Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Cucky Quicky - “A penny for your thoughts Dear.”

“I want to have a Black Master.”

“A penny for your thoughts Dear.”
“I was wondering just how to put something to you without you becoming upset or hating me.”
“Whatever could it be my Love?”
“I want a Lover. No that’s wrong! I want to have a Black Master. I need to feel a real man inside me. I need to be controlled and owned by a powerful black stud who treats me like a whore. I want a man who that will strip me naked, throw me on the bed and do me all night long with his ten inches of black rod. 

I’m so sorry to say this to you, I don’t mean it really. Please forgive……….”
“What did you say?”
“I said yes. I agree with you. You should have a Black Master.“
“Oh! O.K. then. That was easier than I thought. Won’t you be jealous when I go on dates with him? Will you be alright when you know I’m in his bed?”
“I shall be fine Dear. I have always known that you would cuckold me one day, and this way you don’t have to lie to me; but just one question. Who do you know with a ten inch black cock?”
(embarrassed silence)

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