Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Cucky Quicky

“My hubby begged me to lock him away Master.”

“Of course I wear his key. Its what my husband needs. There’s no point if he can unlock himself whenever he feels like it.

“Do you mean to say that your hubby has had his ‘little man’ locked away while you and me are on holiday. What’s the point? He can’t do anything three thousand miles away.”

“The point is that he understands his lowly position in our marriage and his restraint reminds him every day. Even when I am here with you.”

“Well I know he’s a bit of a Wuss. But I can’t help feeling sorry for the guy.”

“Don’t be Master. He begged me to lock it up before we left. He gets off on it you see. Like many cuckolds, his pleasure is all in his head.”

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