Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Cucky Quicky - Boss is Wife's Boyfriend

When your Boss is your Wife's Boyfriend it can be quite a challenge to a cuckold to be sent away on business all the time. But the good thing can be is that she is never lonely and you know she is with a better man.

“Nice to see you cuckold. Now off you go again.”

“Hi Sweety! How was Pyongyang? What has it been - three weeks already?”

“No Dear, it was four. But thanks for the daily text and photo of you and John. The North Korean Secret Service thought it was a hoot seeing those pictures of my Wife in bed with my Boss. Didn’t you realize that they monitor everything?”

“Well its good to see you back. John has been making sure that I don’t get too lonely while you are away and had generously allowed me to stay at his place. Isn’t that nice of him.”

“Wonderful! Well I suppose that I had better get on. Where is it this time Boss?”

“Murmansk. And you have to be there by tonight. I’ve left the tickets and visas at the Hotel Reception. Just ask for Cucky Boy’s mail.”

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