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The Story of Elaine, Jackson and cuckold james

Chapter 9 – The Game Is On – Part two


The Game Is On

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Glancing sideways as I passed the house I could make out the image of Elaine at our front door waving to me as I accelerated and there, of course, was Jackson standing close behind her. I was past them in a flash but I could see that he had his hand on her lower hip again – just above the swell of her arse cheeks. He was taking charge – that much I saw. ‘I have a surprise for you two.’

Once out of site of the house, I drove out onto the Prince of Wales Road and then onto Shooters Hill Road at a much slower pace than I had left (I had needed to give the impression to those two that I was in a rush to get to work). Turning left on the roundabout, down the Prince of Charles Road and then finally, and very slowly and coasting through the heavy rain, I turned back into my road and parked the car while at the same time making sure that the front door to my house had been closed. This meant, of course, that Elaine and Jackson were now alone together.

I stepped out into the rain and stealthily crossed the other side of the road to stand under a small tree where I could see the front of my house. The curtains were still open and I could see them together clearing up the dinner table, laughing and smiling as he passed her the plates and utensils which she was obviously carrying into the kitchen for the dishwasher. ‘All very domestic isn’t it my little tart!’

It was a warm night and the noise of the thunder followed the flash by just a second which meant that the main part of the storm was just five miles away. ‘Under a tree is a stupid place to be when lightning is hitting the ground you Klutz!’ But I was beyond caring – my Wife was alone with her Lover, and my plan was in action.

Eventually Elaine came back into the room and stood before Jackson with a loving smile on her face; initially she went to put her arms around his neck however she was clearly dissuaded by something Jackson said to her. Moving away from him she went to the window and pulled down the blind, thus preventing me from seeing directly into the room. Nonetheless the clever little minx had not reckoned with the light shining directly behind her and their silhouettes showed against the blind.

I held my breath on that warm and very wet night as I watched their silhouettes move together and this time her arms did wrap themselves around his neck and they kissed. Shadow or not, I could tell by the shape of the outline that my Wife was kissing him and that this was no ‘peck on the cheek’ – this was a full on tongue entangling exchange of fluids. This was an unmistakable Lovers’ ‘take me to bed’ kiss of undisguised passion.

“Take me to bed Master.”

Gently he pushed her away from him and I could make out the shadow of Elaine bending her long swan-like neck to give Jackson access to the straps of the thin dress. Big hands went to her shoulders and moved gently down, sweeping the little straps away. The dress fell slightly but caught on her breasts momentarily until her dominant Lover eased it from them so as to allow it to fall gently to the floor. 'Oh Christ! Didn’t someone write a terrible song about this a few years ago? ‘Shadows of love on the blind’ How bloody corny is this?'

My Wife was naked in front of him. ‘Is this where you get to put his weapon in your mouth you slut?’ But I was taken aback at what happened next. From the shadows on the blind I could make out that Jackson had bent over slightly to one side and with one motion he had lifted up Elaine into his arms and kissed her once again. And that was the end of my entertainment for that part of the night, because within seconds he carried her to the door, the light in the room was extinguished and I was left in the dark, in the rain, in a thunderstorm and alone. Alone! As another man carried my beloved Wife upstairs to penetrate with his enormous cock. I think that this was a more disconcerting moment than that of Sunday when she had disappeared under the tower with him, because I was being cuckolded again but this time in my own house. ‘For the first time?’ I wondered.

Thoroughly soaked, and still under that tree I kept watch on the house and was not surprised when a dim light came on upstairs at the back of the house. She had put our own bedroom light on and but within a minute the light extinguished and there was no other conclusion to for me to make other than he was having her at that moment. 'Stay calm little cuckold. Your time will soon come.'

I waited for what seemed like hours but was probably no longer than fifteen minutes or so as the rain came down in stair rods and the lightning flashed all around me. It seemed to be a night of portent and extremes as I waited for the right moment. If I give the impression, Dear Reader, of cold calculation and iron will in my execution of the plan you would be wrong; that night I was a terrified little man, standing outside in the rain in the sure knowledge that what I was about to do would change my life forever. Courageous? – maybe.   Stupid? – almost certainly.

I looked at the face of my rain speckled watch. It was Time! ‘Get on with it Nerd!’ Splashing my way across the road through the rising puddles I headed towards the alleyway between our house and our other neighbours, Gwen and Charlie. With my hand against our yellowish ‘London Brick’ wall to guide me in the pitch black night I eased myself past the dustbins to our gate into the back garden. ‘Good! Elaine hasn’t thought to drop the latch.’ Through the gate, over the flower beds and onto the patio next to the Webber still warm from the barbecue. ‘So far so good. Keep going James!’

The patio door had been locked but I had accounted for that – I had the spare key in my pocket so I unlocked the door and then waited. Within less than a minute a dull rolling noise of thunder sounded a mile or so to the west and as it rumbled I slid the patio door open. ‘They won’t have heard that over the noise. I’m getting good at this. Perhaps I should become a burglar.’

Moving slowly and very quietly I slipped away from the dining room and into the lounge where Jackson had stripped my Wife bare and carried her up to our bedroom. I don’t know why I went in there because it was not on the route I needed to take for my plan. But something had drawn me to that place and I felt a rush of emotion as I realised that I was standing in the same spot where the love of my life had been willingly stripped naked by a much bigger man than I, and had then allow herself be lifted in his strong arms and taken upstairs to bed. Something seemed to snag my foot as I moved and looking down I realised that – ‘Oh shit! I’m standing on her dress.’

It was then that I had the worst shock of my life. The whole house lit up in a blinding flash accompanied by the loudest noise I had ever heard in my life. The blind, the very same blind through which I had witnessed my Wife’s disrobing lit up like a cinema screen. Its blank surface showing no film that night other than the blinding light of a lightning strike somewhere out in the road. My eyes could see nothing in the dark and my ears rung with the noise of the strike, and it was a minute or two before my senses returned to normality. It was then that I heard the first noise from upstairs.

As my hearing returned I could sense a dull rhythmic squeak coming from over my head which, in my confused state after the bang and the flash, I could not at first comprehend. But as I stood in that room with water still dripping off my clothes I began to understand just what it was; it was the springs and the headboard of our bed. Jackson and Elaine were clearly having a very good time and I guess they had been so engrossed in themselves that they had not heard (or cared about) the nearby lightning strike. ‘Time for action cuckold!’

My soaking clothes made a trail of water across the floor of the Lounge and into the hall to the bottom of the staircase, where I waited for a moment to listen; that was when I heard my first voice from the floor above. It was Elaine’s, but it was a different Elaine. This was a voice in passion and ardour. It was the voice of a woman encouraging her Lover to greater efforts while at the same time confirming his Mastery over her.

“Oh God Master! Oh My G Oh! Oh! Oh!od! Oh never stop please my Love! You feel so big inside me. You feel so hot inside me. You feel so good inside me.” ‘And I am inside the bloody house you Slut.’

“And am I welcome inside you?” came Jackson’s gruff question to my Wife.

“Always and forever my Master. Whenever you want me, I am yours. Totally! You know that don’t you Master? Please say that you do.”

“I have known it since the day we met Elaine. Now relax while I finish my sweet.”

My sodden socks and shoes made a squelching noise on the stairs as I moved each foot to another step in time with every second powerful thrust of Jackson’s big member in my Wife. ‘Thrust-Thrust/squelch. Thrust-Trust/squelch. Thrust-Thrust/squelch.’  ‘Flash/ bang/rumble – more close lightning.’ It was like something out of a horror film sequence and I was the monster climbing slowly up the stairs.

As I reached the landing area at the top I could see no light at all coming from our bedroom; although they had left the door ajar the room was pitch black. Looking in from the landing I could see nothing, not even the permanent yellow glow of London’s lights through the curtains, that is until a flash of lightning nearby lit up the whole sky and the bedroom was instantly bathed in a grey / blue light. The deafening crash of thunder could not shock me any more from what I saw in that instant as the room lit up.

My Elaine was on all fours on the bed while Jackson was driving himself deep into her ‘doggy fashion’. Her head was hanging low as in a relaxed way because she knew that Jackson’s eruption was imminent. The two of them were in the throes of sexual release and I was there to witness it; just as I had done on Sunday afternoon. I felt a rush of emotion as I looked yet again into that now dark room as the woman I love enjoyed the thrusts of another man’s manhood.

……. as the woman I love enjoyed the thrusts

of another man’s manhood.

 Another distant flash lit the room up again as he continued with his ascent to the release of his seed. Primeval grunts from him and feeble mewing noises from Elaine told me that their orgasm was very close and as if on cue, a rumble of thunder and flash of lightning outside the house was accompanied by a roar of conquest from Jackson and a squeal of orgasm from her. A squeal I might add, that I had never before heard in such intensity as that night. My Wife’s Lover’s seed was inside her yet again. And yet again I had stood outside and watched it happen and had done nothing to stop it. ‘Cuckold Wimp!!!!’

Clearly, that night, Jackson’s and my Wife’s emotions were as one with the natural world around them. As the flashes and bangs of the weather receded away across the river to Essex the two Lovers collapsed on the bed, saying nothing but just curling up together in post coital bliss.

For a good ten minutes they lay together speaking softly out of my range of hearing. I could see very little except the general outline of them both as they whispered, kissed and gently caressed each other intimately.

Suddenly there was movement on the bed as Elaine reached over to switch on the bedside light. The room was once again bathed in light but this time it was a soft glow that seemed to match the mood of my naked Wife and an equally naked Jackson.

“For Christ sake Jimmy. Stop lurking out there and come in. We have one or two things to talk about, don’t you think?” Elaine’s voice was soft and sympathetic, but it was also authoritative. So I did as I was told – as always.

To follow:

Chapter Ten – First Steps

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