Thursday, 11 August 2016

A Cuckold's Life

I thought that I would reintroduce some of my own preparations; and why? Because I like to make them, show them and let others enjoy them - that's why. 

So for the next few days you will be able to enjoy some of my 'Cuckold Connoisseur Productions' - and please comment as you will.


There are ways to break the news to a hubby, and the one depicted below is one of the most cruel. But finding out has never been easy if you haven't planned to be a cuckold. Nevertheless it can be a beautiful moment for a young man to suddenly find out that another man enjoys those pretty breasts of his Wife.

“My Boyfriend says that my breasts are very nice Dear.”


  1. I really like her casual attitude. Wonder what ELSE she hasn't told him?

  2. That is both the joy and the terror of being a cuckold Throne. You never really know what she is going to tell you next.

  3. Well said. You also don't know what you might see, like love bites on her neck (and elsewhere)or that when she came home late her panties were in her purse.

  4. "You never know what she is going to tell you next." I loved those little and sometimes subtle conversation with hints and clues of what might be to come or even transpired. The Mrs. was amused that I referred to her breast as great accessories that go nicely with anything. She was so amused she would solicit second opinions which led to some great conversations I overheard.


    1. Hints and clues, subtle or otherwise are the strings that we cuckolds dangle from like the puppets we are - happily!