Sunday, 31 December 2017

In Our Imagination

In my imagination I see a true cuckold demonstrating his total subservience to his Wife in an unmistakeable fashion. He loves her domination and she loves him for it, even though she has many other men to make her feel happy.

What do you see in yours?

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Married to someone famous

Oh what a joy it would be for us cuckolds to be married to ladies such as these, in the sure knowledge that their Lover's appreciate them in so many more different ways than we do.

Catriona - you could come back to me every morning of our married life together 
looking the way you do. Without doubt you would be a cuckold's dream.

Marriage to beautiful Jessica would be wonderful, 
she could have all of the Lovers she wants.

Emilia - leaving her new husband at home asleep while she 
leaves to go to her Lover's bed. What a lucky cuckold her 
hubby is.

Brooklyn knows that it will take only seconds before she meets a new prospective Black 
Lover on that beach. And as her hubby watches from behind the bushes, he knows it too.

Monica - the look on your face tells hubby that he should 
not follow. And the clothes you wear tells him just where 
you are going. Lucky Lover - happy hubby!

Kate smiling mischievously at hubby's pride just before he 
leaves the bedroom moments before her new Black Lover 
arrives. Lucky hubby-having a Wife who is so vivacious and 
beautiful - to give to a better man for his pleasure.

Friday, 29 December 2017

Daily cuckold - Accepting the best and rejecting the rest

“That was so wonderful Master."
“That was so wonderful Master. You just did things to me that I didn’t think possible.”

“That’s what having a Black Lover is all about My Sweet. It’s about accepting the best and rejecting the rest.”

“I take it by, ‘The Rest’, you mean my husband.”

“Absolutely! Let me prove it to you.”

“Go on then!”

“Cuckold! Get in here.”

“Yes Master?”
“From now on your Wife belongs to me and you don’t get to fuck her anymore. The only thing I shall allow is for you to lick her pussy after I cum. You got that Cucky Boy?” 
“Yes Master. Of course Master!”
“Then what you waiting for? Get down here now and get your tongue working like the pussy licking Sissy you are.”
“Yes Master. And thank you Master.”

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Daily cuckold - Are they all like this?

Is this a ‘black’ thing?

“My husband’s is so small and yours is so big. Is this a ‘black’ thing? Are they all like this.”

“This is about average for us. Average for a ‘white boy’ is half the length and thickness of mine.”

“My husband’s isn’t even half this. It’s more like a little shrimp.”

“Then you know where your future lies Darling.”

“Bring it on! That’s what I say.”

“I have. And they’re all waiting outside.”

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Daily cuckold - That’ll be tomorrow morning then!

Do you think you will be safe with him?
“Okay Honey! You can go. Now that James is here.”
“Are you sure. Do you think you will be safe with him. He has a reputation you know.”
“Reputation for what little man?”
“For seducing other men’s Wives. For knocking them up and leaving their poor cuckolded husbands to take care of the consequences.”
“No shit cucky! I’m standing here in my knickers and bra while a better man than you undresses himself ready for an afternoon of fun with me. And you think that I didn’t know that?”
“i just thought you should know - that’s all.”
“I know and now you know. So you can now leave and do what you want to do but don’t you dare come back in here again until James has left.”“That’ll be tomorrow morning then.”

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Daily cuckold - Is that a ‘yes’ then?

“So where is the cuckold now?”
“Is that a ‘yes then?”

“Mmm! maybe. It all depends on my husband. Everything I do is done with him in mind.”

“So you won’t if your husband says no.”

“Not necessarily.”

“So what depends on your husband?”

“Him not being around as you take me upstairs to bed.”

“So where is the cuckold now?”


Monday, 25 December 2017

Christmas cartoons

Not really a cuckold theme but enjoy them anyway. 

Merry Christmas fellow cuckolds.

Sunday, 24 December 2017

A cuckold's Life

In the UK we call it 'being chatted up.' When a prospective Lover 'chats up' your Wife in front of you, that can be especially humiliating - even more delightfuly so if she goes off with him.

Saturday, 23 December 2017

The Story of Elaine, Jackson and cuckold james.

Chapter Nineteen - Alana - Part Two

Warning - this chapter depicts sexual intimacy between men.

Previous chapters to The Story of Elaine, Jackson and cuckold james can be viewed by clicking [here]

"What the fuck is a Sissy Alan?" I asked this pretty smiling blond standing in front of me.

"Alana please James," she replied.

"Okay! Alana it is. So what is it that qualifies you as a Sissy?" She tried to answer but I continued. "I always thought that Sissies were cowards basically."

"It can mean two things James. Coward - as you just said. Or it can mean an effeminate man."

His reply made sense, "You were never a coward Alana," I said in all honesty, "and you certainly were not particularly effeminate that afternoon you and I got in a punch-up with those Blackburn supporters."

She remembered that afternoon in Woolwich after we had just left the Charlton Athletic football ground after a match and got into a fight with the opposing team's supporters after the match. "Yes! I scratched one of their eyes out. Remember?"

"Oh that is rubbish!" I exclaimed as we laughed together, "You were swinging your fists like a dockside thug."

"Yeah! I remember!" she said, forgetting to behave in the way of the delicate little rose she was trying to be, "Bloody good fun weren't it." Alana had, without warning, reverted back to being Alan; I was confused and it showed on my face. Alana, realising her mistake, looked embarrassed and glanced sheepishly back at me from under her pretty eyelashes.

"I forget sometimes," she said sweetly, now back into character.

I didn't know what to say. I felt a terrible sense of loss. My best friend was moving away from me emotionally. He had taken a fork in the cuckold's highway that I knew wasn't for me. And to cap it all I felt a prickling in my eyes as tears formed.

"I'll still be your best friend James," she said, reading look of hurt on my face, 'Another one who can read my mind!', I thought as I stood in the kitchen feeling wretched, "I'll just be your Girlfriend that's all."


"Oh sorry!" Alana exclaimed, "I didn't mean it like that, I meant that I will still be your friend, who just happens now to be a girl."

"The football season starts next week Alana," I said briskly, trying to break the gloomy mood, "so who am I going with? My best mate Alan; or my 'just happens to be a Girl' - Friend?"

"I told you James," she replied, "Football, Pub and Work - I shall be Alan. At home or with understanding friends - Alana. You are an understanding friend aren't you?"

"I am struggling Alan - a," I replied to this apparition in front of me, who I had to admit was making a very good job of being a very pretty young Woman, "but I have never turned my back on a friend - ever!"

"That's what Elaine said just the other day," said Alana, "so you won't mind giving me away on Sunday?"

I felt a sense of unreality as I took in the words she spoke in such a casual manner. "What did you just say? Giving you away? Who or what am I giving you away to Alan? Alana - sorry!"

"I thought Elaine and Jackson had told you," responded a clearly alarmed Alana, "Master Bruno, Maddie and me are undergoing a Polyamouric Marriage service at Mede Manor on Sunday. And I will become my Master's Cuckold Bride."

"What the fuck are you talking about mate?" I asked in a very loud, albeit confused tone of voice.

"Polyamouric means three people in ........" she tried to reply but I cut her short.

"I know what Polyamouric means Alana," I said, "but what do you mean by 'Cuckold Bride', please tell me that you are not going to be his 'Wife'."

"In every way!" Alana said meaningfully, "I shall wear his ring, share his bed with Maddie and, when he wants me, I shall be his Lover too. In every way James."

She looked searchingly at me but I could not respond. I was totally shocked and I fully understood what she meant by 'In every way'.

"On  Sunday James," she continued after waiting unsuccessfully for a response from me, "I shall have my hair done in the morning, put on my pretty white wedding dress and say 'I do' to all of the questions the vicar will ask me. The vicar, by the way, knows who and what I am; and he's happy to join us all in love."

The room went silent as, in my confusion and hurt, I could think of nothing to say - again. But when I did speak I realise now that I nearly lost the friendship of the very best and nicest person I have ever known. "I am not going to hand my best friend over to another man - dress or no bleedin dress!" I said grumpily.

Alana's face dropped as tears filled her eyes that remained wide open at my crass and stupid dismissal of what she now saw as her big day. And once again a painful silence descended in the kitchen.

"Don't be so silly cj," came a lovely familiar voice from behind me, "of course you will. Alana is your best friend and she now needs you. Just two seconds ago you said that you never turn your back on a friend and now you are doing just that. Be the friend you say you are and accept the honour Alana wishes to bestow upon you."

Elaine has a way about her that can calm any storm and heal any wound; that is why I love my Wife and I guess that is one of the many reasons that her Black Lover Jackson had found in her exactly what he wanted in a Woman. Gentleness, kindness and all round good common sense.

I turned around to see Elaine, Jackson, Maddie and Bruno standing in the doorway - each of them with a concerned and compassionate look to their face. And I felt ashamed.

"In your mind cj," said Master Jackson, "Alana is still Alan. But you need to get your head around the fact that your friend has not changed one bit. It's just that she has changed the outer wrapping and has brought you in on the secret - that's all. She's put her trust in you; don't let her down."

"Jackson! Thank you!" said Maddie, "that was a very profound thought and was well said." Looking directly at me she continued, "You need to see her for who she is cj - not what she is."

It was Bruno who spoke next. "Alana my Dear," he said in a soft and caring voice that belied his shaven headed 'hard man' appearance, "why don't you show 'Captain Chivalrous' here just who you really are. Why don't you take your dress off."

Alana looked at Bruno in a way that I had never seen my friend look before; it was a look of love and trust. "Yes Master," she replied demurely, and then released the hook at the back of the dress which then fell to the floor. Stepping back from the crumpled material at her feet she stood semi nude in front of us all.

... she stood semi nude in front of us all.
There was an audible gasp from the five of us as we took in the vision of loveliness who stood before us - naked, vulnerable, beautiful and very desirable. At last I understood who my friend was wanting to be and just why Bruno would want such an exquisite creature in his bed; and I also fully understood just why I would never see my best friend as Alan again.

"Do you want to put your dress back on Dear," said Maddie; looking a little jealous at everybody's appreciation of her erstwhile husband.

"No Madeleine," replied Alana, "I would like James to undress too and stand before us all just like he made me do just now. And then I want him to kneel before me like the little cuckold slave that he is and apologise for being such an arse."

"I don't think ..." I was about to refuse his 'kind offer' but someone behind me changed my mind.

"Do it cj," said Elaine, "you have insulted your friend. You have to show remorse if you want her back. Do exactly as she says."

'Is this a set up? Am I being played?' I thought as I stood in that kitchen with everybody's disapproving eyes on me.

"Is this what you want Alana?" I asked the clearly indignant lady-boy standing impatiently waiting for my apology. She nodded her head without speaking.

I lifted my tee shirt over my head and then undid my shorts and allowed them to drop to the floor. Kicking them to one side I stood with my hands on my hips as if in defiance.

"And your Y Fronts cj," said Jackson who was distinctly holding back a laugh, as the others pursed their lips so as to not start giggling out loud.

I lowered my underpants to the floor and with my big toe spun the garment up in the air, caught it and then threw it onto the pile of clothes now building up in the corner. "There!" I said to all assembled in that room, "Satisfied? I'm bollock naked. Two little cucky boys standing in their birthday suits for their Masters and Mistresses amusement. You couldn't make it up."

"That's the first time I have seen you like this James," lisped Alana, looking directly at my little cage.

"That's the first time I have seen you like this James,"

"Ditto!" was my terse reply.

"Now come over here and kneel before me. And apologise to me please James."

I stood stock-still and unable to move. "I don't want to!" I replied, if a little petulantly.

"You must James," said Elaine quietly behind me. And by the tone in her voice and the use of my full name, I knew that this was a significant moment in my relationship with Alana and with my Mistress and Master Jackson. Elaine, as always had understood that a turning point in my own acceptance of my cuckoldry and my own sexuality had arrived, and she was determined that I would make the right choice.

The room was quiet - again - as the others waited for my decision. If I knelt before my almost naked friend and said that I was sorry for my snubbing of her invite then my own manliness would be called into question. But who was I kidding; any macho pretensions that I had ever had were now gone. They had been cast into the wilderness the moment I stood by that Watchtower on the beach just five days previously and looked on as Master Jackson had powered his thick dark manhood into my lovely Wife, and I had done 'diddly squat' about it.

"Okay!" I muttered as I stepped towards a wary Alana and stood before her, "is this what you want?"

She nodded in confirmation and then lowered her eyes to the floor to indicate where she wanted me to be.

I knelt before my friend and said nothing for a moment as I savoured the warm smell of her body and the sight of the pretty pink penis that was encased in plastic, right in front of my nose. Looking up at her, looking down at me I asked, "What is it you want me to say Alana?"

"Just apologise James!"

I gulped and felt uncomfortable at this sudden turn of events but I knew that I must do as I was bidden to do. "I am deeply sorry for what I said Alana." I muttered while looking directly at the plastic cage. I then looked up at that sweet face of hers and continued, "Please forgive me." The funny thing was, I meant every word of it; I was sorry and I suddenly felt that her forgiveness was very important to me.

"And will you give me away to my Master and Mistress on Sunday James?"

There was only one answer to that question and I felt a sense of shame at my previous stupidity. "Of course I will Alana. I am so sorry for insulting you." I replied while trying not to cry at the emotion of it all.

"Prove it!"

"How can I do that?"

Alana moved forward slightly so the penis and its little cage were less than half an inch from my nose, "Kiss me James. Prove they are not just empty words. Show us all how sorry you really are."

I started to get up from my kneeling position, "If that's what you ...."

"Not my lips James," said Alana softly, "you know where."

I did indeed know where she wanted me to prove my sincerity; it was there in front of me encased in plastic. I had but moments to consider my position. Should I do this or should I not. After the previous night it wasn't as if I was unfamiliar with another man's penis and genitalia - but this was different. I had a decision to make.

"James?" She reminded me that she was waiting.

I had made my decision and, like the good cuckold slave that I had become, I leaned forward and made contact with the hard plastic with my lips.

"No! That won't do!" said a female voice behind me. It was Maddie who waddled over to us both with her distended pregnant belly preceding her, "That won't do at all! My Alana deserves a special kiss from her 'so called' best friend."

Her hand pushed my head aside and out of the corner of my eye I saw a tiny key between her thumb and forefinger. With a flourish she held Alana's penis in one hand and then inserted the key into the small padlock and released it.

"Are you sure Mistress?" asked an obviously concerned Alana as Maddie removed the sleeve, and saddle from the tiny balls and penis.

"You deserve a proper apology Alana. And you're going to get it." she declared to my best friend as her face now became red with embarrassment.

"You know what to do cucky boy," Maddie exclaimed looking directly at me, "show us you mean it."

I swallowed hard as I gazed upon the dainty little penis that had been released from its cage. It looked so fetching without its plastic coat on.

It looked so fetching without its plastic coat on.

Was it just hours ago that I had held Master Jackson's big dark rod in my hand, excited it and then took all of his seed in my mouth, on my face and all over my body? Had I demurred then? No! I had followed the rules, the 'Rules of Three' and had moved my sexuality seamlessly on under the supervision of my Wife and her Lover. But this was different; it wasn't Master Jackson for a start and nobody had guided my hand to places that they would not normally go.

The more I looked at Alana's little penis, the more I felt attracted to it. I felt my own penis harden in its plastic case as I recalled Master Jackson's words 'if in doubt - your penis don't lie.' There was my decision.

It seemed like hours to me as I pondered over my next move, but it was less than one second they told me afterwards before I leaned forward and made contact with Alana's 'little chap' with my lips. Her freshly washed smell once again filled my nose with a womanly aroma and the softness of the darker coloured glans felt delightfully sinful, so I allowed my lips linger on the velvety warm skin.

"I'm so sorry Alana," I repeated, looking up to meet her downward gaze only to lower my head again and kiss the soft round little 'helmet' once again. Lingering just a little longer this time.

"Can you forgive me?" I whispered as I opened my mouth and took the head of the penis onto the top of my tongue.

"Of course I can James," Alana replied as her hand made contact with the back of my head and eased my head further onto the cute, but now hardening, little penis.

I do not know where the expertise came from, perhaps I was born with it, but Alana told me afterwards that it was such an exquisite feeling I gave her down there that she would remember it for the rest of her life. That said, I knew right away that she enjoyed my hot mouth on her little rod because I could hear the moans and gasps as I worked my newly found skills.

For my part I was so wrapped up in my own rapture in giving her such a decadent and wanton pleasure that I barely heard her say, "I'm going to spurt James."

I didn't care! I was in a world of my own with this little manhood in my mouth. I hadn't realised just how much Alana  now meant to me and when the first spurt of salty semen hit the back of my throat I just swallowed it all. The next went down in the same way - as did all the others.

Eventually, the pink 'little man' subsided to its flaccid state and then popped out of my mouth and onto my chin. I was on my knees still but Alana still had a look of bliss across her face and was not fully in the same world as the rest of us.

"Oh!" I said as I was getting to my feet, "I suppose that I had better do a proper job of giving you away on Sunday. Now that we are friends again."

The tension disappeared from the room as we all erupted in loud laughter and my back was slapped by firstly Master Bruno and then my Master Jackson. After the laughter had subsided, Elaine, I noted, was looking thoughtfully at me and was obviously confused by what she saw in the man who was her husband. 'You started this Dear.'

Alana and I stayed in our undressed state for the rest of the evening (don't ask me why - it just seemed appropriate) and we all enjoyed the evening together, drank probably too much, and watched our Wives flirt outrageously with their Lovers. It was a wonderful evening and when it was time for our guests to go my, now fully dressed best friend, came to me and kissed me on the lips like a girl.

It was nice, I enjoyed it but even then I couldn't help coming up with a smart remark as she pulled away, "What was that tonight Alana? A Stag Do or a Hen Night?"

She joined in the laughter again as she descended the steps of our front door. "It was neither of those things James. It was an awakening! It was lovely."

I smiled at the person who had moved me in a way no others, including my Wife and her Lover, could. "I'll see you Sunday Alana."

She waved and was gone, in the car with Master Bruno and Maddie.

Closing the door, I turned to see Master Jackson and Mistress behind me smiling fondly back. "Time for bed I think," said Jackson.

As we moved together up the hall towards the stairs Elaine turned back towards me and said, "You and Alan have taken the idea of 'best friends' to a new level. Don't you think?"

"Her name is Alana, Mistress," I replied cattily.

Elaine looked amused at my response, but continued with her gentle 'prodding', "Will you and her be getting close and personal again cj?"

'Right! You asked for this."

"No Mistress. She will be a married woman soon. And it would be wrong for her to have relations outside of her own marriage. Don't you think?" I replied.

Elaine remained silent and didn't reply to my jibe, but her face looked as though she had been chewing on a wasp. Master Jackson on the other hand was chuckling to himself.

"Come on you," he said, turning to Elaine with a big smile on his face, "stop sniping at cj and let's get up these stairs and have some fun."

Elaine slipped her cool little hand into mine and squeezed it gently to let me know that she hadn't taken offence at my sarcasm and then released her grip to climb the stairs.

"And you 'Captain Chivalrous'," he called back to me - still smiling.

"Lead me to it Master ................ Jackson!" I replied.

Friday, 22 December 2017

Daily Cuckold - Of course it would

“Of course it would Dear."

“Of course it would Dear. i have said it before, haven’t i? You need a real man bedding you - not just me.”
“Well, ‘bedding’ would imply that you are a good lover, so let’s not go there.”
“So what’s the next step my Angel. Do you want me to introduce you to my friends?”
“Are they all handsome white boys?”
 “Then no thanks, I’ll find my own lover.”

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Daily cuckold - The club has many well hung studs

"Oh what a good slut you have been, are now and will be"
“It says here that the club has many well hung studs and that they are all Black. So what do you think?”
“I think that would be perfect. Perfect for both of us too I think.”
“It would mean giving myself to them for their pleasure.”
“And yours too, let’s not forget Dear.”
“Oh what a good cuckold you’re going to be.”
“And Oh what a good slut you have been, are now and will be - once you are let loose on all those Black Masters.”

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Daily cuckold - Is that your husband?

"But at least his wallet’s big.”
“Is that your husband?”



“Fraid so! But at least his wallet’s big.”

“I think I need to introduce you to some black friends of mine.”

“Thank you for the thought My Dear. But between you, me and the bedpost, I have one or two black friends of my own.”

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Daily cuckold - That’s Gerald sorted.

"You may now enter!”

“Promise me! Will you treat my husband with total disrespect?”
“You’ve got it Baby!”

“Will you tell all of his friends that I’m your new Girlfriend?”
“Of course I will!” 
“Will you humiliate him by making him wear one of those plastic cages on his tiny penis?”

“That too!”

“Will you call him ‘cucky’ to his face and make him watch us fuck?”


“Excellent! That’s Gerald sorted. You may now enter!”

“At fucking last!”

Monday, 18 December 2017

Daily cuckold - A strange effect on our marriage

i had noted a change in her.
Our holiday in the Caribbean had a strange effect on our marriage. Yasmin, my Wife, had always been a bit of a prude and i have to admit, a little cold in the bedroom. We had been at Mandingo Palms for just a couple of days and in just that short time i had noted a change in her.

On the first morning i saw that she had stopped wearing a one piece swim suit around the pool and wore a tiny bikini instead. The following morning she went topless and then in the afternoon everything was on view. It was very confusing at first and then i noticed a high number of Black Men around the pool.

That evening, there was a beach party and this was the first time i realised that i was about to be cuckolded, as you can see from the photograph i took that night. Since then, my prudish cold Wife, has become what is known as a ‘Hot Wife’. Not that i have been burnt at all, but a few of the Black Men from the pool have certainly felt her warmth.

Sunday, 17 December 2017

In your imagination

In my imagination I see a happy young couple who have discussed and agreed that she should have a Lover and tonight is the very first time for them. From now on hubby knows that he will spend the rest of his life as a cuckold, and the thought brings him much joy and happiness.

What do you see in your imagination fellow cuckolds?

Saturday, 16 December 2017

The T&L Auctions - my personal recollections - Part Six

The T&L Auctions - my personal recollections - Part Six

Warning - There are depictions of sexual intimacy between men in this chapter.

To read the previous chapters to the T&L Auctions - click [here]

Why was I surprised that I wasn't surprised at seeing Georgiou kneeling before Desmond with his big dark rod in his wide open mouth? If that sounds like a strange question it is, but I was now getting used to this odd set up involving my Wife Jennifer and her voluntary sexual enslavement to a big handsome Black Man, and nothing was surprising me anymore. Besides, it was no more strange than what I was about to do.

I knew that my new little Greek friend had a side to him that was bordering on homosexual, even though he professed otherwise, and his obvious enjoyment made my suspicion even more justified as I watched Master Desmond push the large head of his dark rod gently in and out of his lips. I also knew why he was now pleasuring his Master and the role that he was now playing, this was because he was a slave and it was his duty to harden his Master's cock in readiness for the penetration of my Wife who was now lying naked on the bed with her legs wide open in a lascivious invitation. That invitation was for my tongue and my expert manipulation of her clitoris and labia prior to Jen and Desmond's lovemaking.

In readiness for the penetration of  my Wife.

Turning away from the bedroom door, I walked across the room and climbed onto the double king size bed on which Jen now lay. "Hey Derek," she said quietly as I lowered my head down between her legs, "just like old times eh!"

"If you mean just like five weeks ago," I replied, not without a hint of sarcasm, "when you had a different Lover."

Her quiet laugh was cut short and was turned into a gasp as my tongue found her already prominent clitoris; a clitoris I might add that I had, and still have, pleasured many times over the years. The reaction was almost immediate as her gasp turned into a moan and then into another gasp as I flicked the end of her clit with my tongue. "Christ! But you are so good at this 'D'." (She sometimes calls me 'D' when we are alone together.) She was right, I was and still are good at cunnilingus and when you know exactly where all the buttons are on your lady you can send her off (metaphorically) to another part of the galaxy.

to another part of the galaxy

I never did find out what nebula she was visiting when Georgiou led Master Desmond into the bedroom, leading him by his enormous dark brown manhood. With his hand closed around his rod just below the large bulbous glans the diminutive Greek looked as though he had just accomplished the world record at something really clever (maybe he had?). "Time to step aside Derek," said my little friend in his Greco-Cockney accent, "Master has need of some loving. Now you've got your Missus ready!"

The smile on Georgiou's face was one of amusement as I raised myself off the bed and moved to one side out of Master Desmond's way.  I cocked an eye back at him and smiled in return, "and you've got yours ready?"

He didn't take my heavy sarcasm too badly but restricted himself to a shrug and a meaningful look that was a promise of, 'I'll get you later'.

Jen was still somewhere over the rainbow when Master Desmond settled his large glans between her labia lips and then pushed his manhood deep inside without stopping until it had completely disappeared. The noise that she made at his invasion of her body and her consciousness was that of a mix of a grunt, gasp, scream and a long drawn out moan. Right there in front of my eyes, for the first time I was witnessing my Wife Jen being taken by another man as I knelt by that big bed. Until that moment, my cuckoldry had been remote from her lovemaking and my only involvement had been that of a 'dresser' the night before a date, or as the 'welcoming committee' for her return the next morning. It was true that my cunnilingus skills were well honed, but it had always been a part of our own private loving but never before, or after, a visit from her Lovers. What with Georgiou's attentions and now this, I was clearly crossing sexual bridges.

Without appearing to be aware of her surroundings Jen, still breathing heavily and with her eyes still closed, lifted her lovely long legs up and wrapped them around Master Desmond's broad, heavily muscled, back.

For what seemed like an half hour, Georgiou and me knelt either side of the bed watching and waiting patiently as Jen and Master Desmond made noisy and spectacularly physical and sometimes brutal love. His hard thrusting and her grinding pelvis were the manifestation of their naked lust for each other. They were young mating animals and nothing was going to distract either from assuaging their carnal hunger. It was as magnificent to watch as it was degrading for me. And I liked the feelings it kindled deep within me - feelings of servitude, humiliation and insignificance - and I felt my penis fill the little cage that had it imprisoned.

Georgiou was smiling again. This time he was looking at my face and I knew that he could read my mind and my emotions. He looked into my eyes and smiled in recognition of someone who had just arrived in his own little world. He was looking at a fellow true cuckold in the making - someone who would follow him down the road he had traveled a long time ago.

Our two very active Lovers were coming to completion. Jen's eyes rolled up as low moans emanated from her throat; they were noises that warned of the impending spine shattering mind blowing orgasm that Master Desmond was about to give her. And Desmond? His regular thrusting now took on a new urgency as his moment to ejaculate into my Wife drew rapidly closer.

He groaned! She screamed. He shuddered and she writhed - on that bed as his big dark cock, again fully embedded in Jen, streamed his hot manly seed into her receptive young body. From where I knelt I could tell that his powerful hard rod was pulsing inside her, producing abundant quantities of semen in spurt after spurt. I had just watched another man, for the first time, shoot his cum in my Wife and I trembled with the emotion of it all but, I have to say, not a tear came from my eyes. I knew instinctively that Jen had loved every minute of it and that was enough for me - just as it should be for every cuckold.

just as it should be for every cuckold.

They stayed locked together in love for a good ten minutes as they enjoyed the closeness that two people in love can feel after a very good bout of lovemaking. That's right! I could tell that Jen was in love with this big monster of a man and, although I didn't know Desmond well, I could see that there was emotion there too. Slowly, smiling down at his little love slave (Jen, in case you wondered) Master Desmond withdrew his now flaccid cock from her body and rolled over onto his back to lay beside her. This was one very contented man whose shiny and sticky rod now rested on his tummy like a long dark sausage. If that was the end of the matter however I was very soon disabused of the thought.

No sooner had Master Desmond rolled onto his back, then Georgiou sprang into action. Leaping up from his kneeling position and onto the bed, he positioned himself between Jen's legs and put his face up against her swollen red pussy. Leaning forward I watched as Georgiou's long tongue flicked out onto Jen's labia and started to slurp up the semen that was oozing from her vagina; and I watched open mouthed because, in my naivety, I did not think that anyone would do such a thing. I was stunned! This little man of dubious sexuality was consuming his Master's jism from my Wife's crotch. And not to be content with eating (or is it drinking?) his semen, his hand moved away from Jen's thigh and onto Master Desmond's soft manhood. It seemed that multi tasking was not a problem for our happy little cuckold as he pleasured both Jen and Master Desmond at the same time.

Scoop after scoop rolled from his tongue and down his throat while at the same time his gentle manipulations of the dark black cock brought it slowly back to life. Lifting his head to look up at me, his face shiny with semen, he asked, "Would you like to take my place Derek while I look after Master again?"


"It's your decision. But it's not as nasty as you think," he replied while raising himself up to roll over next to Desmond without waiting for a reply from me.

'Bloody cheek!' I thought to myself as I lurched to my feet and took his place. I was about to say something cutting and sarcastic to Georgiou but held my breath when I saw that his own tongue was back on Master Desmond's phallus; they were both in a little world of their own and were clearly oblivious to anything but their intimate pleasures.

Immediately as my tongue met with Jen's clitoris and labia, I could smell the musty aroma and taste the saltiness of semen. At first I was an unwilling participant but, given that I had willingly engaged in this odd activity, I couldn't back out and, so without putting too fine a point on it, I did my duty. At first flinchingly and then with a little more enthusiasm as my taste buds and my now non existent sense of 'self worth' allowed me to admit that I now enjoyed such a demeaning activity. It wasn't so much the taste that was pleasant, but the act of cleaning my Wife's pussy after her Lover has left his essence inside can mean - the total surrender of my manliness.

As if in answer to my thoughts - "You will soon be a real true cuckold," said Georgiou lifting his head from Master Desmond's cock.

In that quiet air conditioned bedroom Georgiou and I worked on our respective partners until without word or utterance from any of us Desmond raised himself and, after indicating for me to move, he positioned himself between Jen's open legs and pushed his now hardened cock inside her. Another moan from her and the whole beautiful process recommenced. In all of that time, Jen, like the good little slave that she was, had uttered nothing except groans and moans of lust. And that was how it would be for the rest of the night.

Desmond had her again and again, and the same process of cleaning and arousal between bouts of lovemaking continued until we were all exhausted. Like four bone-weary young animals we all slept together on that one bed that night. Jen curled together with her Master and me one side of the happy couple and Georgiou the other. "G'night cuckold," said Georgiou. "G'night cuckold slave," I replied. "Get some sleep you two," said Master Desmond, "we have a big day tomorrow." Bigger, I might add, that I could have ever thought possible.

The daylight was streaming through the windows when I awoke to find myself on the big bed. The air in the room smelt fresh after our night of sexual activity - clearly the air conditioning had other functions too, which was just as well after four people had gone hard at it all night. I climbed out of the bed and walked naked across the living room (now cleaned up after our meal the night before) and into the large beautifully tiled bathroom.

"You were sleeping so soundly 'D'," said Jen as she came out of the toilet, still naked I noticed, and made her way to the large shower room off to the side, "we thought that you would like a little more of a rest after the day you had yesterday."

Her words brought my total failure back to me, 'Oh yes!' I thought, 'That bloody aeroplane.'

Jen saw my disconsolate look and held out her hand. "Come and join us in the shower Dear," she said with a kind smile on her beautiful face, "and let Georgiou cheer you up."

The shower cubicle had a semi frosted screen but through it I could see the dark body of  Master Desmond and the slight white body of his little male slave who was working a large soapy sponge all over his Master's body. Jen and I stood at the entrance to the shower holding hands and watched the little Maestro at work. He lathered his Master's whole body in the expensively smelling shower soap and then kneeling before him he expertly washed and lathered his heavy balls and extraordinarily large manhood. It was obvious to both Jen and I that our friends were having a really nice time together and it was no surprise to us when Georgiou, having rinsed the suds from Master Desmond's body, bent down and tenderly kissed the large glans of his cock. 'There's affection there I think.'

It was Jen's turn to enter the shower and allow the little Greek slave to wash her completely with his big sponge that was now recharged with yet more expensive soap. I felt nothing but pleasure as I watched my naked Wife being treated to a private cleansing (I think that is the right word) by another man as she, now fully rejuvenated after a wonderful bout of loving, luxuriated in the warm sprays. And it was little surprise when Georgiou knelt down again in front of her and placed an intimate loving kiss on her clitoris. 'Is this a custom?'

luxuriated in the warm sprays.

I hadn't forgotten that I still had a cage on my little penis as I entered the shower after Jen had left to receive a nice warm towel from a fondly smiling Master Desmond. "Oh sorry Georgiou," I said to the little man waiting in the warm wet room, "I haven't got the key to my restraint thingy."

"No problem Master Derek," he replied while reaching up to a small tiled shelf above his head, "I have your spare here."

Kneeling before me he pushed the key into the padlock and liberated my willy from it's little plastic prison, but not without massaging all of my 'rubbery bits' in order to release them from their now sweaty and sticky constriction. His hands, as I had now begun to realise, were expert in their ability to wash and massage at the same time and, trusting him in the way that I did, I stood in that lovely intimate dark shower room and enjoyed the sensuous pleasure of being attended to. As in the previous showers downstairs in my own room he knelt down and took a hold of my 'little man' and my balls and caressed them with his slipper soapy hands - the reaction was inevitable and as my penis rose and grew harder he increased his fondling and stroking until the inescapable result of his pleasuring spurted out of my penis and into his open mouth.  

'Has he just 'milked' me?' I thought as I opened my eyes to look down at the little Greek slave who was licking his lips with obvious relish.

"No little cage for you today Master Derek," he said as he cleaned the last of my eruption from the end of my penis, "we don't wear them outside."

"I guess not," I replied.

I was about to continue the conversation when I suddenly felt his soft lips just lightly touch the pink head of my willy. It was exactly the same gesture as Master Desmond and Jen had received - it was a moment of affection - of friendship - of love even and I was deeply touched. As well as liking the feeling of his warm lips on my penis of course. 'Was this his way of getting me back? If it was, he can do it again.'

I sat in the front of the four wheel drive Range Rover with Georgiou while Master Desmond and Jen sat in the back cuddling like two love-struck teenagers. The air conditioning in that big and very modern (at the time) car was turned up to fully cold, which was just as well as the temperature outside on the road into the desert was somewhere north of 52 Degrees Centigrade, which in anybody's money was fucking hot. To be on the safe side, in case we broke down, our two toughies Peter and Jack followed us in a large Toyota Truck with desert going tyres. It promised to be a fun day.

"Just so you know Derek," came the voice from behind me, "Georgiou is taking us to an oasis called Rawdhat Khuraim. The hotel has set up a tented enclosure and there are some cold non-alchoholic drinks for us. It's not an oasis in the typical fashion, but it is green and it is a very nice place to relax. And we can have fun driving up some dunes as well."

"Sounds great," I replied. If there was little enthusiasm in my reply it was because I had had enough of the blinding heat at the airfield and I did not relish yet another day sweating my balls off. The other three noted my decidedly half-hearted reply but said nothing that is until Georgiou commented that the Toyota had pulled up. We screeched to halt on that lonely desert road and got out to walk back to see what was going on.

"It's overheated," commented Master Desmond, "even in this temperature you can see the steam coming from the radiator."

"That's bad luck," I replied, "they'll have to wait until it cools before going back to the hotel."

Master Desmond looked doubtful at my comment. "In this heat that will be hours. It won't be cool enough until the sun goes down and the desert cools."

"True enough," I replied.

And then it struck me. The bleeding obvious. The heat!

"Christ! That's it!" I shouted. "Newton's Law!"

 Desmond, Georgiou, Jack and Peter stopped what they were doing and looked at the idiot shouting like a lunatic.

Jen got out of the car and came towards me, "Whatever is the matter Derek?"

"It's not just the heat that's the problem. It's the rate at which it dissipates," I screamed at my Wife who was now giving me one of her affectionate and loving smiles. "Dontcha see!"

"Not really Dear," she replied now laughing with me, "but I have always had faith in you. You brainy little bugger!"

"Derek! Please elucidate. What's Newton and the hotel's Toyota got to do with it?" asked Desmond.

At last I was the one with the answers so I quoted Newton's Law of Cooling to the four of them standing with their mouths open in disbelief, "It states that the rate of change of the temperature of an object is proportional to the difference between its own temperature and the ambient (surrounding) temperature."

"Which means?" said Jack.

"It means the fuels and oils in my bloody aeroplane has been boiling away nicely for hours after each flight. That's what!"

"And?" asked a clearly confused Peter.

"It means that I must get back to Riyadh and get my team together." I told him in no uncertain terms. "Now please Des!"

"Don't you mean 'Desmond'?" said Georgiou, reminding me that we had agreed not to shorten each other's names.

"Sorry Desmond," I said to the big black stud, who had almost immediately understood the implications of what I was saying. 

"Jack! Peter! Lock up the Toyota and leave it. Everybody squeeze into the Rover. We are going back to the Hotel," said Master Desmond, now clearly in command. "And Georgiou?"

"Yes Master?"

"Put your foot down. We're going to help Derek through this. Whatever it takes." said the man who was not only my Wife's Lover, but was now unquestionably a good friend to me.

I looked at Georgiou and he looked back at me with a big smile on his face, "I didn't want to go into the bloody desert anyway," he said quietly.

"Get going Georgiou!" Came the commanding voice from the rear seats.

"Yes Master!"

Friday, 15 December 2017

Daily cuckold - Where did you get that from?

"What did you have to do for him to get that?”
“Where did you get that from?”
“Oh! This old thing. I just picked it up at the local jewelers.”
“Horse shit! That’s three thousand quid’s worth of gold and chain. And we’re not that well off. What did you have to do for him to get that?”
“I just made him a promise. That’s all!”
“So my pretty Wife earns herself three k’s worth of jewellery from her Big Black American Lover on just a promise. He must be expecting something pretty special.”
“Or as you say my little cucky hubby. Expecting is such a loaded word don’t you think?”

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Daily cuckold - Such is the life of a sissy cuckold

i am always glad that i have taken precautions
When i see my Wife Barbara walk hand in hand with her Black Lover Jerome down the beach and go out of sight behind the rocks, that i am always glad that i have taken precautions against any embarrassment. It’s just that wondering if Barbara has taken any precautions of her own may cause me to be embarrassed anyway. Such is the life of a sissy cuckold like me.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Daily cuckold - The scenery was far from boring

"I need a change of scenery."
“I shall just need a few days on the beach,” she said.
“Why? Is there something wrong?” i asked.
“No!” She replied, “But I think I need a change of scenery. Just to stop me getting bored.”

Well i have to say that my Wife came back from her short holiday in a great frame of mind and judging by the photograph that her best friend Miriam took after just two days on the beach, the scenery was far from boring.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Daily cuckold - i do ‘need’ my answer

"i know better than to ask."

I can always tell when my Wife Barbara is going to a party that i am not invited to. It’s those little details that tell me that there may some big handsome Black Men there. But i am a cuckold, so i know better than to ask the obvious question, because when she finally gets home the puffy blue marks under her eyes will give me the answer i need. And yes i do ‘need’ my answer.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Daily cuckold - Foreplay is a wonderful thing.

.. my Wife and her Lover.

Foreplay is a wonderful thing between my Wife and her Lover. Kissing, exploring each other with lips, tongues and fingers are all very nice and arousing, but the best moment for them both is when he removes the pretty and flimsy cover to the source of their pleasure.

Knowing this! Appreciating this! And understanding what this means to them both is what defines a supportive and enthusiastic cuckold - like me!

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Cuckold Conversation

When your Wife's Lover gives her an important present you know that they both have something important in mind. The question is, are you terrified or do you enjoy the uncertainty?

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Let us enjoy some cuckold art and cartoons.

Every now and then i like to mix it up with some art and cartoons. Please enjoy them as much as i do.

The life of a submissive has always been 

joyous, and it always will be.

A young married couple playing a game as old 
as time, just before her Black Master arrives to 
take her into his arms and then up to their bed.

The joy of serving Mistress before she joins Master in his bed is particularly humiliating moment for a cuckold, and should be enjoyed as often as possible

Pleasing Mistress as she entertains her Boyfriends is exactly what a true cuckold exists for. And long may it be so!

Demonstrating his total acceptance of the capitulation of his manliness is expected of a cuckold. None more so than when Mistress prepares for a night with her Black Lover in the marriage bed.

Start as you mean to go on has always been the motto of a true cuckold and his new 'Mistress'.

Total capitulation to your unfaithful Wife is expected of a cuckold. Such a life can be a true joy for such a happy couple.

Intense training for Master's visit later that day.

Seventy percent of all relationships start in the workplace.

"Please cuckold me My Love." "Don't worry my sweet - it's already been done." Oh thank you Mistress."

Letting him taste where Master has sucked.

Partying with friends while cucky waits outside in the car.