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The T&L Auctions

One month's rental.
Some of my readers may have read my submission in [The Brother's Auction] that was published on 10th August this year, and I would guess that most would have thought that this was a flight of fancy on my part. Some of it was but much was not; please let me explain, firstly by a little piece of social history in the United Kingdom.

In the early days of our marriage my Wife Jen and I lived in Lewisham in South London and anybody who knows anything about that area will tell you that from the early 1960s it was, and still is, heavily populated by people of Caribbean extract. In other words it is an area with a high proportion of black people, as so are the other boroughs that surround it.

Although introduced in the early 1960s for married women, it wasn't until the 1970s that the birth pill was in general use by both married and unmarried women, which happily accelerated the sexual revolution for many. This inevitably led to sexual freedom for both married and unmarried girls in the U.K. with the inevitable cuckolding of husbands and boyfriends.

Into this mix came the sudden realisation by many women that black men were, not only exotic and exciting lovers, but often endowed far more substantially than their husbands and boyfriends. It doesn't take much imagination to understand what happened next, particularly with the opening of Reggae clubs which flourished with the number of white girls who went to them with the express intent of meeting a handsome Black Man. Much to the white boys chagrin, their ladies were often successful and, although there was some violence between the black and the white men, it was the women who often had a calming effect on trouble. Suddenly, in many households, the beginnings of the interracial cuckold marriage phenomenon was born.

With the express intent of meeting a handsome Black Man.
Some white men like myself realised that, if we wished to keep our Wives we had to relax our definition of the marriage vow 'forsaking all others' and sanction our Wives their sexual freedom. For many young husbands it was just a small step from 'allowing' her freedom, to encouragement especially when we realised that she wasn't going to walk out the door permanently to be with someone else. This was also accompanied by a perverse enjoyment of the humiliation, and none was more pleasurable to the cuckold than welcoming her home with a sweet and happy smile on her face.

I am not saying that every white girl (married or unmarried) in South London had a Black Man as Boyfriend or Lover but I do know that the number of interracial adulterous relationships skyrocketed. In my road alone there were at least four married girls with loving husbands who had relationships outside of marriage. It was not unusual to see a car driven by a Black Man pull up outside a house and wait for his date for the night. Neither was it unusual to see a pretty young thing kiss her hubby on the doorstep and then get in the car. As my neighbour said to me one evening, "Its like the West Indian version of the Monte Carlo Rally on this road on Friday nights," such were the comings and goings of Wives and Lovers.

It was 1986 and I was in a pub in New Cross with an old friend of mine called Ken when I first heard of the T&L Auctions. Ken, like me, had a pretty young Wife called Janet who had a well heeled new regular Black Boyfriend. We were talking, as usual, about our lives, wives, politics and football when Ken, as part of the conversation, asked me just how Jen had met her Lover at the time; my response was that she had met himat a club. "And Janet?" I asked in all innocence.

"Antoine bought her at a T&L on a month's very personal rental, but since then they have become inseparable," was his response which was greeted by my silent incomprehension, "I think she has fallen in love with guy," he continued, "and why wouldn't she? He's handsome, rich and the bloody great thing he has stowed away down the leg of his trousers goes a long way to making her happy. Along with the jewellery and clothes he buys her that is. He says she's his permanent Woman so I now have to wear one of those little cage things on my nob. He doesn't want me anywhere near her." Ken persisted in this monologue for a few moments more until he noticed that the pint of beer I was drinking was still unmoving halfway to my mouth.

He looked across the bar top at me and I could see the sudden realisation on his face. "Oh Christ! You haven't a clue what I'm talking about, have you Derek?"

I already knew that Janet had been having a good time and lots of naked fun with her new Boyfriend because my Jen was a good friend of hers and she had told me so. 

Janet and Antoine's naked fun.
But what I had just heard from Ken shook me to the core. But I had to know, so I took a deep draught from my pint because I felt that what I was about to hear needed to be accompanied by strong alcohol. "What the fuck are you talking about Ken. What's a T&L." Was my dumbfounded question.

He looked down at his beer and held his breath before he decided to talk. "Its an auction house for well off Black Men, except the goods that are bid for are white married girls or white married couples. And just before you ask, they are all volunteers." 

"Do you mean its a brothel?" Was my incredulous question. "And what the hell does T&L mean?"

"Derek. Calm down. Its not a brothel. Its a place where married women are happy to be bid for by rich Black Men and the highest bidder takes that woman as his Mistress for a month, and in some cases like Janet, a whole lot longer. Oh yes! And T&L is an acronym for Tate and Lyle."

I had a Wife who had a Black Boyfriend. I knew other men who were in the same situation. I also knew that the number of adulterous Wives having relationships with West Indian or African men was so much higher in South London than anywhere else in the U.K. I was a cuckold who thought he knew a thing or two about such relationships, but what Ken told me that night changed my perception of human relationships and marriage forever.

Like many things in the U.K. at that time, I suspect that the idea may have started in the United States but it took hold very quickly and grew in strength until it became common knowledge throughout the South of London and beyond.

Tate and Lyle were, and still are, manufacturers of sugar and to this day their white and blue 500gram bags of white sugar can be seen stacked up for sale in any U.K. supermarket or grocer's shop; as it has been for the last one hundred and twenty years or so.

It takes little imagination just how the nickname for white girls amongst the Black Male population became 'White Sugar' given that just a decade before, the Rolling Stones had made a song called 'Brown Sugar'. A song it must be said, that brought the iniquities of the old slave trades into public understanding although it did not stop the use of the title.

Quite how the first auction came about is unclear but I do know that the first was carried out in the back of a house with just two girls while their husbands stood with their heads bowed behind the bidders. Unlike in my [The Brother's Auction] presentation the cuckolds were not chained to the floor but were put under a spotlight as the girls were presented. Also lost in the mist of time is just how and why these two couples thought it a good idea to auction their Wives as rented courtesans, but whatever the reason the idea took off among many white Wives and their cuckolds. Unsurprisingly, the first venue for the auctions was very quickly found to be inadequate and was moved to a larger house in Penge where it remained until 1998 whereupon a 'sympathetic' hotel with a large enough conference room for the crowds and controlled access was its final location.

The auctions grew in popularity and numbers until, probably in 1986 / 87, the first 'couple' requested to be auctioned into a form of sexual slavery and it was around this time that the term 'Master' began to be used by bought Wives and their cuckolds. The first couple to be sold in this way was a young married pair of professional currency traders; they were the type of people who at the time were disparagingly referred to as 'Yuppies' (Young - Upwardly mobile - Professional). The thing about Yuppies was, not only their sexual inclinations, it was their liking of dinner parties, and at dinner parties they drink wine and talk about themselves and their sex lives. So within the space of one year, the volunteers for Black Auctioning quadrupled and a large number of rich Black Men were enjoying the pleasures of married Wives and, if they were of that inclination, the cuckold too. They also revelled in the satisfaction of having very personal white servants who saw it as their duty to serve their Master.

Needless to say, many serious and lasting relationships arose because of the T&Ls and none more so than that of Janet and Antoine who became a complete couple when their first baby was born in January 1987. This was no surprise to me because I had guessed that was the way the wind was blowing when Ken told me that he had been made to wear a penis cage; that was always the first thing to happen to a cuckold when his Wife and her Lover wished to 'mate'.

These things did happen in South London and, although the authorities knew about them, nothing was done (or could be done in a free country) because to have opened the lid would have caused the great and powerful a lot of embarrassment, it was that pervasive in society.

I know that such auctions still exist but are carried out on a more discreet and sophisticated level these days due to modern communications and anyway, I no longer have an interest in them. However, in my next article I shall recount my experience of the T&L Auctions.

Next: The T&L Auctions - my personal recollections - part one.

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