Saturday, 24 September 2016

How Would You React

Warning - this blog post includes content of a 'gay' nature.

Wish you were here cuckold

You are a cuckold! In just a few short days on holiday in the Caribean you had witnessed your Wife's initial seducion [Seduction] by a well hung Black Man called Charles. The following day you watched as she was penetrated by his big dark manhood on the shore at the quiet end of the resort beach [Deep Inside Her].

You had then found them together in your hotel room waiting to tell you about their affair and then made love in front of you [In Your Bed]. Following Charles' ejaculation into yourWife he made you strip naked and call him 'Master', he also ordered you to get between your Wife's legs and start cleaning his semen from her pussy [The Good Cuckold].

Master stood next to you as you cleaned her pussy with your tongue and tasted another man's jism for the first time and you suddenly realised that you had crossed a line. With your sticky, wet and not unpleasant duty complete,  your 'Master', as you now acknowledged your Wife's Lover to be, ordered you to kneel before him and take his big manhood in your hands and between your 'effeminate' lips [Cleaning Her].

You readily obeyed your new Master and did exactly as he had commanded. Your initial reluctance dissolved very quickly when you realised that your pretence over the years of being a real man always been a sham, and that showing your devotion to a genuinely 'real man' was something you were starting to accept and even like.

With some gentle assistance from your Wife, you continued to pleasure Master until you were rewarded with streams of his precious essence into your mouth and down your throat, and you knew that you had crossed yet another line. Master was pleased with your first 'pleasuring' and, just as he got into bed with your Wife, he told you that he was going to have you measured up for a collar and a small penis restraint [Showing Devotion].  There was not time to react to this news as the lights went out in the room and it did not seem appropriate as your Wife sleepy whispered words of love to Master.

Your Wife and Master drifted off to sleep in their bed and left you to the small bed in the corner. Like two young lovers they melded together like two spoons in a drawer and you just knew that she and him were 'connected' by his big cock. 'Even in sleep he is still fucking her' you thought to yourself.

As you lay there in the dark you thought deeply about how your life had changed; better men than you would have stepped in and stopped her affair with Charles and if necessary pick a fight. You knew it was a fight you would have lost, but you could have retained some pride along with the bruises, but you did not and you knew the reason why - because seeing your Wife in the arms and the bed of another man seemed like the natural order of things. Such is the life of a cuckold; which was how you now thought of yourself.

You also reflected on your acceptance of another man's seed into your body, firstly by cleaning your Wife's used pussy and then by your gentle but very arousing taking of his big cock between your lips and deep into your mouth. It was also true that you not only enjoyed giving a better man pleasure in this way, but you learned very quickly and had become an accomplished 'blow jobber' in that very short space of time. Suddenly you felt happy and proud and could not wait to see what morning would bring. For the first time in nearly a week you slept soundly.

Master and Wife had left by the time you awoke in that hotel room, however a small note in your Wife's hand was attached to the mirror in the bathroom:



The room was clean by the time the two lovers returned and you were sat waiting for them in the cool air conditioning.

Your Wife told you to move aside as she laid out three towels on the tiled floor and you were then surprised when she told you to take off all of your clothes and lay down on your back on those same towels. Moving your legs apart your Wife smiled mischievously down at you as she tied your ankles to the bed legs effectively spread eagling you on the floor. You asked her why you had to be on the floor but she just responded by producing a piair of sharp scissors and your razor, soap and shaving brush. Suddenly you knew what she was about to do.

As this had been going on, Master had taken a shower and, after drying himself, had walked naked back into the room and knelt with his knees either side of your head. Nodding to your Wife he told her that he was ready.

You gasped as your Wife made the first cut of your pubic hair and you just about managed to keep yourself from panicking. How far was she planning to go? What was Master planning to do? Whatever it was, you knew that your little penis and balls were going to be involved in the process.

'Snip! Snip!' You felt the small hairs fall onto your legs, only for your Wife to sweep them away onto the towels on the floor.  'Snip! Snip! again and you lifted your head to look down your white body at your Wife happily manipulating scissors and comb. And then you lowered your head back and looked up.

Master's big brown cock was just above your head and as you were about to speak he lowered himself down over your face so it gently rested from your forehead down past the left side of your nose. It felt warm and soft on your skin and your lips, and instictively you raised a hand to steady it. Somehow it felt familiar now.

"Master. Do you want me to ............... Er! You know." You asked while gently stroking his soft but heavy brown meat.

"You know cuckold, I think I would really like you to 'Er! You know'."

You knew an order when you heard one, so you held his manhood to your face and gently licked the flacid, velvet flesh. You relished the small noises of appreciation from Master when you moved your head to reach the bulbous end and licked his sensitive frenulum fold of skin underneath.  

Slowly Master moved his hip backwards and forwards letting his manhood slide over your tongue. From glans to testicles, the underside of his manhood shone in the light from where your tongue had been used as a provider of sensuous pleasure.

Such was your level of deep lasciviousness that you hardly noticed your Wife putting down the scissors and start lathering your crotch with soap and warm water. You were giving Master pleasure and that was all that mattered.

Preparing cucky

"Do you know what tea bagging is cucky?" He asked as he adjusted his hips forward down your upturned face so his large heavy testicles were now resting on your tongue.

"No Master," was your response, "I always like to try something new."

"I always like to try something new Master."

Whether it was instinct you will never know but, without Master's reply, you took one then the other of his hard manly balls into your mouth. You rolled them around with your tongue much to Master's  delight, and you were rewarded with the feel of a stiffening manhood in your hands. Then Master lifted his large balls out of your mouth and shifted forward again.

The sensitive area between balls and anus was now directly above your tongue and at last you knew what this had been all about. It was a case of 'How far are you prepared to go cuckold?' As you licked Master's perinium you became distantly aware that your Wife was now shaving your croth area, but you didn't care; you knew what the next challenge was and did you have the guts to take it on. Were you prepared to cross yet another line?

Your tongue was beginning to ache when you felt Master begin to ease his lower half forward. Here was your test right above your face. You mentally thanked Master for his scrupulous cleanliness; but would you cross this lewd and shameful line to demonstrate your credentials as a total cuckold.

You had a decision to make that you knew would affect the rest of your life. So my cuckold friends - what would you do next?


  1. I would love to see my wife naked on a beach with a sexy black hunk!

  2. As you know, I never waited for him to take me here. I was already there from the moment he tested me one time. All I want now is for him to cum all over my face and rub his cock all over me and use me for his pleasrue.

    1. Some husbands have to be cajoled and others like yourself just take to being a cuckold without any encouragement. Either way, it can be a fulfilling way of life to know that a better man is doing the right thing by our Wives.