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Cuckold Counsellor - Melanie - Part One

Cuckold Counsellor - Melanie - Part One

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The Letter

The 16 mile journey took nearly an hour due to the interminable traffic jam on the M25 Motorway after I had left the A21 road out of Bromley, but I was nonetheless sat in Melanie's Sitting Room with a cup of tea in my hand by 10:30 and making small talk.

"I thought it would help if you told me your's and Jonathan's history. From boyfriend / girlfriend to present day." I said to the pretty and now slim girl sat in front of me holding her little brown daughter. "Everything that is germane to our current situation, that is." I sometimes like to use big words to assess sombody's knowledge or intelligence but it was clear that she knew what 'germane' meant from her response.

"Everything that is relevant?" She looked slightly embarrassed. "Does that include Jon and my sex life before we were married?"

"Everything please Mel. And let's not forget that we are talking about sex. So no false coyness please. I can only help if we are all honest with each other," was my reply to the sweet young thing who I now knew wasn't an idiot.

She paused and I sat back waiting for her to take her time getting to the point. Patience is a virtue they say.

"Derek," she said looking directly at me as if in a challenge, "my husband Jonathan has a very, very small penis. And he is the love of my life. Once you understand those two things everything else will follow."

"He is the love of my life."

Perhaps my shock at her candour showed on my face but she did not try to hide her smile. A very pretty smile which I could see had beguiled one young man to accept being her cuckold and another older Black Man into her bed.

"Sorry Derek, did my directness embarrass you. I just thought that it would be best to be frank with you from the off. That is what you wanted isn't it?"

"Of course," was my stuttered reply, " we shall get nowhere if we prevaricate."

Mel's eyebrows furrowed as she looked away from me and down to Julie on her lap. "Derek, can we please establish that I know big words. I am an adulteress not a Washer Woman. I have a degree in Modern History and my husband is a junior political analyst for a major newspaper. How do you think it is that we have a four bedroomed house in this prosperous part of Kent?"

I felt a cold hand grip me as I realised that I had completely misread this girl in front of me. I felt sick as I apologised to this self possessed young Woman. "I'm sorry Mel, but I have to know who I am dealing with because if I, or we, get this wrong I can cause a lot of pain and hurt. No more tricks, that's a solemn promise."

I continued. "So we have established that Jonathan has a 'little man'. Now tell me how you were before you were married. For example did you know his 'size' before your honeymoon?"

Her smile was suddenly serene as she remembered a pleasant memory. "Of course I did Derek. He was my boyfriend from school, we did our GCSE's together, we went to university together and then graduated together. I have known everything about him since we were kids."

She paused to sip some tea, smiled back at Julie's gummy grin and continued. "We had always known that we would marry one day and, after a few disastrous attempts, we both also knew that Jon would never be my 'stud muffin' no matter how hard he tried. But he had a friend who was happy to stand in, so to speak; his name was Robert and he was hung like a horse. He was also very loyal to Jon so, as you might imagine, he was greatly conflicted when his best friend asked him to take his Girlfriend to bed."

"And did he?"

"Oh yes Derek. He most certainly did. He took me to places I never realised existed but for all that, I stayed as Jon's Girlfriend. I believe in loyalty you see. Funny that, don't you think?"

"Not funny at all Mel. Jen's just the same."

"To you maybe. But loyalty didn't stop her fucking Nat in Corfu did it? But then again we didn't know each other so why wouldn't she."

'Of course she knows. This kid knows what's what and she doesn't like Jen.' Yet again I was made to realise that the sweet and gentle girl I had seen in Greece was actually as clever as hell.

"We three became a fixture. We went everywhere together. Parties, cinema, holidays and even university. I would like a Pound Sterling for every time Jon drove us home from somewhere while Robert and me went at it like rabbits on the back seat. Thank God for the pill because Robert's big sausage was inside me more often than out."

I was curious. "And Robert," I asked, "surely he developed feelings for you. If he was your Fuck Buddy for those years he must have liked you at least. Wasn't he tempted to cut Jon out of the picture?"

Fuck Buddy

"I know what you're trying to say Derek, but Robert was more Jon's friend than my Lover."

I had not tried to infer anything. I thought it was a simple question, but I had another I wanted to ask.

"When Robert and you were, shall we say, 'at it', where was Jon? If he wasn't driving that is. What I am trying to say is did he watch or was he involved in any way while Robert and you made love?"

"No not at all. I guess he might have sneaked a peak in the car but I never saw him do it and he never said."

"Did you and Robert ever date without Jon," I continued, "as a couple?"

Mel looked sheepish. "Once! All three of us had planned to go to a Eurythmics concert but Jon had to work at the last minute. So Robert and me went on our own. It was a great concert by the way."

She wasn't getting away with half a story. "And?" I insisted.

"Jon was home when we arrived back and he could see that we had had a good time and wanted to finish it off upstairs in bed. I think that was the first time he actively encouraged Robert and me to get together, so to speak. Up until that night his role in the relationship had been to passively accept that his Girlfriend was his best friend's lay. He spent that night on the sofa while Robert and me had fun in bed upstairs."

I was now getting a picture of Mel and Jon's early relationship. "How did this change develop Mel? Was Jon different towards you both? Please go on."

"Sadly it did not develop Derek. Robert met his future Wife a month later and, as you might imagine, she took a dim view of her Boyfriend doing his best friend's Wife. They rowed, there was an ultimatum and that was that. It was over. She was, and is still, a very nice girl but we don't keep in touch for obvious reasons."

Did I detect a sadness in her? "How did you manage? Did you miss Robert physically, or in any other way?"

"Dreadfully! I didn't realise it until a long time after he left that I had developed a fondness for him over and above sex. I think that maybe I was a little in love with him. And what he used to do to me of course."

At last I was getting somewhere. So far I had an accepting cuckold and a Wife who had known good loving from a man she cared for, while at the same time loving her inadequate husband. But I needed more than just this.

"What happened next in your sex life Mel? Were there further Boyfriends after Robert?"

"Well yes! Of course! I won't name them because they didn't last long and most were pretty irrelevant. However one of my Lovers wanted me to divorce Jon and marry him, and when I refused it all got rather tricky. One morning he turned up at the house demanding that I leave with him; it got so fraught that I called Robert who came around and rearranged his nose. Robert is big in more ways than one I'm happy to say."

I didn't want to, but I had to ask. "And where was Jon when this was happening?"

"Jon just stood there and argued with the chap. He's not physically strong. His strength is between his ears and in his kindness and tolerance."

I did not want to take this any further so I went to the next phase of their marriage. "Was it after this that you met Nathaniel, or is there any more nasal remouldings to this story?"

This amused her and she clearly relaxed with the thought of her current Lover.

"I stayed faithful to Jon for about 6 months, which is as close to being celibate as can be until one night at a party I met Nat. The attraction was immediate and his advances that night were more than welcome, even though he was seducing me right there in front of my husband. I knew that he could tell that Jon was no threat and I was impressed that he was not mean or dismissive to him."

The attraction was immediate.

"So Jon was there that very night you met him. Was his colour a factor in your attraction?" I asked.

"I had never dated or been with a Black Man before and the idea of going with him was exciting to me. Although he didn't come home with me that night, his phone number did, and I arranged a date with him the next day.

"So he gave you his number as Jon watched did he? And Jon did nothing about it. That's interesting to know." I commented.

"No! That's not how it went. Jon asked him for it just before we left the party."


Melanie - Part Two

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