Friday, 7 October 2016

Cucky Quicky - "It is an honour to give you my Wife."

"Here she is Master."

“Here she is Master. Prepared to your specifications. It is an honour to give my Wife to you for your pleasure.”

“O.K. cucky - thank you. And you can take your sweaty hand off my Lady’s breast. Just because you are her husband that doesn’t give you any right to grope my Mistress.”

“I am so sorry Master. Please forgive me. I was just massaging it to get her going. I do hope that you don’t think …………”

“Shut the fuck up cuckold, and get out. Your Wife belongs to me now, and from now on you do not put your wandering hands on her.”

“Not even to get her ready for you Master? I do so enjoy doing that for you.”

“Then and only then! Know your place cucky boy.”

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