Wednesday, 10 August 2016

The Brothers' Auction

Being 'Black Owned' can be a wonderful thing for a cuckold and his Wife, especially if you offer yourselves to be auctioned at a private club.

This is just a little story in that way of life.

The White Mistress Auction - Annabelle, Rebecca and Michelle

“Brothers! Let me introduce our last auction sale of the night and, as with all previous sales, these beautiful Wives are all volunteers . We have already had our ‘Sissy Hubby’ auction which was very successful and they are being led away now to a life of happy servitude to the gay brothers who were prepared to pay the highest price. Additionally, our earlier ‘Black Owned White Couple’ sale was perhaps a little oversubscribed and took a long time to get through. No doubt we shall be repeating this at our next auction.
And now for the highlight of the evening. I give you Annabelle, Rebecca and Michelle. Our offering for tonight’s ‘White Mistress’ auction. Their hubbies, by the way, are the three naked wimps chained to the floor at the back of the room. And please don’t touch them gay boys!
Annabelle tells me that she looks forward to being the perfect Lover for a well hung Black Man and will enjoy tying her hubby to the foot of the bed so he can watch."
(a murmur of, “Oh God Yes!” from the back of the room)
"Rebecca has said that her body aches for a real man to take her and that only a Black Man can do that. “Certainly not my ‘little’ hubby.” she told me just now."
(laughter from the audience looking round at the red faced wimp in the middle)
"And Michelle my Brothers! Michelle with those pretty little titties. Do you know why Michelle is here? She wants to be ‘Black Owned’ and to have a baby from a real man. Now who of us wouldn’t wish to oblige?"
(a whimper from the rear of the room)
"Now let’s start with a million for Annabelle. So what am I bid?"