Saturday, 3 December 2016

How Would You React

How Would You React?

Warning - this blog post includes content of a 'gay' nature.

Within a few days of your arrival at a resort in the Caribean you had watched as your pretty Wife had met a handsome Black Man called Charles. In front of your eyes he had seduced her [Seduction], mounted her like a whore on the beach [Deep Inside Her] and then fucked her in your hotel room as you had stood beside the bed and did nothing [In Your Bed].

Charles made you strip naked and call him 'Master' and then made you clean his semen from your Wife's pussy with your tongue [The Good Cuckold]. You did as you were told and tasted another man's jism for the first time and after your duty was complete. 'Master' as you now knew him to be made you kneel before him and take his large brown cock in your hands and between your 'effeminate' lips [Cleaning Her].

There was no turning back for a cuckold such as you so you did as you were told and took your 'Master's' manhood into your mouth and pleasured him. You were rewarded with his essence spurting into your mouth that you swallowed like a Naples Whore. As he got back into bed with your Wife, Master told you that you were going to be fitted for a penis restraint and collar [Showing Devotion]. 

The next morning your Wife told you to lay on the floor on your back and, with your legs spread apart and your ankles tied to the bed legs, she started to cut and then shave off the downey hairs around your tiny penis and balls. Master then emerged from the shower room and knelt at the top of your head with his big dark manhood over your face. You instinctively knew exactly what he required of his cuckold.

Your tongue pleasured the whole length of your Master's penis until he shifted forward and rested his heavy testicles over your mouth as he asked you if you knew what 'tea bagging' was. You didn't know what he meant, but told him you were happy to try something new. 

You licked Master's balls and gently rolled one and then the other in your mouth while you tenderly stroked his thickening manhood with you hands. He the shifted his groin forward yet again and you were obliged to lick the sensitive area between his balls and anus. And again you were more than happy to oblige the man you now acknowledged as having complete mastery over you and your Wife. 

Then he shifted his groin forward again and his anal sphincter was above your mouth. The question was, would you oblige him and show your complete deference  [Preparation]. Of course you did; there was no question because you were now a fully converted cuckold without limits to your subservience.

Your ministrations of his anus with your wet and willing tongue were arousing him so much that his thick black organ became almost rock like. Your Wife seeing this, finished the pruning of you pubic fur and then pulled Master onto the bed in order to mount his cock. 

Looking back at you from the bed your Wife told you to shower and clean up and then commenced to ride Master's big rod. After showering you wrapped a towel around your waist and walked back into the bedroon just as your Wife and Master orgasmed. "Get a wash cloth and clean the cum from Charles's cock and tummy," she ordered you.

You climbed onto the bed and cleaned the semen from Master's cock with the cloth and, at his suggestion, you removed the towel from your waist and dried him with it. You were naked, on a bed with another man - a big Black Man - your Black Master.

Master asked you if you would like to see the difference between him and you. You then placed his massive organ alongside your own tiny penis and commented that it was the reason you are his cuckold and why your Wife is now his property. Whereupon your Wife came back into the room from her shower and told you to get off the bed a kneel before her. 

"I have a little present for you," she said holding a small penis restraint, "but we have to make sure it fits." [Lascivious Cuckold]

"I have a little present for you."

Laying out all the components on the floor your Wife took a moment or two to review the different parts. "Now let us see which is the best size for under your little peanuts Dear. I think we ought to start with the biggest first and then work our way down," she said with a pretty mischievous smile on her face, "we don't want to stop the blood from flowing do we. It could all drop off. Now we wouldn't want that would we."

You lifted your tiny balls up to allow your Wife a little more room to slide the horseshoe shaped base up behind your testicles but you had to wait a little while as she worked out the fitting of the locating pins and bridge pieces. Like a timid little slave, you stood and waited until she had worked out quite how it all fitted together in order to make a complete encirclement of the base of your little penis and under your balls.

"I've got the hang of it now," she said to nobody in particular,"now its just a matter of getting the right size. We don't want it falling off do we." You knew that she was talking to herself and required no answer, but you shook your head like a little boy anyway.

Your Wife's cold fingers once again busied themselves around your genitals as she offered up different sizes of plastic horseshoe shapes and bridge piece until she was satisfied. "Just as I first thought. The smallest size fits perfectly and the smallest spacers are just right. Now to put you cage on and lock you up."

There was a little tube of lubricant with the kit which your Wife gently smeared onto your little willy which under different circumstances would have been pleasant but this was a key moment. You were being prepared for celibate cuckoldry and you needed to show your total acceptance and seriousness of purpose

"Is that nice Dear?" She asked as she gently rubbed the fluid over the tiny head to your penis. "You don't seem to be very excited by it. Are you O.K. with the way things are going? Just say if you are not."

"I'm fine Mistress." You replied and felt a sense of satisfaction as she looked up sharpley at the sudden use of the word. She searched your face for evidence of mocking but found none and then smiled. Was that another line crossed?

"Then gently does it," was your Wife's reply, as she slid the small plastic slotted penis shaped tube over what used to be the symbol of your manliness. With a sudden dexterity she slid it home over the locating pins and hooked the small brass padlock through the centre locking pin. Looking up at you she smiled again as the click of the padlock closing resounded throughout the silent room.

"Now you really are my little cuckold," she exclaimed triumphantly, "now stand back so I can take a photo for our album." You obliged by standing patiently while she took a photo of you, naked and restrained. "Good boy! We are going to have so much fun together. Aren't we Charles."

"Good boy! We are going to have so much fun together."

Master, who had remained silent throughout the whole process, peered at the small plastic appendage with some interest. "Your little shrimp seems to be lost in that plastic prison cucky. Why don't you take a turn around the room so we can see it as you walk."

It felt strange walking naked around the room with your penis and balls restrained in that way, and it felt a little heavy but you knew that it would only be a matter of time before you became used to it. Besides, it was only for the holiday and your Wife was having so much fun. 'Yes,' You thought, 'this isn't so bad. At least I am among friends.'

You pranced around the room, making the restraint jiggle as you walked, much to your Wife's and Master's delight. What a sight you all must have made; a handsome well hung Black Man, a pretty young Woman and a diminutive white cuckold with a plastic cage to his penis standing laughing together. For the first time since the start of the holiday you really felt included.

"Let's get dressed. It's time for lunch," exclaimed your Wife, "and after that we can catch some rays by the pool before the party tonight."

'Party? What party? "I didn't know that there was a party tonight," you commented. But there was no reply as Master and Mistress were donning swimwear along with tee shirts and shorts to wear over the top. Suddenly you realised that your own swimming shorts may not fit because of your new chastity cage. "I don't think that my shorts will fit," you announced, "everyone will see the outline of my cage."

"Yes they will," Mistress replied, "but you will not be alone. Trust me. Now hurry up and put your swimming shorts on and slip on a tee shirt too. You can go to lunch in those."

You did as you were told and walked out into the sun with Master and Mistress. You found walking with your restraint little problen, however the lump in the front of your shorts was disconcerting as it seemed to flip from one side to another in time with each swing of your leg. You had expected to be embarrassed but was astounded to find that nobody even looked at you, the reason being was that every other white man, had almost exactly the same bulging groin that seemed to be making the same intriguing movement as they moved.

You had been so taken up with following and stalking your Mistress and Master that it had taken you four days to realise that this was not a normal hotel. As you walked with them it suddenly struck you that every white girl was accompanied by a Black Man and most had a white husband or boyfriend with them too. You also noticed that each white man, while also displaying a bulge such as yours, exuded a submissive and deferential manner towards the Black Man. You needed to know where you were and why.

You recalled that your Wife had booked the holiday and had not included you in the booking process by doing all of the payments and tickets herself. You had taken little interest in its name; you were just happy to be going to the Caribbean. "Can you remind me Dear; what is the name of this hotel. It's pretty unusual don't you think?" You asked.

"Cucky Boy, you really should pay attention. It's called Mandingo Palms," she replied, "it has a very special theme don't you think?"

You didn't reply but continued on to the hotel restaurant where Master, Mistress and yourself found a table. Lunchtime was self service and, as you sat there looking at the two of them staring back, you realised that something was expected of you. Glancing around you suddenly understood as nearby another wobbly groined white guy was bringing plates of food and drinks on a tray to his Wife and her Black Boyfriend.

Master immediately saw that you had recognised your duties. "I'll have a small rare steak and some fries with a beer," he stated without saying 'please', "and you my sweet?" Directed at Mistress.

"Just a tuna salad and a white wine for me Dear." Was your Wife's order. "And whatever you want but don't have too much to drink. You're not quite used to your little thingy yet are you."

You agreed and went off to join the queue of white young men who were lining up for trays and food. It was odd but you felt a little better that you were in the company of others similar to you. Service was admirably quick and before five minutes had elapsed you were all sat down with a steak, tuna salad and cheese sandwich for yourself. Two beers and a glass of a Californian white wine made up the drinks.

It was then you found the first real difficulty with wearing a restraint, your penis did not 'tuck away' as usual but was lifted up within its cage which produced a lump in your shorts similar to a 'hard on'. You shifted uncomfortably to try and reduce it's bulk but it was to no avail, it was now a part of you; just as it was for all the other white men you noticed.

You felt in a better frame of mind after having lunch and followed Master and Mistress out to the pool. You noticed that your  poolside umbrella had three beds under its canopy which you thought was unusual until you spotted that other umbrellas and beds were the same and were occupied by a white girls and a Black Studs who seemed fully engrossed with one another along with a white man with the now familiar 'lump' in his swimming shorts who maintained a respectful distance. 

Wives and Black Studs engrossed with each other.

Master and Mistress had chosen a place to sunbathe that was on the far side of the pool and you all stripped off down to your swimwear, took your places on the beds and settled down on your towels to soak up the rays. That is until you needed to pee.

You walked around the pool to the toilets that were just inside the hotel complex and made your way to the signs over the doors. While you had been laying on your towel you had considered this matter and had deduced that the only way to urinate was to sit down like a woman and make sure that the meatus (opening) of your penis was up against the slot of your cage. With some slight adjustments you were content and you managed to 'go' without any need to clean up afterwards. You felt good because another line had been crossed successfully.

You were washing your hands when another white guy joined you at the next sink. "Hi. You new? I saw you at lunch with your Wife and her Stud. How's it been going mate?" He asked in a strong Yorkshire accent.

It wasn't your custom to talk to other men in a toilet but you guessed that it would be O.K. this once as he was sporting the same lump as you. "Fine I think. I'm only just getting used to you know what," you replied, while glancing meaningly at your own bulge.

He understood immediately. "How long?" He asked while looking directly at your groin.

You were suddenly confused. Was he asking about your size, or how long it had been caged. You made a guess. "Just a couple of hours ago. My first time."

"Oh right!" He replied. "I guess that means you haven't paraded yet. Something to look forward to. Name's Ken by the way. See you later, what did you say your name was?"

You told him and then made your way back to the sunbeds while all the time being aware that others around the pool had their eyes on the new boy - you.

"Hi Baby. Did you manage O.K. without me?" Mistress asked, and you confirmed that you had. "Let me check Dear."

You stood open mouthed at what she had just said. "Here Mistress? In front of everybody?"

"That's right Darling. Come over here," she replied and then lifted an eyebrow when you didn't move, "now!"

Her tone was gentle but you knew better than to disobey, so you shuffled over to her sunbed and stood in front of her with your penis level with her nose. Reaching up she hooked her red painted fingernails into the top of your shorts and lowered them over your plastic restraint and then onto the floor. Except for your flip-flops you were naked, standing upright amongst the sunbeds and the mixed crowds lounging upon them. And all eyes were turned on you.

Mistress brushed away your hands that had moved instinctively to cover your groin and started to move the plastic device around to check its fitment. "Perfect!" She pronounced. "Now step out of your shorts Dear. I want to look at those too." You obeyed and with a swift movement she spirited them away into her bag.

"Mistress?" You wailed, "I'm naked and everyone is watching. Can you please ..............." suddenly you realised that you were not going to have your shorts back. This was a plan and it was all about you. To embarrass you. To demonstrate your inferiority. To display your badge of cuckoldry to everybody there. And you stood with your head bowed as complete strangers looked upon your fragile nakedness.

Master left it for a couple of minutes before he spoke but when he did so you shivered with an emotion, especially because the words were so banal.

"Hey cucky boy. Go and get us a couple of beers from the pool bar. And have one for yourself as well."

So that was it. You had to walk naked around the pool in front of everybody. Suddenly you remembered what Ken had said about parading and you understood what was required of you. 

How would you react in these circumstances? You had to make decision, would you or wouldn't you?


  1. I think that it would be a wonderful experience!

  2. This would be, by far, the most humiliating thing I would ever have done. However, I'm way past the point of no return. In truth? I'd put on a bikini top and walk around that pool with breast forms in and wearing high heels if that is what Master and Mistress wanted me to do - all to prove my submission and worth to their ongoing relationship.

    1. I have always thought that as long as we don't frighten the horses or turn the milk sour then we should all be able to do exactly what we want Leeanne. You don't mention if you would wear a bikini or just let everyone have a look at your prvate parts.


    2. I think what I was trying to say is that, no matter whether it was humiliating to me or not, I'd do whatever Master and my wife told me to do.

    3. Presumably because this is a life that you love and have chosen for yourself. Total submission can be just as fulfilling as any other way of life.