Saturday, 6 August 2016

Cuckold Vignette

Listening in can be a wonderful thing for us cuckolds.

“Us Master! Always and forever us!”

As I eavesdropped on them both that fateful night I heard my Wife’s Lover ask her that one question that put me in a place from which I have never recovered or, as a true cuckold, would ever wish to.

“What’s most important to you Baby. You and your little cuckold, who is listening to me fucking you like a whore, or the fact that I am your Black Master and you belong to me?”

The answer was as inevitable as the baby she conceived that night and the seed that I dribbled onto the floor as I knelt the other side of the bedroom door. And I knew from that moment on her answer would always be ‘us’ whenever he posed that same question. And he always said it when he knew that I was nearby - and that is because I had asked him to.

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