Sunday, 25 September 2016

Cucky Quicky - Let Him Cum In You My Darling

“Then you must My Darling.”  

“Do you mean to tell me that you haven’t been letting him enjoy a full release of his seed into you - his Girlfriend? Its a wonder he still wants to date you.”

“I’m sorry, but I thought that you would hate the very idea of another man’s semen inside your Wife.”

“I’ve had to accept that you share our bed with him and that he slides his big black pole inside you. I never dreamed that you would say no to his cream. Whatever possessed you?”

“Well I have stopped taking the pill. I thought it would hurt and worry you.”

“That’s very sweet of you, but I’m a cuckold my Darling. Its no more than I deserve. Besides, it is an honour for us that he wants to plant his seed in you.”

“Then I shall apologise and make it up to him tonight. I shall tell him that I fully belong to him now and that I am open to everything he wants.”

“Oh!! That would be a wonderful thing to do my Darling.”


  1. Depending upon the lover, my wife will insist that he cums in her. If she feels a bond has been formed with a bona fide relationship then it's considered an integral part of their relationship. As in her relationship with Hal, she craves his semen discharged in her where the sperm can remain alive in her for days. It satisfies her instinct to nurture the sperm of a superior lover. Thus she would not want my sperm to dilute or degrade what she is preserving. I totally understand the privilege she feels in doing so in our inward animalistic nature of survival of the fittest.


  2. Hi Tiresias. It is only right and natural that the Alpha male releases his seed into his mate and that she likes to hold it within her body for as long as possible. You say that you understand the privilege in doing so, but you do not say how you feel when you are with her and you know that her Lover's seed is still inside her.

  3. My wife and I have a VERY strong marriage without question. I fully support her accepting and holding his seed. The satisfaction she derives from it makes her radiant. That radiance translates to total happiness and contentment which I can feel. While the transfer of his seed serves it's purpose of making her feel complete, it also creates the unique love and bond between us...Her being able to live a life that satisfies her lust, sexual appetite and womanhood while being totally tolerated and supported by a husband who loves her. Emulating from her is a special love that she has for me. That is shared ONLY BETWEEN US. No lover can tap into that love, they can only create it for me just as I create the opportunity for them to experience of my wife. All three people have the satisfaction of feeling love as they identify it, though not in the traditional way as understood by others. But it is love none the less and it takes more than just two people to create. I guess it can be described as love on another plane with a different dimension.