Thursday, 15 September 2016

It Would Be An Honour To Be Cuckolded By Wives Such As These

Beautiful, mysterious and ready 
to cuckold her new husband.

An unequivocal message to a 
prospective Lover leaves hubby 
shaking with emotion.

Every man who sees her wants her, 
and she does like to sample 
what's on offer. 

This is what it is like to be her cuckold.

Soon - very soon! 
All will know that your Wife 
has chosen a better man than 
you to father her children.

Beautiful Jenna, a prize for any 
powerful man who wants a Mistress.

And a joy for her cuckold.

This lovely Wife wears the symbol of her devotion 
to her Master for her husband's benefit, so 
he is constantly reminded of his cuckold status 
in their marriage.


  1. All good choices. But then there's the bitchy, demanding, petulant, quick-to-anger and slow-to-forgive type. A real challenge even for the devoted cuck.

    1. Cuckold or not, such Wives are always a challenge for a husband. However a good cuckold who understands his position in such a marriage may enjoy her unpleasantness. In the UK we have a saying which is 'There is nothing as strange as folk.' Good insightful comment though Throne - thanks.