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The Story of Elaine, Jackson and cuckold james

Chapter 12 - The Talk - Part Two

My Wife - Jackson's Black Owned Mistress

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I couldn't believe my ears. "Sorry Jackson. What did you just say? Am I correct. Did you just say to me that you want us to be your 'Black Owned Couple'? Whatever that means."

"That's correct cj. Instead of Elaine and me being a happy loving couple, I want us to become a 'happy trio'," Jackson replied. "Just like your best friends are with Bruno."

He remained quietly examining me as he judged my reaction to this bombshell. "I am not a gay man Jackson. There are some things I will not do; cuckold or not," I said in defiance, "and I am surprised that you lean that way. Besides, up until Sunday I thought that Elaine and me were the happy couple."

He laughed and smiled tolerantly at my assertion of my sexuality.  "You are, and you will continue to be cj. Except now you have an additional aspect to your marriage. Me! Your Wife's Lover. Her Master!"

"Please stop saying that Jackson. But you did not respond to my question about your leanings. Are you bisexual?"

"I have no leanings, as you put it, in that direction cj," he replied, "but just so you know, I have in the past educated other husbands in the more personal arts of cuckoldry while at the same time conducting passionate affairs with their Wives. Once the training was complete they were happy and content in their skin and understood the meaning of being mastered by their Wife's Lover. Effectively I removed the angst of being cuckolded and led them into acceptance of their status in their marriage. And subsequently to embrace their new way of life."

Cuckold understood the meaning of being mastered by their Wife's Lover

The shock must have showed on my face and we sat in silence for what seemed like minutes but was probably only seconds. "Are you telling me that Elaine and you are training me to be a good cuckold, to accept a new way of life? Is that what this is all about? Fucking training?" I exclaimed.

"Partly," he responded smoothly, as if I had not raised my voice at all, "with two major differences."

"Which are?" 'You bastard!'

"Firstly. I'm not a heartless bastard as you may be thinking right now, and I was always very fond of all the ladies I have had relations with; and I have always left them, and their husbands with affectionate memories and a new dynamic in the relationship between them. A cuckold marriage no less. But Elaine is different because I have fallen in love with her, and she with me. The thing is, she loves you too and, although I have never asked her, I know it would be a terrible thing to do to you both if I tried to take her from you. She has already told me that she couldn't live without you, or me for that matter, hence we must become a happy trio and I, with your acceptance and enthusiasm, am obliged to apply my skills."

"And the second?" Was my astounded question.

"Unlike some previous husbands who needed lengthy, delicate and persuasive encouragement, you seem to have taken all that has happened since Sunday in your stride. If I may say so, you seem to be enjoying the whole thing. Or is it a question of - if you can't fight them - join them?"

I did not respond because in all truth I didn't know if I was enjoying the whole cuckold thing or not, and I was lost for words. Jackson, by his own admission was a serial seducer of other men's Wives and had trained their husbands to enjoy, or at least accept the fact. 'Christ! Is this man raving or a fucking genius?' I thought.

"I haven't lost my marbles, if that is what you are thinking cj." 'Fuck. He's reading my thoughts again.' "I swear to you that everything is true." I didn't doubt him, but I wondered if the story he was giving me would be the one his lady friends and their husbands would give me.

Once again the conversation halted as we both took stock of the revelations. I spoke first. "So Jackson. You are an experienced ladies man. Does Elaine know about your colourful history? I thought I would ask because I think she should know, don't you think?"

"Yes of course she knows," he replied, "it was one of the first things I told her about myself. In fact she didn't ................"

"Just what is it I am supposed to know boys?" Elaine asked from the doorway with a bucket and mop in her hands.

Jackson broke in before I had a chance to do so. "About my previous Girlfriends and their husbands My Darling," 'Smooth bastard!' "I was also telling cj about our plans."

"Oh that!" Was her offhand reply. "I knew all about that before we even met. Maddie told me." 'Her again. She and I are going to have a long conversation when we next meet.'

"But its you I want a word with James." She continued. "Have you any idea what a bloody mess you made down here last night?" It was a rhetorical question that, after five years of marriage, I knew better than to answer. "All I have been doing all morning is clearing up muddy carpets and wooden flooring, my dress is ruined, and ................."

Elaine took off on one of her rants. They were nice rants, pretty rants, but rants nonetheless. I nodded and looked sheepish when my experience told me to, and I provided the appropriate 'yes' or 'no' as required. Knowing my lovely Wife the way I do I did not dare remind her that the reason the house was in a state was because at the time that I was making the mess, she had been enjoying Jackson's large dark cock in my bed. I really do know when to keep my head down low when I am being scolded.

I glanced across at Jackson and in expectation of seeing amusement, I was stunned to see a haunted look on his face and just a slight moistening around the eyes. I said nothing and thought it better to wait and then ask if he was O.K., that is until my Wife had finished her tirade.

Elaine eventually ran out of steam and flounced away with her mop and bucket so we were left in companionable silence after the mini typhoon had gone. Although I was plucking up courage to ask Jackson what had brought down his mood, it was him who spoke first.

"Do you know how lucky you are cj?" I said nothing because he clearly had something on his mind. "You have just been scolded by the woman who loves you. If she didn't, she would not have scolded you. Do you realise that?"

"I must admit Jackson, that I have never felt a sense of luck when in receipt of one of Elaine's tirade's. What are you getting at?"

"As I have told you cj. I have had many Lovers, but not one of them ever felt emotionally close enough to me to risk a scolding or a negative word. It's the assumption of intimacy, acceptance and tolerance that empowers the person doing the scolding to do so without risk of damaging her loving relationship."

I took stock of this sad and introspective response and thought it better to lighten the mood. "Its called love mate! But if you want, I could arrange for Elaine to give you a good old fashioned 'stand up bollocking' if you like. You can have no idea just how lucky you feel after one of those."

It was the first time I had heard him laugh and we both knew that a wall had just been knocked down. Suddenly we were relaxed in each others company.

Once again there was a silence between us as we contemplated just what to say next. Jackson had laid his cards out, sort of; at least I now knew what and who I was dealing with but I had a decision to make. And something that I needed to say. The ball was in my court.

"If I said yes to your training what are the ground rules. Oh yes! I want Elaine here to listen to what we have to say."

Jackson called for Elaine to come in from cleaning the mud off the stairs. She entered the kitchen muttering darkly about lazy men and stupid ideas but closed her mouth as she felt the sudden stillness in the room.

"cj has declared himself amenable to training," he told my Wife (I hadn't but I let it pass),"but he wants to know the .......... Er! Ground rules was it?"

"Pretty much," I replied without further elaboration, " but I guess it should be me asking the questions. However I would like to hear what the rules or conventions are first."

Elaine put down her bucket and mop and moved closer to us both; sitting half way between us I noticed. Although she pretended to be cool and calm, her lip quivered and her voice wavered when she spoke. "So this is where it all comes down to how we go on from here," she said quietly, "Isn't it?"

"Yes Dear. It does," answered Jackson. 'Since when do you get to call my Wife 'Dear', you git!', reaching out for her hand, "this is the moment that I said would happen. So you must be strong."

Elaine's hand squeezed Jackson's as her lovely boyant chest heaved under the tee-shirt. My Wife was nervous - very nervous.

"Firstly cj, there are no rules other than, 'All's fair in love and war'. That's it!"

'Facile! Not good enough! You're nervous too Jacko!'

"I apologize for seeming too simplistic," he continued, "but there are however, some conventions that should be followed. For everyone's sake."

This confirmed that this supposedly self certain man was in a place, despite all of his original experience of adulterous relationships, that he had never been before. This was new ground - for all of us.

Breathing in deeply he continued. "The first, and most important convention is that nobody suffers unduly. You can interpret this as the cuckold's humiliation and anxiety should not become intolerable for him. Neither should the Wife' sense of guilt overcome her." He looked less anxious as he spoke. But the next convention I saw made him uneasy. "The second convention is the rule of 'Three Attempts'." He said while looking straight into my eyes.

"I thought there were no rules,' I asked sarcastically, "but the first seems fair. Could you please explain what the 'three attempt' thing is?"

"It's more of a recommendation really," he replied, "and we have found that it really works. It means that anything that a new cuckold is asked to do in the course of his Wife's mating with her Master should be tried twice. If he decides at the third attempt that he still doesn't like what he has been obliged to do, he can say no."

"And if our cuckold does like it, or at least finds whatever it is acceptable. What does he say then?" I asked, slightly less sarcastically and with some interest.

Jackson smiled at my question as he replied. "Well I guess he says something like, 'Let's do it more often' or 'I am happy to do that again' or 'Thank you Master'. Take your pick cj. Or sometimes you just do whatever it is for fourth time and then forever after, like most cuckolds do; the message is pretty clear after that."

Sometimes you just do it for a fourth time and then forever after.

 I needed clarification. "So there is no coercion at all. No expectations or judgement. All voluntary, is that correct?"

"Yes cj. But I would prefer a commitment from you for enthusiasm and open mindedness. That's if you say yes of course."

I pondered for a moment. I needed to choose my words carefully. "Now I have something to say that you both need to hear and understand." His face grew still and wary, while Elaine froze with one hand still in the air on its way to stroke back a loose hair across her face.

"Go on james. Say it please." 'Does he know what I am going to say?'

I breathed in and summoned the courage. "Jackson! I think you already know that Elaine is the love of my life," he nodded and tears sprung to Elaine's eyes, "but I am only going to say this once and never say it again, so please don't forget it. I shall play the role of the compliant and submissive cuckold to the best of my ability and who knows, I may even enjoy it. But if you ever deliberately hurt Elaine either physically or mentally you will see another side of me that nobody ever sees. I have lived in South London all of my life and I know people who will do anything for a few quid so I am sorry but you need to know this. Do we understand each other?"

Elaine had tears coursing down her face. She clearly hadn't heard everything I said; all she had heard was the threat.

Jackson on the other hand was all smiles. "Brilliant cj. We have an understanding. I have heard similar cautions before but never quite so vehemently, and I can assure you Elaine is in no danger of pain from me." It wasn't a caution mate. If you hurt her it will become reality pretty damn quick.' 

I was suddenly confronted by a tearful Wife who was thoroughly pissed off with me - again. "Trust you to spoil the moment James. Why did you have to threaten Jackson? We were all getting along so nicely. If nothing else, Jackson is a guest in this house. Why are you smiling? Don't you bloody well mock me!"

"Elaine! It's O.K. James was just stating his one proviso and he is right to do so because he hardly knows me and he loves you. He also agreed to our new way of life. Didn't you hear him say so? He's said he will be our cuckold and accept my guidance. I am right aren't I - cuckold-james?" The kitchen suddenly became quiet as we realised that Jackson had chosen to make the point of my cuckoldry immediately. 

I nodded in agreement. The dye was cast, I had made a commitment and suddenly felt a wave of excitement engulf me. Such was my excitement that I felt my restraint start to fill with my tiny 'cotton reel' getting bigger.

Elaine had quickly dried her tears and had come over to me and had put her arms around my neck. "I'm sorry. Thank you Jimmy. I love you." she whispered, "But I had better get back to clearing up your mess."

"How are you feeling cj?" He asked, "I see your lump has grown a little. Is your decision taking effect already? Do you feel ready to start soon?"

"Let's not rush our fences Jackson. I think it would be better to let nature take its course."

He thought about this for a second and then agreed. "You know best cj but I have a plan for this evening. I want you to prepare Elaine for a date with me tonight. I want you to take her up to the West End and buy her a nice dress to replace the damaged one and some underwear that you know I will enjoy slowly removing from her after our date. We shall only be gone for a couple of hours and I shall be bringing her back here afterwards so you won't feel deserted for too long. How does all that sound as a beginning to our journey."

It seemed perfectly O.K. to me and said so, but then another thought struck me. "What about my little cage. Do I have to wear it all the time. I guess that is what I'm assuming, but what are the rules - sorry - conventions."

He scratched his nose, but I knew it was a deflection to cover his amusement. "Most cuckolds wear it all the time at home and, as I said earlier, they keep two and sometimes more as spares for hygienic and, shall we say," he paused, "other purposes."

I missed the implication, but had some more questions. "And what about at work, or on the beach or gymnasium and so forth? That can be tricky can't it? Everyday movement and toilets etcetera." The more I thought of it, the more issues arose.

Again he smiled at the thought. "The 'cage' as you put it is symbolic of your new way of life, but it is true that they are not fit for use in those circumstances, there is nevertheless a way to remind you every moment of your day."

"When I bought it, I hadn't thought beyond yesterday. It now seems to be have become a permanent feature of my life overnight. So what is the answer for wearing it at work."

"You don't," he replied, "you wear something else around your private parts." He saw my confusion and continued. "Other cuckolds wear ribbons, straps, chains or you name it, in a tightish loop under their balls and over the base of the penis. It usually has some significance to his life and may bear the initials of his Wife, or her Lover or both. The options are limitless and very personal."

"I see," I replied, "I have quite a lot to think about and I have some purchases to make I guess."

"That's all good then," said Jackson, "I need to spend some time in the office this afternoon and its nearly midday already so I'll just go and find Elaine and let her know about meeting her tonight. I think that eight o'clock would be a good time don't you?" I nodded. "Remember cj. Enjoy getting her ready for our date tonight, because you will be doing so many times again in the future."

He left the kitchen in search of Elaine who, at that moment had finished the cleaning and was upstairs in the bedroom getting changed.

"I have to go to work my Love," I heard him say to my almost naked Wife, "but you and I are on a date this evening and then back here for the rest of the night. cj is taking you to Bond Street to pick up a few nice things to wear and then come back here to help you get ready. I'll be here at eight to pick you up. How does that sound my sweet?"

 "cj will be very good at preparing me to please you." 

"Perfect Master," was her happy reply as she kissed him passionately, "cj will be very good at preparing me to please you; I just know it. He helped me last night you know, and I'm pretty sure that he enjoyed it. So now we all know where we stand, I will give you everything you want in mine and cj's bed tonight. If you thought I was passionate before just wait until you and me are as one, with cj there to serve us."

I heard all of this from the bottom of the stairs and to my surprise, or to be really honest - no surprise at all, I felt excitement at the thought of the lascivious night she was promising him. And me for that matter. 'Serve us? What the fuck?'

They broke the kiss after just a few seconds and Jackson replied. "I can't wait to see what kind of job cj is going to make of making you ready for me. I am sure it will be perfect. As for your plans for me tonight, I shall be thinking about them all afternoon, however I have to go in and take a big order for some German wines for a customer. I should also ring Terry and get him to bring the car round. So I'm going to love you and leave you."

Elaine made disappointed noises but she knew he had to go, but as he descended the stairs he spoke to her over his shoulder. "If everything goes alright tonight we shall take cj down to Mede Manor tomorrow. He can have a chat with John and maybe Jennifer if she's not otherwise engaged."

'Mede Manor? Where had I heard that name before? And where the hell are we going?

Jackson made his phone call and we stood chatting for a while, until I said something that I regretted immediately. "I guess it will take little while for us to get used to this new lifestyle." I said in all innocence.

"Have you not listened to a word I have been saying cuckold?" Jackson said with a vehemence that shook me and made me a little nervous, because I had clearly annoyed him. "A 'lifestyle' is what pretentious twerps call their modern furniture or some other pointless activity. Lifestyle is for poseurs. You my dear cuckold - are about to undertake a completely new way of living. A living that is fundamentally different to everything you ever thought you knew. The life of a compliant cuckolded husband." I could see something in his eyes as he continued. "Now do we understand each other?" He emphasized the 'we' as to remind me of my warning just an half hour earlier.

"Yes Mas... Jackson. It's what I meant really." I replied in a timid manner. 'Oh shit! I nearly called him Master.'

There was a car horn outside in the road and, as I looked out of the window I could see a beautiful dark grey top of the range Mercedes pulled up outside our house.

"I have to go cj and I shall see you both just before eight tonight." He moved towards the front door and opened it letting in a damp and warm smell of drying rain and burnt wood. "Lifestyle for heaven's sake.  What were you thinking?" He laughed out loud as he exited the door.

As I followed him to the door, for no apparent reason I glanced across the road at where I had stood the night before. What I saw caused me to shake uncontrollably. The tree that I had stood under was in blackened ruins; its branches blown away into the gardens nearby and onto the pavement. Council workers had cleared the road and were starting to cut the dead tree down.

"I feel sick," I said as my knees went and I sat down weakly onto the doorstep.

"James! Whatever is the matter?" It was Elaine, who had come down the stairs after putting on some clothes. "What did you do?"

Jackson had turned round to see what the problem was and stood looking back at his white faced shaking cuckold.

"I stood under that tree last night. That's where I watched the two of you Er! You know."

Elaine's face turned red with anger, "You stood under a tree in the biggest thunderstorm in the last ten years. Are you out of your mind? I can't believe that you have been so bloody stupid. It must have been the big bang that we heard."

I thought her attitude was a bit rich given the reason I was there in the first place. 'It's a wonder that you heard the lightning strike. You were having a 'big bang' of your own at the time - the two of you.'
Elaine had not finished with me. She waved goodbye to Jackson with a smile then turned to me with a scowl, "Never in my life have I met someone that stupid. I could have been a widow by this morning .... blah! ....blah! ....blah!" And off she went into one of her diatribes.

Jackson had a smile on his dark brown face as he looked at the weedy little cuckold being harangued by his Black Owned Mistress. "Remember cj. It's because she loves you. See you tonight."

"You can sit here if you like mate." I replied. And he laughed again.

"Hey Jackson," he turned back towards me, "I accept it all. But I won't call you Master - ever." I said smiling awkwardly at the ridiculousness of my position.

He smiled back. "You will cj. Not yet maybe, but you will."

To follow:

Chapter 13 - Date Night - Part One

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