Friday, 2 September 2016

Cucky Quicky -

I like to remind myself of my inferiority.
Sometimes I like to remind myself of the life my Wife and I have chosen to live. Every now and then I need to confirm just why she prefers what he has to offer and not my meagre equipment. Crawling below the lovers I can get the perfect view and I am never disappointed - and neither is she. And my inferiority is confirmed.


  1. Seeing and knowing what a better endowed man can enjoy can be torturous especially when it is with one you love. You know she is capable of satisfying a man it's just it can't work with what we have to offer. I love seeing her stimulated and the physical and emotions sounds of sex. Take solace in facilitating her happiness through tolerance, love and being there when she does need you.


    1. And sometimes its nice to get up close don't you think Tiresias?

  2. It is extremely nice to view up close and watch the infusion of body and soul between to people in love.