Monday, 17 October 2016

Cucky Quicky - "Darling you look perfect."

Will a Black Stud like me in this?

“Darling you look perfect. You are going to knock the competition into next week when the boys see you like this.”

“Do you think Tyrone will like me in this dress? I do hope so.”

“So its Tyrone you’re after is it. Well that’s just as well because he was telling me that he wanted to take you out on a date. Looks like you are going to get lucky tonight.”

“Tyrone said that? Oh God! I so want that Big Black Stud inside me.”

“Well that’s settled then. He knows you’re coming to the party, and he has often said to all of his friends that he would like to get my pretty Wife into bed. So what else can a cuckold do but make it happen.”


  1. To hear your wife say that she wants a black stud inside her is such a turn-on!

  2. Agreed Gary. And its a pretty unmistakeable way for a Wife to tell her cuckold that she fancies another man.