Saturday, 26 November 2016

My Cuckold Shorts

Please enjoy my observations on the way it is for a cuckold.

“It is a wonderful feeling for me now that we are married
to know that your black Master is waiting upstairs
for you to consummate our marriage.

Go to him my Darling. Please him in all the ways that you
always have. Let him plant his seed in your body and
remember that I will always be your willing, submissive
Cuckold of a Husband.”

It’s that tender warm smile she gives her Lover before she
gives him the pleasure he enjoys so much that tells her
husband that his wife is now the Mistress of a far
better man than he. It will be her Lover that she thinks of
all day, and it will be his body she craves at night; and
hubby will know that his future is that of a Cuckold.

When his wife tells him that she will send him a ‘Selfie’
when she’s out on a date, a True Cuckold knows
exactly what he is going to see on his phone.

Its the look of love, pleasure and lust as her
Boyfriend buries his manhood deep inside her
that tells her Husband that he cannot compare
to him in any way. It is the confirmation of
his Cuckoldry that he must now accept and
eventually enjoy.

Watching as she shows her devotion to her Master is
what lights up a True Cuckold’s Wedding Day.

Her lovely body exposed for other men to see and
enjoy, a slave’s collar around her neck so she can be
used for their pleasure. Now that is a True Cuckold’s
wet dream!

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