Sunday, 25 December 2016

Happy Christmas My Love

Happy Christmas My Love

And it's Happy Christmas to me as i watch.

Being an older man with a pretty young Wife, i have always known that one day she would want more than i can give her when the lights go out at night. When i told her one night that i released her from her vows of faithfulness her response was one of disbelief, that is until i introduced her to Jerome and Kenzo.

Since that day she has had two young Lovers who share her pleasures between them and spend alternate nights with her in our bed (Sundays are strictly reserved for me - bless her). As it is Christmas, i suggested to them both that they spend the day with my Wife and me. i shall cook the turkey while they have fun. So it is a happy Christmas for my Wife and her Lovers and a very happy Christmas to me as i watch. 

And Happy Christmas Fellow cuckolds

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