Tuesday, 9 August 2016

My Cuckold Shorts

Please enjoy my latest 'cuckold shorts' offering.

Whether she’s marrying her Bull or her new husband,
this bridal ensemble is perfectly suitable for the occasion;
and giving her to her Bull, with her dressed in this beautiful and
sexy lingerie for his pleasure is the ultimate dream for a cuckold.

Breakfast Together

Her Hubby would have known that they went out together, had dinner together, danced together, gone to bed together, made love all night together and made a baby together. 

And now as they now ‘breakfast’ together he knows that she is now another man’s Mistress and they will always be 'together’.

These are the things a cuckold knows and has to accept.

Something tells hubby that she is going off to be with her
Lover again.  It’s those subtle clues in the way she dresses.

With his seed growing inside her, these moments they’ll treasure,
my Wife belongs to him now so he uses her body for pleasure,
and I know, compared to him, I am weak and will never measure,
so she willingly spreads her long legs and he takes her at leisure.

Hearing him ejaculating into your Wife, knowing that her legs
are wide open for him and accepting that she will soon bear his
child, is something a true cuckold has to accept in all humility.

Her Hubby knows that her attempts at attracting a new
Lover are not always so subtle, but they are always successful
And he knows that she will cheat on him yet again, but that’s
the way it is for a cuckold.