Friday, 23 September 2016

Cucky Text - A Memento From My Wife's Date

When our Wives are out on dates with their Lovers us cuckolds usually like to have a small memento to keep to confirm our life of cuckoldry. What could be better than that below to remind us why she likes to date another man.

This is how my date with your Wife went cuckold.

Txt: “Hey Terry. You asked for a small memento of Annie’s and my first date. Will this do?”

Txt: “I was expecting a photo of you both having dinner. Clearly she wasn’t hungry.”

Txt: “Not for food. That was obvious from the first five minutes. Have you been keeping her short cucky?”

Txt: “I am afraid I have Master. My dear Wife needs a whole lot more than I can give her. That’s why I asked you to do the business for me. And you have clearly been busy by the look of it.”

Txt: “This was taken three hours ago and let me tell you Terry. Since then business has been brisk.”

1 comment:

  1. One evening when my wife was on a motel date, the phone rang. It was her. She said for me to put her on the speaker as I would find this more enjoyable than anything on television or DVD that night. As it turned out she was with two men in the room and I listened to her satisfy and be satisfied by both of them. It was extremely erotic listing to the euphoria in that room. I could envision her being wildly taken, her submission, and the male excitement of her willful indulgence and uninhibited pursuit of pleasure that evening.