply I lay alongside Elaine, fastened my lips onto her left breast and settled my right hand down onto her flat tummy. As I pushed onto her waist, I could again just make out the undulations within caused by his large cock; but she clearly wanted something else. Her cool fingers interlaced with my own and, with the palm of her hand pressed down onto the back of my own hand, with gentle pressure she manouevred my hand down to her mound once again. It was evident to me that she wanted her clitoris in contact with his cock again, but this time her hand stayed in position on top of my own.

For a few minutes (it could have been hours for all I knew) she kept the pressure on her clitoris with my hand but I noticed that imperceptibly her fingers that were interlaced with my own were exerting a strong grip. 

"Let's take another step cj," she whispered in the dark as her hand kept its grip on my own. I noticed that Master Jackson had stopped thrusting into Elaine and had buried his manhood deep within her - and very suddenly there was a deathly silence in the bedroom.

Slowly, without relinquishing her hold, Elaine eased my hand further down away from her clitoris and onto his balls. I started to shake in response to the immensity of the step I had taken, because my hand was in contact with Master Jackson's testicles. "Feel him cj," she whispered in my ear, "Feel what you are lacking. Pay homage to a real man and understand why he is inside me - and why you are not."

The wrinkled skin was warm and the balls felt hard under my touch but I said nothing as my hand froze in a sexual contact that was alien to me. "Explore him cj," she continued softly above my head, "he has been waiting for this moment. No that's wrong - we have been waiting for this moment and now is the time for you to show us both just how a good cuckold can be." 

Elaine released my hand and moved hers away as she softly reminded me that it was my duty to serve them both as had been agreed, "Relish serving him as you have done for me cj. Take his power in your hand just as you have taken his seed on your tongue and learn to enjoy serving our Master."

I did just as I was told, but tears came into my eyes as I realised that I was being used as a sexual object yet again, "I'm not a homo Mistress. I have never done anything like this in my life before," I said quietly. But I didn't move my hand away until I felt Master Jackson, who had remained very quiet throughout, start to move his manhood slowly inside her again.

Elaine's cool hand grabbed mine again and put it back on her mound as he took leisurely strokes as if he had all the time in the world; he continued to pleasure Elaine like the Master Lover that he was for approximately ten minutes. And then he stopped again.

I knew what was going to happen, before I felt Elaine's movement I knew that the same process was to be repeated - and I was not mistaken, but this time she did not speak. Elaine just held my hand gently this time and moved it around his sizeable testicles; more used to it now I calmed down and began to wonder why I was not kicking and screaming in indignation. But I knew the answer to this even as I asked it of myself; I had long accepted that I would be a 'serving cuckold' and this was only part of the training. I had secretly known that a day like this would come and here it was. 

"You ain't no homo cj," said Jackson quietly, once again double guessing my thoughts, "but you're beginning to learn what it is to be a really good cuckold." And with that Elaine moved my hand away and Master Jackson continued his leisurely fucking of my Wife.

Another ten minutes or so passed and he stopped again. "The Rule of Three cj," said Elaine quietly, "it's up to you."

The room was silent with expectation except for the sound of breathing from Master Jackson, Elaine and myself - it was my decision.

But there was no decision to be made; I already knew what I was to do. So as my hand moved away from Elaine's mound and moved imperceptibly down to make contact Jackson's ball sack I heard a soft sigh and quiet indistinguishable words from both of them. Gently I held the dark pouch of manliness  and moved his balls slowly, experiencing their hardness under the soft skin. I no longer felt emotional because I knew that a test had been placed before me, and I had passed it with credit. Is this what the rest of my life will be like?' I wondered.

"That was nicely done cj," said Master Jackson as he recommenced his moving in and out of Elaine. For my part I just lay there next to them both with my hand resting on her thigh as they made love, which meant that each time he pushed fully into her his testicles made gentle contact with the fingers and palm of my hand. I didn't know if this was what they had in mind but there were no complaints from either of the Lovers, so I just stayed put - learning a new 'cuckold' skill; for this is how I saw my role in that bed, that night - learning just what my place should be. And to my amazement, I was starting to enjoy my role of 'body slave' to my Wife's Black Master.

Neither spoke again as he powered his manhood repeatedly into Elaine, however in my confused state I only became eventually aware that Elaine had put her free hand behind my head which she subsequently eased onto her soft round breast. I was being welcomed into some sort of fold - I sensed that I was now being included and it felt good.

The slow movements of Master Jackson's body gradually increased over a period of a few minutes and it was becoming clear that their 'completion' was near. His rod moved faster and faster inside her and the movements of her young body mirrored this motion in her desire to achieve the full orgasm she craved. Manfully I kept my hand in the same position and ensured that his ball sack struck my hand each time and as the minutes and then seconds passed, I could feel the change in his big heavy sack of semen. His balls felt harder under my fingers and my hand and I could feel enough to know that this big man was about to ejaculate into my Wife. And although my own little penis was quietly locked away, I was pretty close too.

With a final thrust that rocked the bed, he buried his pole deep into Elaine and made the loud groan that I now knew was the sound he makes when he cums. Elaine moaned aloud as she orgasmed, and at the same time, I did what was now expected of me. I eased my hands onto his balls as he shot his seed into his (my?) Woman, I could feel the shuddering movement of his erupting cock transmitted through his groin and the tightness of his testes now in their throw of orgasm. 

"Oh Master," Elaine said eventually after we had all rolled apart and the two Lovers lay on their backs, spent from their pleasures, "that was wonderful. Whatever got into you?"

He didn't answer at once, but eventually raised himself off the bed and then gently eased her lags apart. Looking over at me, and without a word, he nodded down towards Elaine's crotch; I knew what my duty should be and obeyed instantly. As the first scoop of Master Jackson's warm semen slid down my throat I heard him speak at last to the now softly purring Elaine.

"You can thank our little servant here," he said looking down at me licking Elaine's swollen labia, "and I think our training regime for cj will not take as long as we had thought. I know now that he wants to be Mastered by me. It's just a matter of time, education and attitude until his capitulation."

"You can thank our little servant here." 

'Maybe!' I thought to myself as I consumed yet another slurp of the salty ejaculate that had oozed from my Wife's pussy, 'But not tonight Master!'