Sunday, 28 August 2016

Cucky Quicky - “I like it sissy boy.”

Cucky Quicky

“I like it sissy boy.”

“Dennis! I think you may have gone too far with the gender equality thing. And you have locked your ‘little man’ away again. Why?”
“You have humiliated me by taking a Lover and made me a cuckold. In essence, you have unmanned me. So I might just as well be what I am now. A Sissy!”
“I’m so sorry Dear. I didn’t think you would take it like this. But I have to say that you look very nice.”
“Thank you Dear. This is the future for me now, so we had both better get used to it.”
“I’m liking it already ‘sissy boy’.”


  1. Now he has to humbly offer her the key to his chastity. Since she's liking this new arrangement she might do something creative with it, like wearing it on a neck or ankle chain, or leaving it with her Lover for 'safekeeping'.

    1. This sissy's Wife may want to ostentatiously wear his key so that everybody knows that she has 'locked him away', but the preferable option is always for her Lover to hold it. In that way, not only will his Wife be 'Mastered' by a better man, sissy will too.