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The Story of Elaine, Jackson and cuckold james

Chapter 7 – Beginnings - Part Two

Elaine’s Beginning

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Chapter Six - Beginnings - Part One

I was laid up for a couple of weeks after being released from hospital and Elaine, who had moved out of her flat she shared with Nat and temporarily into Maddie’s two room in Pimlico, spent a lot of time nursing me (fussing really), making me soup because of my swollen jaw, applying cold compresses and doing my washing. ‘How could someone be in pain and in heaven at the same time’ I remember thinking to myself as I watched her busying herself around me.

Those lovely springy breasts, her long legs and gently curved arse cheeks had me in sexual torment and there were some days that I felt it was almost impossible to restrain myself from touching her. But, like the fool that I am, I did not try it on; I guess that I was too much of a gentleman.

There was no great seduction when the time came and it was all so ‘matter of fact’ when Elaine one night said that she was too tired to go back to Maddie’s and could she spend the night with me. “Yes of course,” I replied, “I’ll help you make up the spare bed.”

Her smile of amusement told me I had misread the situation. “I shall sleep upstairs with you tonight James. If that’s alright with you?”

It was more than alright, and I told her so. Holding my hand she gently led me upstairs and helped me undress as my body was still stiff and delicate after the fight. I was pulling up the duvet as she stripped naked in front of me for the first time and I marvelled at the curve of her breasts, her tiny waist and the delicious roundness or her arse.

“Lay back James,” she whispered into my ear, “let me do all the work. You deserve a little care and attention after all you have been through.”

That night, and many nights since, I have cherished, entered and adored that sweet body of hers. She only mentioned it once, but the size of my small penis never seemed to put her off, even though she liked to call it her ‘little cotton reel’. For months we explored each other’s body with tongue, finger and cotton reel and there was not an orifice that wasn’t penetrated. We were both genuinely in love and my lack of size did not seem to diminish her desire for me.

Six months on from that night Elaine stood next to me, dressed in white, in a small church in Woolwich and we were a married couple. Honeymoon was in the Seychelles, she was still in her old job and I had moved across to the trading floor in Canary Warf. That is how things stayed for about five years until that long heat wave settled over Britain for two weeks and Elaine said to me, “Let’s go to the seaside on Sunday. I’ve been told of a little bay on the South Coast that is very nice.”

There's a little bay on the

South Coast that is very nice

“Good idea,” I replied, unaware of the major upheaval about to happen in my life.

The rest of the day crept past at a snail’s pace, so at three thirty I phoned Josh to let him know that I was going home because of a headache. “No problem James, I’m sure Charlie can cover. He can pretty much do everything don’t you know.” ‘Curious answer.’ I thought.

It was sweltering on the bus home (no air con in London buses in those days) but I didn’t care. I would soon be home so I could shower and make my private arrangements for that night. The weather forecast was predicting thunder and heavy rain to reach London by 9pm that evening but it did not worry me too much as our barbeque should have been over by then.

We have a small patio at the rear of our house with some seating and an area for a small Webber which Elaine and I had made much use of over the hot summer. I swept the area, set up the small round table and chairs and filled the barbeque with charcoal and lighters ready to be lit. Once all this was ready, and with an increasing sense of my life becoming out of control, I took a long shower to clean the sweat and dust of London off me, and changed into light trousers and short sleeve shirt just as my Wife burst in the front door with a big happy smile on her face.

“I thought we could eat inside James,” Elaine trilled excitedly, “seeing as it is going to rain later. Besides you haven’t put the candles out yet.”

“O.K.” I replied. “Perhaps you could entertain Jackson while I’m cooking the steaks. Did you bring the salad and a bottle of wine?”

There was absolutely no mockery or irony in her reply. “I’d love to James. And in answer to your question; yes I did bring the salad and Jackson said that he is bringing a bottle of Rioja.”

I smiled as if nothing had happened but I felt as though the floor had fallen away from my feet as I realized what she had just said, ‘We all knew he was bringing ‘a good red’ as he called it. But he didn’t mention Rioja. You slipped up my pretty whore.’ And then it hit me like a brick. She must have seen Jackson this week and had told him that I like that delicious Spanish wine. If she had seen him, it was more than likely that they had been at it again - thinking further I recalled that she had been in a very happy and mischievous mood this week. ‘He’s had his big cock inside her again and maybe not just this week. Oh Christ! Has he been banging her regularly?’

“Excellent. That’s it then. You shower and I shall help you dress my Love.” I replied though gritted teeth. ‘You black cock slut!’

As always, I was waiting for her to step out of the shower (there had been no time for some pleasurable explorations of my tongue) and with, a soft and fluffy white towel, I proceeded to dry her lovely young body with my usual tender loving care.

“I think I shall wear my hair up tonight for Jacks… .” She cut the sentence off before she could finish. She was getting me to help her prepare herself for Jackson. ‘You are using me, the cuckold, to make you look beautiful for another man you slut. And so help me I am so very aroused by it. What is the fucking matter with you?’

“I think that would be a good idea Elaine, with it being so hot and sticky tonight. If I were you I would wear a long dress without too much underneath. To let the air flow around don’t you think?” was my playful reply.

Elaine gave me a steady albeit slightly bemused look (or was it amused) for a couple of seconds and then spoke as if she had made a decision. “Good idea Jimmy,” ‘fucking ‘Jimmy’ again. Where has this come from?’ “I shall wear that nice green silky dress that I bought last year in Oxford Street. And I shall take your good advice and go ‘Commando’.”

Oh the irony! This was the dress she said that she couldn’t wear because in her own words at the time, “Everyone can see my Bra and Knickers.” But here she was, ready to put it on over her naked body when a big hunk of a Black Man had been invited to dinner.

Again, as always, I painted her toenails and fixed her hair as she sat naked in the dressing table chair chatting about nothing in particular. It was these little private moments that I loved when we are together which, over the years, had cemented our affection and regard for each other – in such moments we were a couple. ‘But for how much longer’ was my tortured thinking.

Standing fully naked in front of me she held up her arms ready for me to lower the wispy material over her body. “I don’t think I have ever seen you as beautiful as you are right now Elaine,” I said softly to her as she smiled back at me with affection and delight, “and with that sexy silky dress you will look a complete stunner.”

The dress seemed to fall slowly over her body such was the lightness of the silky material and, although supposedly loose fitting, it seemed to find every enchanting curve of her breasts and her arse; it was like a second skin. A skin you could see through to excite who? Jackson? me? both of us? all three of us or just her? One thing was clear; Jackson was going to see Elaine’s naked body through that dress as soon as he arrived. And another thing was quite clear; the very thought of it stirred up licentious thoughts in me.

Elaine’s Second Skin

Elaine and I were ready for whatever that evening might bring. She had become somewhat distracted at the thought of the night ahead and I was nervous – but prepared.

The Webber was primed, but not lit. The dining room was bathed in a soft light ready for the meal, the table was laid with our finest cutlery and wine glasses. Best of all – Elaine was clearly naked under her dress and it was too late to change into something less revealing as it was seven thirty exactly, and the front door bell rung. 

As I walked down the passage way I could see a massive figure the other side of the frosted glass of our front door. “Hi Jackson.” I said with a friendly smile as I swung the door open. “Welcome to our humble dwelling.”

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  1. Love your story

    1. Thanks for saying so; I'm writing part three at the moment which I hope to publish on my blog early next month. Keep visiting though. And why stay anonymous?