Wednesday, 6 July 2016

My Cuckold Shorts

Please enjoy more of my cuckold scenarios:

She made a friend at the beach today hubby. 

Maybe she will tell you all about it when she comes home.

Or maybe she won’t!

“Don’t be silly Baby!  Of course I’m going back to his room.  

That’s why we’re here isn’t it; to get me a Black Lover and to Cuckold you.

That was our agreement wasn’t it?  


It wasn’t?


Well it is now Cucky!”

‘Hi Babe! I thought I would send you this picture of Samuel and me.  

We are spending lots of time together; 

he’s such a wonderful man, very attentive and affectionate.  

He says that he would like to come back home with me and I’ve said yes. 


Hope you don’t mind Dear! 


See you soon. 


Love Wifey’

As he stares back at me, the poor husband, I can see in his eyes,

that he knows she’s his new Mistress and he’s won first the prize,

so no more will I have to listen to her excuses and lies,

because he now has the right to be between her warm thighs.

Cuckolding! Can you handle it hubby?

Because it looks as though your Wife can.

Cuckold have been with us for millions of years - there is nothing 

new in love, marriage and affairs as this scene depicts. 


T'was ever thus!


  1. I would love to go to the beach with my beautiful wife so she could flirt and meet some sexy black studs!


  2. Watching your Wife flirt with other men (black or not) is one of us cuckold's secret pleasures Gary.

  3. When the Mrs. would attend conferences and seminars away from home that lasted several days, I looked forward to her phone call relating to various "prospects" that drew her attention. We would discuss the possibilities based on their merits as she stated them and approaches she might use. Afterward I would really feel the rush knowing she was making herself available to any one individual (or more). Later at night she would call with details of impending or the consummation in bed. If I didn't get a call, it wasn't because the hunt was still on, it was she was making a night of it. Those nights I slept with vivid images dancing in my head and perhaps a piece of her lingerie in hand.


  4. Hi Tiresias. Consulting hubby on prospective Loversshows a 'grown up' attitude to cuckoldry. My congratulations.

  5. It has been awhile since we have taken a vacation away, but in the past there were some great trips. One that I recall was after we were home a few days I received a letter, I recognized the hand writing immediately. It was written the night before we left for home. It was a thank you for allowing her the freedom and joy she experienced on that vacation. She mentioned the fun things we did together but also the time I let her have to herself and a man she met there. Very thoughtful and thought provoking.


  6. A letter? Why didn't she just kiss you after she had been in her Lover's bed and then tell you how she felt about you allowing her freedom. I suppose if the words are right and heartfelt then if it works, O.K.

  7. Sentimentality and the lost art of heart felt writing. It also gave her a god chance to reflect.