Saturday, 29 October 2016

How Would You React?

Warning - this blog post includes content of a 'gay' nature.

How would you react?

You are a cuckold! In just a few short days on holiday in the Caribean you had witnessed your Wife's initial seduction [Seduction] by a well hung Black Man called Charles. The following day you watched as she was penetrated by his big dark manhood on the shore at the quiet end of the resort beach [Deep Inside Her].

You had then found them together in your hotel room waiting to tell you about their affair and then made love in front of you [In Your Bed]. Following Charles' ejaculation into yourWife he made you strip naked and call him 'Master', he also ordered you to get between your Wife's legs and start cleaning his semen from her pussy with your tongue [The Good Cuckold].

You cleaned your Wife's pussy and tasted another man's jism for the first time and then suddenly realised that you had crossed a line. With your duty complete, 'Master' ordered you to kneel before him and take his big manhood in your hands and between your 'effeminate' lips [Cleaning Her].

Your initial reluctance dissolved very quickly and you took his member into your mouth suddenly realising that you were starting to accept and even like this progressive removal of your manliness. Your reward was streams of his precious essence into your mouth and down your throat.

Master was pleased with your first 'pleasuring' and, just as he got into bed with your Wife, he told you that he was going to have you measured up for a collar and a small penis restraint [Showing Devotion].  There was no time to react to this news as the lights went out in the room and it did not seem appropriate as your Wife sleepy whispered words of love to Master.

The following morning you found yourself alone in the room but there was a note from your Wife telling you to wait for their return - you obeyed.

Upon Master and your Wife's return to the hotel room, you were told to remove your clothes and lie face up on some towels on the floor. She  then tied your ankles to the legs of the bed and produced a pair of scissors, your razor, shaving brush and soap. You knew just what her intention was and it was no surprise when she started to remove your downey pubic hairs.

Charles had showered while you had stripped naked, laid on the floor and had your legs spread and secured ready for the depilation of your 'not so private' parts. Wordlessly he knelt either side of your head and rested his large dark member on your face. His requirement was obvious and you reached up to gently press the soft organ to your face.

You extended your tongue and, after asking and receiving permission, you eased the head of his cock into your mouth and heard the soft noises of appreciation from the large Black Man who you now realized was your 'Master'. With your tongue extended he slid his manhood backwards and forwards along your tongue from glans to testicles, using you as an instrument of pleasure.

Instrument of pleasure.
As you were giving pleasure to Master, your Wife continued to remove the hair from your groin with scissors and then razor. It was then a surprise when he asked you if you knew what 'tea bagging' was. Your answer was that you did not but told him that - "I always like to try something new."

Master eased his lower body forward so his heavy balls rested on your face, and you instinctively understood his need. You gently rolled one and then the other testicle in your mouth and was immediately rewarded with feeling Master's heavy cock start to stiffen and grow substantially in your hands that had continued their tender stroking.

Again he shifted his groin forward so as to position his perinium over your tongue, whereupon you recommenced your active pleasure giving to that sensitive area between his balls and anus. Although your tongue was starting to tire you knew it was honour to give your Master such enjoyable sensations.

Once again he moved his lower body forward and positioned his anus over your tongue. As you felt your Wife shaving the area around your tiny penis you finally deduced that, after having crossed more than one line towards the total diminution of your manliness, you were being tested to finally cross yet another. A line that would define your masculinity forever [Preparation].

'If I do this they will both know that I belong to them, as their sex slave. I will be less than a man.' You thought fleetingly. You were in a dilema. You did not know what to do. You were about to do something that would define you as a servile subservient man. Should you, or shouldn't you?

Your own lascivious instincts knew better than your intellect. In your quandary, you did not realise that your tongue had flicked out and made contact with Master's anal sphincter until you felt the warm skin on its tip. The decision had been made, so you rotated your tongue around the small orifice and suddenly felt an mixed emotional rush of depravity, humiliation and lust. And to your amazement you liked the feeling very much indeed.

Master made a hissing noise as he felt your tongue worship his most intimate organ but he did not move. Clearly the idea of his Woman's cuckold being prepared to carry out such sexual favours was much to his liking.

"He did it," he said to your Wife who was shaving the last of your hairs , "you said he would, didn't you."

With your strong but tired tongue you continued to pleasure Master by licking the area around his sphincter and pouting your lips to kiss the little sensitive button of his arse. It was a gesture of tender submission that you hoped he understood. In your mind you were his now, and you hoped that he understood its subliminal message.

"I knew he would," was your Wife's reply to Master, " I know my wet little hubby better than anyone. He will love being our cuckold; he was born to serve." 

Gradually you became aware that Master's big cock was as hard as a bone in response to your gentle stroking and anal ministrations. Almost immediately you felt your Wife's wet hand move your own hands away from his big hard rod.

"O.K. that's our little man as smooth as a baby's bottom," she said as with one hand she loosed your ankles from the bed legs while stroking Master's black cock with the other, "I'm not letting this beauty go to waste."

Suddenly you were alone on the floor and your Wife was squatting over Master's big erect pole on the nearby bed. With a well practised movement she lowered herself and took the whole length inside her body. Looking over her shoulder she addressed you as if you were a child.

She addressed you as if you were a child.

"Clear up the mess and then shower yourself. And get all of the soap and loose hairs off your body. Charles and me are going to have a few moments together so take your time." With that she turned back and proceeded to ride her Lover's shaft.

As always, you did as you were told. The shower was warm but invigorating and the noise managed to drown out the moans and shrieks of your Wife riding Master's magnificent cock. Not that you minded the noise; it was reassuring to hear the woman you love enjoying the kind of sex that you had never been capable of.

You finished your shower and dried yourself on one of the hotel towels. Wrapping the towel around your waist you walked back into the bedroom just as Master's seed erupted into your Wife. The noise of her orgasm must have been heard at least three doors down, but you didn't care; it made you feel good to hear it.

Your Wife raised herself from the big beautiful dark cock and moved off the bed leaving pools of semen on Master's groin, and his hard muscled stomach. It seemed to you that Master's jism was pouring out her pussy like a torrent.

She clasped a hand over her crotch to staunch the creamy flow and, looking directly at you, said, "Get one of those wash cloths from the bathroom, wet it with warm water and clean the cum from his cock and his tummy. I'm going to shower and then we are going to give you your present. Come on cuck! Get on with it because its nearly lunch time."

You were greeted by a smiling Master as you climbed onto the bed and positioned yourself between his legs with the warm wet wash cloth in your hand. You didn't quite know how to go about washing another man's penis and groin area but you thought it would be a good idea to lift the flacid member from his stomach area.

You were gentle in your handling of his soft but manly organ and had to restrain yourself from lowering your head to take the heavy flesh into your mouth. The seed on his stomach was cleaned up quickly and, just to make sure, you tenderly washed his manhood for a second and third time.

"Nicely done cucky, but you have made me all wet. What'yer gonna do about it?"

"I shall just get a towel to dry you Master," was your reply.

"Why? You already have one," he replied pointing to the towel round your waist, " you can dry me with that."

"Of course Master." Was your submissive response as you peeled the towel from your naked body and commenced to dry his equally naked groin and stomach.

He was nearly dry when he looked down at your tiny penis and smiled. "She did a good job on you didn't she cucky. It looks like a shrimp stuck in a pink blancmange."

You did not respond because you were busy drying his big cock for the third time. But he continued. "Would you like to see the difference between you and me?" He asked. "Just ease yourself over here and let me show you."

You moved yourself towards him on the bed and pulled your legs back in a submissive attitude and waited.

"Now take my big guy and put it next to your shrimp. What do you see?" He asked.

You took his flacid member in your hand and laid it gently across your tiny organs. Looking down you knew exactly why he had asked you the question, and just what your answer should be.

"The main reason why I am a cuckold Master. And just why my Wife is now your property.

"The main reason why I am a cuckold Master."

"Good answer. It's always preferable for a cuckold to understand the reality of his situation very early on. I'm proud of you feller. You're making good progress."

As his manhood lay warm and soft against your 'little man' you experienced that feeling of yet another line being crossed. You now understood that you were there to be used for his and her amusement, and the sudden realisation that you were enjoying it made you think hard about your natural character and sexual inclination. 'Am I bisexual? Am I just a total unquestioning submissive cuckold? Am I both?'

Your Wife, still damp from her shower entered the room and looked at you both with grim amusement. "Can you two stop playing 'mine is bigger than yours' and start getting ready to go out. 

"Baby," she beckoned to you, and then knelt down, "come over here. I have a little present for you."

You immediately obeyed and stood submissively before her with your little thing twelve inches from her nose. She had a small package in her hand which she immediately began to unwrap to reveal a box. "Look what I have for you my little hubby. Just as Charles promised last night. You're going to love your new status. But first we have to make sure it fits, and, looking at what is in front of me right now, it might be too big."

Your Wife removed a small apparatus that included a metal lock from the box and began to spread out the pieces on the floor. "I think we shall try the biggest ring first but we need to make sure that it can't slip over your little nuts and make the restraint fall off," she said while fingering the pieces on the floor. "We can't have you getting free now can we!"

Your Wife was going to unman you by putting you into a penis restraint. The last symbol of your manliness was going to be locked away, maybe for good. The last few days had been about that; you realised it now. You had arrived at sexual thresholds and had willingly crossed over but now was different. She wanted you to be emotionally emasculated and to embrace a new way of life.

The question is though, how would you react to such a change in your life?


  1. Wonderful story! Love the awakening to the Master's big, beautiful, black cock!

  2. My reaction would be simple - complete and utter submission.

    1. Just as so many of us do Leeanne, and enjoy wonderful cuckold lives thereafter.