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The Story of Elaine, Jackson and cuckold james

Chapter 8 – The Game is On – Part One

The Game is On

Chapter 8 – The Game is On – Part One

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“James. Nice of you to invite me.” Was his greeting and I liked him immediately for meeting my eyes as he spoke. He clearly had the good manners not to look past me because I knew that Elaine was standing down the passage way with a light on behind her. She had strategically placed herself so her naked body could be seen immediately. ‘Why did you bother to dress you slut?’

Jackson was a picture of prosperity and good taste. Long chinos from Saville Row and short sleeve shirt from Jermyn Street set off by black loafers from Church’s. His body exuded power and strength as he stepped through the door and presented me with a bunch of flowers. “For Elaine,” he said with a genuine smile, “And for you? Something I guessed you might like; you being a fan of red wine and all.”

“A Rioja! How on earth did you know?” I asked as innocently as I could. “My favourite!” And it was a favourite - the Viña el Pisón is one of the very finest. “Very much my favourite.” I repeated, but I was speaking to fresh air as he had passed me in the hallway and was standing in front of a smiling Elaine.

Elaine’s eyes smouldered as Jackson approached her. Her smile was nervous I could tell but the nipples poking against her thin dress spoke of another emotion. “Hi Jackson! Welcome to our little place in Blackheath. Have you travelled far?” She said the mundane words but her eyes said ‘take me to bed’. “Why don’t you come through to the Lounge."

They kissed one of those pointless cheek to cheek ‘mwahs’ that are so loved by the cognoscenti in London but I noticed his hand had reached for her hip and Elaine had placed her hand on his chest. They were touching already and I knew then that their hands would not be that far from each other all night. ‘This is going to be an interesting evening watching them be polite to each other when all they want to do is get naked and very personal,’ I thought with some dark amusement, ‘let’s see what they do when I am out on the patio cooking their steaks.’

I offered Jackson a chair and a drink that he took sitting down with his legs crossed, but too late to hide the discreet bulge in his trousers as he looked across at Elaine arranging the flowers. “Did you have trouble parking?” I enquired. “It can be a pain trying to get a space here. That’s London for you.”

“Hey James! I know how London traffic can be because I live in an apartment overlooking Tower Bridge. And thanks for asking but I had someone drop me off.” 

His answer surprised me. An apartment overlooking Tower Bridge is big time spending. Suddenly the man sat in my front room was not the seducing chancer I had taken him to be on the beach. This was a well spoken, well dressed man with property. Suddenly I felt a cold wind blow through my emotions. I had felt it on the beach but had forgotten how intelligent he had seemed then, and suddenly I had been reminded again.

“Wow! A chauffeur no less.” I quipped.

“Not quite a chauffeur. But something like that.” was his casual answer. My fixed grin brought no other response and we sat in near silence for a moment or two until he reached into his shirt pocket. “I have a little present for Elaine. I hope you don’t mind James but I am sure you will appreciate the thought.”

“Ooh! Presents! I love presents,” cooed Elaine, “whatever could it be?”

From his pocket he produced a small red leather pouch and handed it to her. “To recover what you had lost on Sunday. I went back under the tower after you both had left and retrieved it. I guessed that you would not want it back on your bikini so I had it made into a little chain. Please say if you think it is inappropriate.”

Elaine opened the pouch and there inside was the chain that he had broken when he had ripped her bikini top off under the tower. It had been cleaned and fashioned into a small gold coloured chain with a secure clasp. 

The room fell silent as I mulled over whether I should say something about another man giving my Wife presents. ‘What the fuck is this? Is it a trick? What the hell is he trying to prove?’ I felt sick to my stomach.

“What a kind thought. Thank you Jackson! Isn’t that good of him Dear.” I said the words but inside I was seething. “Why don’t you try it on?”

Speaking softly she looked over at me and asked me to help her with putting it around her neck. Jumping up out of my chair I stood behind her and waited for her to pass the clasp back to me; but she couldn’t. It was too small.

“Try your wrist Luv.” I suggested. But it slipped off almost immediately. “Oh! What a pity. Its too small for her neck and too big for her wrist.” I told him trying very hard to hide my glee. “But it was a nice thought,” Was my comment as I started to move back to my chair.

“No Dear. I know exactly where it will fit,” came a small voice from behind me, “you should never give up on a well meaning present. Should you Jackson.” He smiled in return but said nothing. “Sit down James and put it on my ankle. My right ankle!”

She passed me the chain and lifted her right foot onto my knee while needlessly pulling the hem of her thin dress over her right thigh. I do not know if Jackson could see her vulva from where he was sitting; but I could. Her dress hem slid slowly up her upwardly angled leg and collected at the crook of her groin. Looking up at her face I could see the mischief in her eyes when she saw me looking at her groin. Her voice was soft and slightly hoarse from arousal when she said. “Clip it on for me Jimmy. I’ve never had an ankle chain before. It feels – I don’t know – decadent somehow.”

So that was the game. Lover gives a Wife a piece of jewellery and her husband fastens it on for her; just have many cuckolds have in history and before. I hesitated as I looked down at my hands starting to shake with emotion and shame. Was this a moment for me to stand up for myself and say ‘No!’ or was I going to do what THEY wanted? Was it a test, because I had a sense that it was. Would I reject what they had in store for me, because that was pretty bloody obvious by then, or would I meekly follow the path Elaine clearly wanted me to follow?

The tiny click from the clasp sounded like a gun going off in that silent expectant room. It was a decisive moment in my life, and the unspoken but acknowledged game was on.

“Oh what a lucky girl I am,” Elaine exclaimed as she spun round to show Jackson the pretty gold chain, “flowers and jewellery from a friend all on one night. Thank you Mast……. Er!Jackson! It was a delicious thought.” ‘Delicious? Not kind or thoughtful. But delicious? ……You Cow!’

The slip had not gone unnoticed by him and I could see the amusement in his eyes as he smiled back at her. “Only the best for you Elaine,” He replied with implied meaning. “Only the very best.”

That was moment that I had a prescient vision of Elaine with him wearing that pretty little chain, and somehow it calmed my stomach. I could see our future.

I could see our future.

The heat from her warm smile back at him could have cooked the steaks on their own but I had to interject before it all got out of hand. “I’ll just go and light the barbecue while perhaps you could open that lovely Rioja and let it breathe Jackson.” I said to him. “And Elaine? Whatever it is you are going to do – please do it.”

The look of confusion on her face was priceless as she looked straight across at Jackson. But this was not a man so easily confounded and the slight shake of his head towards her calmed her down. Clearly my Elaine could suddenly feel the tension between us all and had realised that the ‘Roller Coaster’ had started and there was no getting off. ‘Be careful what you wish for my pretty slut.’

I stood on the patio and lit the Webber, which caught pretty quickly especially when I applied one of Elaine’s cheaper hairdryers to the charcoal, however I was not in any hurry to rejoin those two in other room. The door to our patio is all glass and , in expectation of seeing them alone together, I had opened it to a specific angle into the room. In fact I could see the entire Lounge from where I stood. As my Wife bustled around laying the table Jackson was never more than two feet away from her, talking to her and making her smile. ‘Yes you two! I can bloody well see you both. So what’s next eh?

What did come next shook me to my core. It was clearly evident that his attempts to calm her down had not worked so well and, although the cracking of the burning coals prevented me from hearing their conversation, Elaine suddenly moved closer to him, put her face into the crook of his throat and closed her eyes. Pressing her body to his, her Lover (for that was plainly what he was) wrapped his arms around her as if to comfort her. I hadn’t known what to expect but this tender moment between them threw me; I had expected groping, arse rubbing, innuendo or even being sat down to be told about their affair, but I had not foreseen a gentle moment between them. 'Keep playing the game you idiot, and don’t do anything stupid.'

As if on cue, the sky lit up to the West of London and roughly twenty seconds later there was a rumbling of thunder. It sounded to me like the harbinger of doom as my mood soured on that sweaty night in front of those hot smoky charcoals. Just what I need, as if there wasn’t enough going on tonight we have to have a bloody thunder storm.

“Darling! Bring the steaks out. The coals are ready.” I called as Elaine and Jackson prised themselves apart, “How do you want them. I’m having mine medium rare.”

“I’ll have mine like you always do them. And Jackson will have the same as you – medium rare.” Shouted Elaine from the other room as Jackson walked out onto the patio with two glasses of red wine in his hand.

“I took the liberty of decanting the Rioja into a small jug to let it breathe properly. Now what do you think of that? Decanting a good wine always improves it don’t you think?” It was a rhetorical question and my response was a smiling nod.

It was a beautiful wine and as I thanked him for the glass, he spoke. “What is it you do for a living James?” 'Surely my Wife has told you what I do when she was in your bed. Or do you practice silent sex?'

“I’m a currency trader for a major bank in Canary Warf. That means I sit at a terminal all day and play with figures. It sounds really boring but it is really a whole lot worse than that.” I replied, which elicited a smile of amusement from his handsome black face. “And you Jackson? What is ‘your thing?” 'Or should I be calling you ‘Master’ already?'

“I import fine wines. Mostly for top hotels, discerning palates of Royalty, Russian Oligarchs and Cabinet Ministers – those sorts of clients.” Was his totally unsurprising reply.

“Hence your correct handling of that particularly good Spanish tipple.” I knew he would wince at my referring to a £400 Viña el Pisón as a ‘tipple’.; but I did it anyway and the sense of ‘pay back’ amused me. 'You’re not the only one who can play games mate!' And I have to say with some respect that yet again his eyes showed his own amusement at my irreverence.

“What are you two boys chatting about?” Came the voice from the door, “not bloody football I hope.”

Elaine, with glass in hand, once again stood with the light behind her so every delicious curve could be seen by us both. 'You are getting good at this aren’t you my pretty one.'

“Wine Dear,” was my response, “and it looks as though the steaks are nearly ready. I shall bring them in after I have put the cover over the Webber.” As I spoke a loud rumble of thunder from the west of London followed a lightning flash by approximately fifteen seconds. “That’s getting closer,” I said to no one as I was already alone on the patio, “I hope it doesn’t affect my plan.”

The steaks were delicious and, if I may say so, beautifully cooked. The salad had been lovingly prepared by Elaine. The wine, as I have said before, was delicious and the conversation between the three of us was light. Even so I could see that if I had not been in that room with those two they would have gone upstairs, got naked and gone at it like bunny rabbits – and not necessarily strictly in that order. Like all cuckolds, I felt alone and on the outside of something and I didn’t like it one bit.

I had positioned my seat so as to keep my eye on the clock and as eight forty five came round I knew that my plan, my carefully thought out plan, was not working as it should. 

“Is something the matter James?” Elaine asked as I glanced at my watch. “Nothing at all Dear.” Was my reply but she knew that I was lying by the way that I was squirming in my seat at the table.

“If you two can forgive me for a moment. I just need to make a quick call. I will be just two seconds.” It was Jackson who spoke, rose from his chair and went to the patio where he lifted his mobile to his ear, had a short and ‘to the point’ conversation that I could not hear, and then returned with a big smile on his face. “Sorry about that. I just needed to remind somebody of their responsibilities.” He said in an offhand way. “It was a work thing.” He added as an afterthought.

We chatted for approximately another five minutes, mostly about the impending storm and the rain we were likely to have, when our phone rang. I wanted desperately to answer it myself but had to contain myself as Elaine got up and lifted the receiver to her ear. “Its Alan for you James.”

“At this time of night. What could he possibly want?” I said to nobody in particular. Taking the receiver from Elaine I said hello to my best friend. “Its that call you wanted. Sorry I’m a bit late with it. I shall hang on the phone a little while before I disconnect just like you asked and I won’t interrupt. That is what you wanted isn’t it?” Alan’s voice sounded apologetic and so it should have been – he was twenty minutes late.

I muttered into the receiver the words that I thought the most appropriate in such a situation; such as, “Oh shit really,” or “Oh that’s bad,” etc. to give the impression that there was a crisis at work and finishing with, “I had better come in then.”

“There is a problem with all but two of the African currencies,” I lied, “they need me to manage some selling.” Looking at the two of them I struggled to see any disappointment or concern in their faces, so as a parting gift I turned to Elaine and told her that I was sorry, “but you will have all the washing up to do.” To this day I don’t know if I was grinning when I spoke but my cockiness was struck down when Jackson smiled back at me.

“Don’t worry Jimmy, I’ll give Elaine all the help and assistance she needs.” His face was friendly and open as he said the words and there was no evident double entendre, but I knew what he meant alright. My thanks for such chivalry seemed to come from the side of my mouth as I put on my coat and went through our front door as fast as I could. In truth, I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.

“Its going to be an ‘all nighter’ Luv,” I shouted to Elaine as I ran for the car, “these crises usually are.”  The car was parked just a few spaces down the road in our rented slot and in just a few steps I was soaked. The rain had started without any of us hearing or seeing. This was going to be a long night. 'Game on!' I thought to myself as I started the car and turned into the road.

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