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The Story of Elaine, Jackson and cuckold james

Chapter 10 - First Steps

First steps.

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As I looked into the room, my eyes met those of Elaine and I could see concern in those two beautiful blue orbs. I switched my view to Jackson and met his look of amused but friendly gaze with my own. Both were naked and bathed in sweat from their exertions on my bed and the room smelled of a warm and heady mixture of my Wife's perfume, Jackson's aftershave, perspiration and semen.

I had never seen Elaine look so beautiful at that moment as she lay there in that bed with a satisfied and languid look on her that I was unfamiliar with. Her naked body seemed to exude gratification and contentment that clearly was to her liking, and my heart skipped a beat as she dropped a hand to her vulva to stem the flow of Jackson's cream from her vagina.

"Come in James," she repeated in a soft voice, "and talk to Jackson and me."

"Don't you mean 'Master'." I answered sarcastically as I shuffled from the doorway and into the room. "Isn't that what I should call the man who I befriended and is now in bed with my Wife?"

"Not yet Dear." Was her immediate  response which I let go for the moment. 

"Oh heavens! You're soaked to the skin and your trousers are all muddy. You are dripping all over the carpet. What have you been doing?"

I ignored her concern for the moment because it was pretty bloody obvious what I had been doing, but I had to ask the one thing that would determine the rest of my life. 'To hell with muddy trousers.' I thought.

"I have only one question and I must have an honest answer." I stunned myself with the firmness of my voice because inside I was like jelly. And I didn't want to hear the answer I thought I might receive.

Elaine extended her arm to me to hold my hand but I pulled out of reach. She saw this and her eyes immediately started to glisten as I had never avoided her touch before. "What is it James." She spoke in a trembling voice.

"Are you leaving me?" 

There! The question was asked and I physically shook like a leaf in the wind as she wiped her eyes on the corner of the crumpled sheet.

"Never in a million years James." It was short, to the point and she said no more but just looked at me as if expecting an immediate response.

I just stared back at her in amazement at her answer because I had expected to hear her say that she was going off with Jackson, or something equally devastating to me. But she did not and at last broke her silence in that warm smelly room.

In a small voice she asked the same question. "Are you leaving me James?"

I did not have the heart to point out that it was my house and if anyone was to leave it would be her; besides I already knew what my answer was. "Never in a million years Elaine."

She bit her lip and smiled through the tears cascading down her pretty face. "You had better get out of those wet clothes before you catch something. Then come back in and we shall settle a couple of things. All three of us."

I left, but not without a backward glance at my Wife and her Lover laying in my bed. Elaine smiled back at me. And Jackson? Well Jackson had a quizzical look on his face as returned my gaze; clearly he was trying to ascertain what just happened between Elaine and me and what it meant for him. 'There's another surprise for you two yet. The final part of my plan is just minutes away.'

I squelched my way into the bathroom and threw off all of the wet clothes into the laundry basket and then dried myself with a towel; I was ready for my grand entrance into the bedroom. My grand naked entrance.

I was secretly amused at the sudden shock on Elaine and Jackson's face as I walked almost nude into their little pit of passion. And even more amused when she looked down at my little penis.

"What is that on your willy James?"

"Oh God! James why are you naked? This is not what we had in mind. I think you have misunderstood what .............. Oh!!!! WHAT IS THAT ON YOUR WILLY? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO YOURSELF?"

"It's a penis restraint." I replied, stating the 'bleedin obvious'.

"I know what it is James," she responded, without explaining how she knew, "but why are you wearing one. Nobody has made you wear it. Have they?" She asked looking around at her naked Lover, only to receive a slow shake of his head.

"It's quite simple Elaine. You have cuckolded me with Jackson; the man you now call Master. You say you are not leaving me and I am not leaving you, so this is my way of showing that I understand my position."

For the first time Jackson spoke. "James. This has cleared some of the air between us and it is good that we all know where we stand. Its good that you have made a first step along the path, but it is only the first step. I don't think that a long discussion is appropriate for tonight and we should all take a couple of days off from work to talk about our situation; but before we do I want you to know that my relationship with Elaine is serious. I am in this for the long haul."

"I understand," was my reply, "but why didn't the pair of you just sit me down and tell me?"

"Experts I know have told me that a shock is the best way for a husband to realise that he is a cuckold. So Elaine and me decided that is what we would do at the beach on Sunday  which, if I am guessing correctly, is something you have already guessed. That was our plan and we waited for yours to show itself. And that is what last night was all about. Am I correct?"

Once more I was impressed by my Wife's Lover's intellect and confirmed that he was correct. But then he had one further question.

"Your plan." I nodded for him to continue. "Why are you soaking wet and covered in mud? Why didn't you just come in the front door. We left the door lock off. All you had to do was use your key and walk in."

"How would I know that? The plan was mine alone. Wait a minute! How did you know about it?" I stood open mouthed at this revelation. I had been so clever I thought, but this Black Man lying naked in my bed had completely out manoeuvred me.

"You asked your friend Alan to ring you from work, didn't you." I nodded in agreement. "Well Alan mentioned it to Madeline, who then told Bruno, and he told me. It was very easy then to deduce what the plan was. It was a good plan that nearly came unstuck by the way. That's why I phoned Bruno to remind Alan; he had completely forgotten. It seems that he was particularly busy last night"

"I see. You knew all along then." He nodded. "But I do have one question though."

He smiled but said nothing as I continued.

"Who the fuck is Bruno?"

At this Elaine stopped looking down at my plastic penis restraint and chirped in. "Bruno is Maddie's Master."

A silence enveloped the room as I took this information in, and the two of them waited for the penny to drop.

"What are you talking about? Are you saying that the pair of you both have been 'at it' with other men? Is Alan in the same position as me?" I asked my beautiful naked Wife who still could not take her eyes off the little plastic thing on my 'cotton reel'.

Jackson let out a quiet chortle as Elaine looked away from my groin to answer me. "Maddie and Bruno have been Lovers now for almost a year Derek. Maddie and Alan are still a married couple but Alan has accepted his role in their marriage as the subordinate partner."

"Do you mean that Alan is a cuckold? Like me?"

"Yes Dear. But very much more so. Alan, and Maddie too, are living in a 'cuckold marriage' every day. It is now a way of life for them."

I was beaten. My big secret plan was no secret at all, although I guessed that my little appendage was a surprise. My best friend was a cuckold like me, the love of my life was lying in bed with a big handsome Black Man and I was standing by that same bed in the nude with my penis locked away. 'What the hell do I do now. Perhaps I should just go and leave them to it.'

"Derek. It's getting very late and Jackson and me don't want to spend the rest of the night talking. I am going to phone in sick in the morning and you should too, so we can spend tomorrow and Friday talking things through. I swear to you that I love you, and care for you more than you may think at the moment. But I love Jackson too, and tomorrow I will explain just why I think this can work."

"And maybe why you call him 'Master'. Don't you think?" Was my reply as I turned to leave the room. "I'll sleep in the other room tonight."

There was no reply from Elaine as she moved closer to Jackson and melded her young body against his in that unmistakable way of encouraging passion.

"James!" It was Jackson's voice. "That 'cucky cage' you've got on. You need to shave yourself down there or it will be uncomfortable and pull on your hairs. Besides it will be more hygienic that way. It's just a bit of advice from someone who knows about these things, that's all. See you in the morning 'cj'."

He was right, the 'cucky cage', as he called it, had been locked on my 'little man' since I had got home from work that evening, and yes, it did pull on my pubic hairs. Nevertheless, shaving them off was a job for tomorrow.

'cj'? Who or what did he refer to?' But it was pointless asking. He was no longer interested in talking to me because Elaine had her mouth planted on the large bulbous head of his cock and was busy bobbing her head up and down to be bothered to carry on any conversation.

As Master penetrated my Wife with his cock.

"I'll be next door if you want me." I said to nobody in particular and stepped away from their bed, "Goodnight then!" There was no answer from my busy Wife or the large Black Man with the already stiffening manhood.

As I left the room I heard the sound that I knew I was going to hear many times in my life in the future. It was the long scream of pleasure Elaine makes when her Lover penetrates her. And as I climbed into the single bed in the spare bedroom I could hear the rhythm that Jackson and my Wife had set up in the bed next door.

Listening to my Wife and her Lover gave me a feeling of intense humiliation coupled with a warm sense that she was being loved and was happy. 'Conflicting emotions. Is that the lot of a cuckold? And what the hell did 'cj' mean?'

The odd thing is, I slept well that night.

To follow:

Chapter 11 - The Talk - Part One


  1. When is 11 coming?

    1. Next couple of weeks I hope. I'm writing the story as I go. Are you enjoying the story? Interacial cuckolding isn't everybody's choice of reading.

    2. I am enjoying very word!