Tuesday, 26 July 2016

My Cuckold Shorts

The trials and pleasures of being a cuckold represented here in my short presentations of cuckoldry - please enjoy.

The look on her face tells her little white hubby 
all that he needs to know. 

She belongs to him now!

Sometimes you just know that she won’t be coming home tonight. 

All cuckolds will experience such occasions and will 
consequently understand the true meaning of inadequacy.

There is no greater confirmation for a new cuckold of his Wife’s
 strong mating desire for her Master than to witness 
her undressing him on their wedding night.

The look that tells her cuckold hubby, “Stay or go if
you want to, but this is what I am going to do!”

That feeling of being totally owned by a man -
and her cuckolded husband feels it as well.

Her total and open abandonment to her 
Master is what her husband dreams of. 

Only a cuckold would understand the bitter-sweet humiliation 
of knowing that his wife belongs to another, better man.


  1. I truly love the last pic! Seeing my wife so exposed with legs spread wide, and willingly vulnerable with her mouth and tongue reaching for her black stud is so hot!


    1. Knowing that you Wife is fully open for her Black Lover and that she seeks full intimacy with him is something us cuckolds have to endure. Sorry wrong word - not endure - enjoy is the right way to describe a cuckold's emotions. Thanks for your comment Gary.

  2. A cuckold can feel plenty of tension as he wonders if his wife might go from just enjoying the sex to actually falling in love with her new partner.

    1. Thank you for your comment Throne.
      In my humble opinion, if a Wife is having an affair and not just casual sex with strangers she is already a little in love with the man who she now enjoys inside her. The best cuckold arrangements are often those when the husband is an active participant in his Wife and her Lover's relationship and understands her physical and emotional needs. If he knows that his Wife will never leave him and that she needs his permanent devotion as a sound foundation to her life then to hear those words, "I love him," from her should not be the terrible moment that many cuckolds fear. If handled properly, it could open up a delightful three cornered relationship of Master, Mistress and cuckold.

  3. Seeing the intimacy of my wife with another man never presented a problem (except if she was being abused). I realized it was just two souls sharing their passion. It was a space in time shared by two people that could not be duplicated by any one other than themselves as they infused in each other a special bond. It is their canvas for their art. If a marriage is strong, no other can replace the bond between cuckold and wife. They compliment one another in enrichment of their lives.. hers by expanding her femininity and sexual horizons and him by emotional growth in understanding and satisfying his wife in a unique way.


  4. Thank you for your insightful comment Tiresias. For many cuckolds, seeing his Wife in the arms of another man especially if he knows that her stud is superior in every way, can be a trying and emotional moment. The true cuckold realises that his Wife has needs and is 'expanding her femininity and sexual horizons' (your words) and that his own physical and emotional needs take second place.