Monday, 1 August 2016

Cuckold Vignette

A newly married Wife makes a choice, much to her hubby's chagrin:

- and big Black Robert's ten inches
will do perfectly cucky boy!

“But we have only been married eighteen months, why have you started thinking about a Lover already?”

“You know very well Sweety. I’m sorry but you are just not doing it for me at night.”

“If you promise not to leave me, would you like me to set up some dates for you. I know most of my friends fancy the pants off you.”

“I am definitely not going to leave you, but all of your mates are even more wimpy than you. If I am going to have a Lover, I would prefer a real man.”

“I could ask Big Robert. He’s often told me that he would like to get you into bed.”

“A Black Man? Now you’re talking. I would rather enjoy his ten inches of black cock inside me.”



  1. Those talks are tough...but necessary. s

    1. A good and gentle Wife will tell her failing husband that she needs more than he can provide very early on in their marriage. That way he can get used to being a cuckold as soon as possible.