Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Daily Cuckold - "It's Positive."

 "My Boss has asked me on a date."

For ten years I had been married to my beautiful Wife Rachel, and like all marriages we had become used to each other’s moods and ways in that time. So it was no surprise to me when one night she came home with a big excited smile on her face.

“Guess what. My Boss has asked me on a date. I said I would ring him with his answer after I had spoken to you.”

I gave her the answer I knew she wanted to hear and off she went into the night to be with the big Black Man who dined her, wined her and then bedded her. Maybe I should have said no, but a woman like Rachel needs more that I can give her, consequently she spends many nights in his bed now and accompanies him on all of his business visits.

I still get to see that beautiful excited face from time to time especially the morning she told me the news that, as a cuckold, I always knew that I would hear one day.

“Its positive."