Saturday, 31 December 2016

My Cuckold Shorts

Please enjoy my reflections on living the life of a cuckold.

When cucky gets home and looks in the bedroom, he will know
that she’s been taken again, and again and again. For most of the
day her Lover's cock will have been deep within her and that’s not
the only thing he has put inside her.

When i asked my wife whether her love affair with him was, “Bigger than both of us?”

Her reply was, “Well its certainly bigger than yours!”

That’s when i knew that i was a true cuckold.

A true cuckold knows just what it is that keeps his Wife
so happy, and now she carries her Lover’s child she is
going to be even happier.

 And so will cucky!

“Of course I’m going out like this. I might
drop the hem an inch or so when we are out
on the town, but my dress will be coming
off when we go back to his place.

My Lover is black Dear, and he expects
me to dress just like this. It’s no more
than he deserves!

Don’t wait up! Kiss the kids goodnight
and I shall see you tomorrow afternoon!”

This is what a cuckold sees in his imagination.
 Her Master buried deep inside her willing body, pleasing
himself and her, ejaculating in her and seeding her.

 It was ever thus for a cuck!

As every true cuckold knows; sometimes his pretty young
Wife just can’t help herself and just has to taste what is on offer.

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