Sunday, 18 September 2016

A Cuckold's Life

All cuckolds have experienced seeing his Wife dress for a date with her Lover. Knowing that she dresses (barely) to excite the better man and to allow him immediate access to her body can be a trying time for hubby. That experience can be demeaning and humiliating, or it can be a wonderful time for the committed cuck; either way it is never forgotten.

"I dress like this for him cuckold."


  1. She looks very sexy in that dress! I would love to help my wife put her panties and bra in a drawer not to be used when she is with her black lover.

    1. Sometimes Gary, a Wife can be so preoccupied with the wonderful night she and her Black Master are about to have, she can absent mindedly put on her panties and bra just like she would for an evening with her husband. A good cuckold will spot this and gently remind her that she is overdressed and take her panties and bra off her and put them back in the drawer. How do I know this? Perhaps you can guess.

  2. My wife sometimes would head over to her lover's place after work. She confessed that she would start fantasizing about him during the day and would start to become moist. By the time she left work she was really started feeling the excitement on a bigger scale. In the parking lot or somewhere along the way she would get out of her bra and panties. There were times when she had my car I would find them as a reminder she had been somewhere. I learned to always look since at times others from my work were in the car when we would drive to meetings.