Monday, 5 September 2016

Cucky Quicky

“But I would Love it if you cuckolded me – regularly.”

“No! I probably wouldn’t know what to do with you in that way. But I would know how to serve you. I would happily be the husband that accepts your infidelity.”

“You would do that? You would marry me and let me have Boyfriends and Lovers?”

“Of course My Love. All that I ask is that you never leave me.”

“That would mean that you’re a cuckold. You know! The kind of guy that gets laughed at by his friends.”

“I just know that I will be a brilliant and submissive cuckold. And, let’s face it, you’re a bit of a Bitch too. So we’re well suited don’t you think?”

“I guess so cucky boy. So when’s the wedding?”


  1. I wonder if, once they're married, she'll be bitchy enough to find something that he doesn't like. Chastity? Cleaning her up after sex? Cleaning her lovers? Or...?

    1. Hi Throne! Cuckold has promised to serve her. A good cuckold would not say 'No' to anything his Wife, or her Lover demands of him and she has a willing and very happy little slave. In my view, the perfect marriage.

    2. Well said, DG. The one exception might be chastity. He'd say 'Yes' to it to please her, but as the weeks pass and the consequences -- physcial and mental -- mount, he might actually regret his acquiescence. Not that he'd actually complain, but he might be suffering in silence.

    3. Hi Throne. If a restraint is properly fitted and cuckold remains happy in his way of life then it can stay on indefinately other than attending to hygiene purposes and the occassional 'relief'. You are right of course, the moment his acquiesence becomes too much for him then it should stop; a good Wife would understand this and take steps to help him both physically and mentally.