Thursday, 15 December 2016

Daily Cuckold - "i guess its the next step."

"It’s a CB6000s restraint for you."

“I guess its the next step now that you have a regular Black Lover.”

“It will mean that you will have something restricting your erections for the rest of your life. Can you handle that?”

“Of course I can. It also means that I shan’t be able to ‘handle’ my willy any more.”

“That’s it then. It’s a CB6000s restraint for you.”

“What does the ‘s’ stand for?”

“Small! Short! Slight! Scant! You name it. That’s you.”

"Do they have a 't' size by any chance?"


  1. From the moment his lock is clicked shut, she will do everything she can to sexually stimulate him. The more she gets him aroused, the better a cuckold he'll be.

    1. There's nothing like a little tough love to make a cuckold submissive.