Wednesday, 28 September 2016

My Cuckold Shorts

Please enjoy my reflections on a life of cuckoldry below:

“I think he’s going to fuck your wife!”

“A true cuckold knows it, accepts it 
and loves the very thought of it.”

“I may have just married Derek, but 
everybody will still know who I 
really belong to.  

And so will Derek.”

Watching her with him through the door 
she has left open just for me is a very 
special time for a true cuckold like me.

Not that she wants to and its not that 
her cuckold hubby wants her to.  

So she doesn’t and the world is a 
better place for it.

Text: I thought I would send this dear 
just to let you know I’m spending the night 
with my new friend.  

Say goodnight to the kids!  
See you tomorrow morning. Maybe!

Watching your Wife kissing the man who 
has planted his seed in her is one of 
life’s delicious humiliations for a true cuckold.

“Is that my husband over there with the camera?  
Good! At least he now knows about us.  
I’ll tell him about your baby I’m carrying tonight.”


  1. Would love to see my wife with an Ace of Spades tattoo!

    1. The famous Ace of Spade sign denotes that a Wife has readily become 'Black Owned', which usually means that her cuckold has taken on that same commitment to the Black Race. Is that what you would like Gary, because its a big step for a Wife and her cuckold.