Friday, 21 October 2016

My Cuckold Shorts

Please enjoy my observations on the way it is for a cuckold.

When she walks out of the house to be with him,
the whole world knows that you cannot please your wife.
Such humiliations are what makes a Cuckold truly happy.

Its not the fact that she now has a Lover, or that
she blows him with her wedding ring on. 
Its the new shape of her belly that gives a True Cuckold
that delicious feeling of humiliation and trepidation. 

Perhaps she will tell me soon.

“Don’t look now but your husband
is up there on the dune taking photos.”

“Who cares a shit!  Cucky can look at
them tonight while you and me are in bed.”

A little out of focus, but I think I got my
Wife and her Lover just right in the picture

She’s out ‘on the pull’, getting ready to cheat. 
And Hubby knows that she will be successful
because she always is, and he knows that he
won’t be seeing her again for a day or two.

It was ever thus!


  1. I love the 4th pic! It would be so arousing to find my wife naked in a Jacuzzi on vacation kissing a total stranger like that, so long as he is a black hunk!

    1. Finding her would be arousing Gary, but staying quiet and out of the way so to let nature take its wonderful course is even better.