Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Cucky Quicky - "let me me the prize cuckold."

"Let me be the prize cuckold

“O.K. I’m ready for the evening ahead. Do you think I look ready?”

“For what you have in mind my Love, you are more than ready. Let’s just hope the guys are.”

“Well it is a poker game and I’m first prize. Being a commodity to be won by chance really shakes my tree. Doesn’t it affect you too Dear?”

“You know it does. But it is very strange that your previous Black Master is going to be at the table. You know just who I mean! Denzil the Poker Champion?”

“What are you inferring?”

“Why don’t you just admit it and have an affair with the bloke? It’s not as if you haven’t cuckolded me with him before.”

“If you insist cucky. But let’ me be the prize first.”

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