Thursday, 29 December 2016

Daily Cuckold - “Sorry? What was that?"

"Isn’t that what a good cucky boy should do?"

“Sorry? What was that? Oh No! Its perfectly big enough for me during the week. But at weekends I have a big stud come and stay to give me good seeing to.”
“I don’t mind really. It’s only natural that a cuckold like me shows his total acceptance of his inferiority. It’s a way of life for us now.”
“His name is Marcus, and he’s as black as night. Big muscles, big body and big everything. He comes to ours on Friday and doesn’t leave until Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning. Sometimes he comes on Wednesdays as well. And Thursdays if he wants; and he usually does.”
“I just keep out of the way really. Isn’t that what a good cucky boy should do? Still! It has been nice chatting but my Wife and I have to go because Marcus is waiting. He’s joined us on holiday so we mustn’t keep him one minute longer from enjoying my Wife.”

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