Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Cucky Quicky - Did sissy boy help you?

 I just like to get naked with you

“Hey Baby. You clearly didn’t take long to get ready for our night together. Did sissy boy help you? Did he tell you that I had told him you were now my Woman? He seemed happy when I gave him the news.”

“He was very helpful thank you. Yes he did tell me, so he spent most of yesterday devising the best ways for me to ‘excite you to great heights of passion’. 
His pompous words not mine. 
Me? I just like to get naked with you as soon as possible.”

“Then let’s get to it and grant your husband his wishes.”

“Seems like a very good idea Master.”


  1. Looks like hubby picked a very sexy outfit for her! It would be fun to be in charge of her wardrobe!

    1. Just shoes on her feet and a coat for her dignity. Clearly this cuckold's preparation of his Wife for another man's delectation follows the minimalist way of life. Or maybe he just likes the thought of sending her off to her Lover more than ready for his big cock.