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The Story of Elaine, Jackson and cuckold james

Chapter 11 -The Talk - Part One

'Black Owned' Elaine.
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Chapter Ten - First Steps

I slept well in that single bed and woke refreshed in spite of it's unfamiliarity. Lying on my back, I reached down to my penis and balls as I normally do on waking every morning (as all of us guys do - don't we?) and made contact with my new plastic restraint. Its unfamiliar touch served as a reminder of the night before and the warm plastic covering over my 'cotton reel' suddenly brought home to me the bizarre situation my marriage was in. 'Take your time to think cuckold. Fuck this up and you will end up alone again,' was pretty much the drift of my thoughts.

I lay for a while and considered the night before. They had already known about my little plan that even so had only half worked because Alan had let the cat out of the  bag by telling Maddie. It had also been a shock to discover that my best friend Alan was living the life of a cuckold because I had always thought of him as more of a 'man' than me; in our younger years he was always the one that 'got the girl'. And again, who is Bruno, Maddie's Lover?

I relived the sights and sounds of Elaine and Jackson in bed last night. The sight of him taking her in a doggy fashion had been a shock because she had often said to me that she thought that it degraded women, but not with 'Master' it seems. And why does she refer to him in this way, surely it has a meaning in their relationship, but what?

And 'cj'? He had said "see you in the morning cj". Although it had confused me in the hectic events of the night before did not take me long, in the cool light of day, to deduce what it meant. 'cj means 'cuckold james' you clever boy' you realised. 'Is this how Jackson is going to refer to me? Will Elaine use it too? Will he call me cj in front of others? And will I think of myself as 'cuckold james'?' Would the new day provide answers?

Gradually, breaking through my reasoning, I became aware of a commotion coming from our shower room. The noises of laughter and screams of fun and joy enticed me immediately to get up, however there was no need to guess who was making the all of that racket as it could only be Jackson and Elaine who had clearly woken in a happy frame of mind and were enjoying each others' wet soapy bodies in the warm overhead spray. 

Still naked from my bed I entered the room and was greeted with the sight that I knew that I would see - two beautiful passionate interracial lovers enjoying their nakedness, their eyes bright with joy and desire. The faces of love no less and in response I felt my restraint suddenly feel tight.

'two beautiful passionate interracial
lovers enjoying their nakedness

'What the hell do I do now? Do something you twerp! I know! They will need to dry themselves.' I reasoned, and I knew there were some lovely soft towels in the airing cupboard. Turning about I withdrew three large white ones - the same that I usually use to dry Elaine after our 'shower nights'. 

My Wife and Jackson didn't see me immediately standing naked in the room, patiently holding three warm towels, but I didn't mind too much. Their happiness was infectious and it made me feel good to see my naked Wife kissing her Black Lover as they soaped each others' naked bodies. Especially exciting was to see her stroking his prodigious dark manhood as at the same time enjoying his big brown hands rubbing soap onto her beautiful breasts. Looking up, Elaine saw that I had joined them in that warm damp room. 

"Oh hello James. Master look. James is here with some towels and he's still got his little plastic thingy on his willy. Doesn't he look sweet," she managed to say just as Jackson's large hand gently pushed her head down to his hard and very erect manhood.

Elaine knew exactly what was required and with a smile back at me she took his cock in her hand and then lowered her head over the large glans. With clearly well practiced ease she engulfed the head with her mouth and proceeded to work the head of his cock with deft movements of her tongue.

I stood in that bathroom like a patient little servant and watched my Wife pleasure the man she now openly referred to as her Master without a word or gesture of complaint. Friends had often told me that I had an instinctive talent for understanding the mood of the moment, which incidentally was why I was so successful as a trader, and as I watched her at work on Jackson's cock it seemed inappropriate to intervene because there was a naturalness to what I was witnessing. And it was clear to me that I was now accepting Elaine's desire for him.

Slowly at first and then later more quickly she brought Jackson to the point of eruption. Her hands were a flurry of activity on his long shaft and her head was almost a blur as it bobbed up and down taking the sensitive glans down the back of her throat. Jackson himself was leaning back on the wet tiles with his groin thrust out enjoying my Wife's intimate attention. With a low growling noise he came with spurts of cream into her mouth and down her throat. I saw his thighs quiver with the ecstatic feeling of his release as Elaine kept working on his member in order to extract as much of his seed as she could. 'She looks like the cat who got the cream. She took the whole bloody lot.'

Eventually their loving had to finish and, letting Jackson's now flaccid penis flop out of her mouth, Elaine stepped out of the shower and walked over to me. There was mischief in her eyes and a small whitish blob of Jackson's semen on her tongue as she leaned towards me and pressed her wet and warm breasts against me and her lips onto my own. 

It had always been normal for me to open my mouth and greet her kisses with my own tongue and this moment no exception. Our tongues met and as always they meshed together. She had quite evidently thought that I would pull my head away in revulsion at what she was doing so had placed her hand behind my head to prevent my escape. To her surprise I did not but delved my tongue deep into her mouth tasting the salty and pungent flavour of her Master's essence. 'You wanted a cuckold. You've got a cuckold. Bring it on bitch.'

Pulling away, Elaine looked questioningly into my eyes trying to read what, if any, my intent was. She was looking for answers but all that she saw was my smile and no other reading to my countenance. "Good boy," she whispered, and moved away. Perhaps she hadn't seen just how my 'little man' had filled its plastic cage to almost breaking point.

Jackson saw me and with some reluctance stepped out of the warm shower and with a friendly smile greeted me. "Morning cj. We didn't want to wake you as you were fast asleep when we woke. Hey! You've brought towels so I guess we had all better get dressed and start this momentous day."

Elaine took a towel from me and immediately started to dry herself, whereas Jackson removed the second towel from the pile I was holding but stood there looking with amusement at my groin. Clearly he thought I needed some advice. 

"It takes a bit of getting used to cj, especially when you want to pee which you will have to do sitting down. You need to get rid of the vegetation as well. I mentioned it last night didn't I. Oh yes! And you need to have two - one on and one in the wash so to speak. Looks a bit tight though."

"I think I'll manage Jackson," was my short reply, but he was right. It was tight at that moment and it catching on my pubes and I hadn't quite worked out how to pee.

"Just saying, that's all. And one more thing cj. Have you worked out who has the keys to your little plastic friend?"

I hadn't and said so. "Is there a convention in these things?" I asked.

"Well most hubbies give the key to the missus and hang the spare in the bathroom for hygiene purposes.But that's up to you. Some others, under certain circumstances, give control of the key to their Wife's Boyfriend, but that's a long way down this particular road I think."

"Well whatever the future," I responded, "I need to shower." And I unlocked the small lock and slid it off my willy and balls. Suddenly I felt very naked and I was amazed at how quickly I had felt vulnerable; I had been wearing it for less than twenty four hours and already it felt 'normal'. 

I do not know what kind of picture Jackson and me would have made but it would have been quite an odd one. Looking through the window they would have seen a big handsome Black Man with a manhood hanging halfway down his strong thighs, and a small white guy with a tiny organ standing close together in discussion about the protocols of the penis restraint.

'standing close together in discussion
about the protocols of the penis restraint.'

We continued to converse in a 'matter of fact way' when we were both disturbed by a loud scream from Elaine, who in that short time had left the room, put on a dressing gown and started to go downstairs. 


"If I were you cj, I would close and lock this door after me. You might want to give yourself a shave down there and then stay here for a while." It was good advice because I could hear that Elaine had gone downstairs and was muttering to herself as she was looking around the rooms and the patio. As I locked the door behind Jackson I heard her again.


I followed Jackson's good advice and grabbed my razor, brush and soap. The shaving, the first time ever for that area of my body, was painful at times but after careful manipulation of the razor I was smooth with just one small nick near my scrotum that self healed in the shower. My restraint, I washed with plain soap in the nearby sink, dried it and then re-positioned it on my 'little man'. 'If this is what you both want of me then you shall have it.

I sneaked back into the main bedroom and retrieved some clothes and retreated to the smaller bedroom to put them on quickly. I could hear Elaine downstairs in full 'cleaning' flow with mops, cloths, buckets and water in a blur of frenzied use. Yes folks my adulterous slut of a Wife is a domestic goddess when she isn't opening her lovely long legs for her 'Master'.

I found a fully dressed Jackson sitting on a stool in the kitchen with a pot of coffee and some toast. "Hi cj. Coffee?" He offered with a beckoning wave. "I think our lovely friend has calmed down a bit, but I would still keep a low profile if I were you."

"We were going to talk," I responded, "and I have made the first step. A fucking great big one as a matter of fact. So what do you say? Shall we clear at least some of the air because I'm pretty sure there's more to being a cuckold than this. And one more thing, why does my Wife refer to you as 'Master'?"

He smiled back at me but then took a drink of coffee to stall for time. "Because that is how she feels about me. Now she has been with me a few times. You must have guessed by now that Sunday on the beach and last night were not the only moments your Wife and I have shared. Haven't you?"

"Sunday on the beach and last night
were not the only moments your
 Wife and I have shared.

"It crossed my mind," I replied, "but that doesn't answer my question. Why Master?"

He looked again into his coffee and spoke slowly as if about to tell me something insightful. "Have you ever heard of the term, 'Black Owned' cj?"

"I live in South London which has the highest level of interracial adulteries in the world outside of the USA. So yes I have heard of it Jackson. But why would Elaine sign up for such extreme infidelity?"

"You should remember who Elaine was with before you cj. Do you recall that ridiculous boxer she lived with before you? The one that blacked her eye and you bravely saw off." His smile was slightly mocking but there was something kinder behind the grin. 'Fuck me! Does this guy who's shagging my missus actually like me?'

"If you mean Nat, I don't think she misses his fist or boot one little bit. That prick is now doing dog food commercials by the way."

"What does 'that prick' and me have in common cj?" Was a question that took me by surprise. "Good description of him by the way."

"You are both black," I answered, "and I hope that is the only similarity."

He could see that I was suddenly aggravated by the memory of being laid out by that mad boxer, but it was still a bitter sweet memory. Bitter because of Elaine's black eye and my incapacitation, and sweet because of Elaine's loveliness in my bed. I also recalled the erotic visions I had imagined of her and Nat together before the fight.

"Hey come back to me cj, you were off somewhere then. You were thinking of him and her weren't you. However you are correct. It's because we are both black. And why do you think that is?" I shook my head. "So let me answer that. It is because your Wife, just like millions of other white women,  has an inherent desire for Black Men."

It was true. She had always been at ease around any black men who came to the house, like tradesmen and representatives. She tended to smile a lot and yes, it must be said, flirt with them. But I did not respond to this less than new revelation; we had often made jokes about it anyway.

Jackson continued."As good a husband you have been to her cj, you know that you have never filled that void in Elaine's life. Her best friend saw this and put her in touch with people who arrange for frustrated Wives to meet men like me. We dated, went to bed on the second meeting and since then our bond has grown. And I repeat, 'OUR BOND'," he emphasized. "It was only a matter of a few afternoons in my bed when she decided that she wanted to commit to me and become 'Black Owned' as my Mistress.

'That will be that skinny tart Maddie.' I thought before I replied. "Well now you have my Wife as your willing Mistress. Sorry! Your Black Owned Mistress, and that should make you very happy Jackson. You have all you want. A pretty woman who puts out for you whenever you snap your fingers and her wimp of a 'locked up' husband who," I crooked my two index fingers to indicate parenthesis, "understands."

Jackson remained quiet for a minute before he chose his words. "James!" I looked up startled at his sudden use of my proper name. 'Not cj this time? This must be serious.' "I am very happy with my Mistress as you refer to her but I want more. I want you both as my 'Black Owned Couple'.

To follow:

Chapter 12 - The Talk -Part Two

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