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Cuckold Counsellor - The Letter

The Letter

For those of my readers who have been with me over a year, you may recall that I wrote an article about my holiday in Corfu (Greece) in which my Wife Jen met up with an old Black Lover (Nat) and the pleasant afternoons they enjoyed in our cabin while I sunbathed. You may also recall that he brought with him a very pretty and heavily pregnant girl called Melanie who had left her husband at home - unsurprisingly. As Melanie was so heavily pregnant, when she felt the baby kicking she had need to lie down in the afternoons which gave our master lover Nat ample opportunity to bed my Wife. Melanie never let on if she knew that Jen and Nat were 'banging the headboard' while she slept, but I could not believe that she didn't suspect; maybe she didn't care. [Holiday cuckold]

Banging the headboard

Jen and me had forgotten all about it (it was a pleasant memory anyway) until we had a letter from that pretty girl. I replicate it below:

Dear Jen and Derek,

How are you both. I hope you are well.

I am so sorry that I haven't let you know how my pregnancy went, particularly as you asked me to let you know. I had a beautiful little girl who we have named Julie after my Mum on the 15th October. Her natural father is Nathaniel so as you might imagine she is a lovely coffee coloured baby of whom I am so proud and, I must admit, deeply in love with. She is the light in my eyes.

(NB. Jen's eyes started to water as she read this part of the letter)

Nat and me are still lovers and my husband Jonathan, who you did not meet as he stayed at home, still accepts my relationship with Nat. So in all respects my life should be full, but it is not. I had hoped that Jonathan would accept Julie as his own but, although he is good around her and goes through the motions of being her father, I can tell that his heart is not in it. For example he will play with our daughter but only on my prompting him to do so. He is not a lazy man but he seems to want not to share in the domestic side of bringing her up.

I have put this reluctance down to him not fully accepting that Nat is the real father and that he is ashamed of his cuckoldry. It's as if there an emotion deep inside him that cannot get out, which is strange because he is such a 'little man down there' (sorry for bringing such a tasteless fact into this letter but it could be relevant) and I had thought he had accepted his status in our marriage.

Nat tells me that you both have been (or still are) a couple who are experienced in this way of life and have advised similar couples in the past. Would it be possible for yourselves to come and visit me at our house down in Sevenoaks. It would be just me for the moment because I did not want the distraction of Nat or Jonathan when we talk. I can also promise you a nice lunch if you do come.

Desperately seeking advice.

Best wishes.


P.S. Please phone me at the number at the top of the letter.

"What do you think Derek?" Asked Jen. "Do you want to help them? Its not as if we know her that well. We know Nat, and Melanie was quite sweet when she was able to leave their cabin on holiday. And she is so young. I think you should go alone. I would hate for them to have problems, particularly now they have Julie to look after."

I smiled as I responded to my lovely unfaithful Wife. "Well thank you Dear. You asked me a question and then answered it for me. I guess that's one of the thousand reasons why I love you. Will you be coming by the way?"

"I think not. It might not be sensible if Nat turns up. Given our history."

Yes," I replied, "I suppose it might be tricky offering counselling to someone whose naked body you have licked from head to toe. And whose cock has been inside your vagina hundreds of times."

From head to toe -but mostly here.

Jen's face burst into a bright red as she remembered how it had been between them years ago when Nat had been a vigorous young stud and she had been the 'older woman' who had taught him how to please a lady. Under her tutelage she had converted a brash young man into a wonderful and sensitive Lover. A Lover that pretty Melanie was now enjoying in her bed.

"You didn't mind at the time feller! And you've done a bit of cock licking yourself in your time," was Jen's light hearted response.

"Thanks for reminding me," I said sarcastically, "it's good to know that nothing has been forgotten in our old age."

"You're welcome cuckold! But you are going aren't you?"

I nodded and made note of the number.

"I shall ring tomorrow morning when her husband is at work and presumably Nat is too." And that was that until the next morning.

Melanie didn't answer the first ring but did the second in the afternoon. I had forgotten just how young she was and was instantly struck by the timbre of her voice as we conversed. 'This pretty young thing sounds worried', I thought, 'I don't have any choice. She and her hubby need my help. Maybe Nat too?' On the back of that call and from the tone of her letter I knew that I had to first assess the dynamics of their relationship because, knowing as I do, not every cuckold marriage is the same as another

"I think that I would like to initially talk to you alone please Melanie, without Jonathan or Nathaniel present. Is that doable?" I asked. She concurred.

I arranged to go the following morning after her giving me their address, but I was left with a feeling that my counselling may not be easy and that I would be journeying to Sevenoaks more than once over the next few weeks.

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