Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Cucky Quicky - "it was three times the size of yours."

"I embrace it my Love."

“Oh thank God! At last. I thought at one time it would never happen. Now we can start our married life as we should have. Thank you my Darling.”

“I should be thanking you Dear. You were right all along, its just that I didn’t realize just how much of an inferior lover you are. Marcus’ black body was so strong and big, and his dong was three times the size of yours.”

“Six inches isn’t big Dear, are you sure it wasn’t five times my size?”

“Yes I suppose it was. But never mind that. I’m off to the sex shop to get you a penis restraint and then I am bringing Marcus home tonight. So you had better get used to your new life.”

“Get used to it? I embrace it. Its all I ever dreamed of. And another thing, could you make it a pink restraint with matching collar?”

“No problem cucky boy.”


  1. s'est sentimentale etre cocu avec quelques raisons et çelà dés l'enfance où j'ai les sentiments homox avec un petit penis ce qui résument mes tendances

    1. Il est bon que vous compreniez votre sexualité cimaro. Vous avez également rejoint le grand nombre d'entre nous avec un petit pénis que nous disons avec fierté.