Monday, 18 July 2016

How Would You React?

How would you react?

You had taken your pretty Wife on holiday to the Caribbean but after just a few days she seemed to be going missing. Over two days you witnessed a young Black Man called Charles seducing her. [Seduction]

On the third day she went missing again and, after looking for her, you found her with Charles whose prodigious manhood was pleasuring her. Your little penis couldn't help but react and you realised that you were now a cuckold. [Deep Inside Her]

You lay alone by the pool for the rest of the day but on returning to your hotel room your Wife and her new Lover Charles were waiting for you to tell you they were Lovers and then started to make love on the bed in front of you. [In Your Bed]

You stood by the bed and watched as Charles had your Wife with long, deep strokes with his large cock. Your Wife held your hand as she was being fucked and told you that Charles thought that you would be a good cuckold.

Charles ejaculated into your Wife and you instinctively knew there was copious amounts of his seed still inside her after he pulled his member out and they started to kiss again. With their mating completed for the moment, Charles ordered you to call him 'Master' and to strip naked so, being the good cuckold you wanted to be, you obeyed immediately.

You knew his seed was inside her.

“Now cuck, get in between your Wife’s legs and clean up the mess I made,” said Charles as you realised just what it was he wanted you to do. [The Good Cuckold]

You knew that Charles was  using his size and dominant presence to intimidate you into doing such a demeaning thing; and you knew that you had a final decision to make. You could save your dignity and show him, and your Wife, that you would not descend to such depths of perversion, or not.

"Yes Master," you replied, "right away Master!" And you immediatley experienced, for the first time in your cuckold life, that delightful sense of enslavement and depravity that a submissive can feel.

Your Wife's labia was an enchanting shiny pink with just the slightest evidence of semen trickling down towards her anus. But you did not have time to enjoy the view so, with your long tongue which you had often used to good effect, you scooped up the trickle and swallowed the pungent warm goo.

The realisation of what you were doing hit you like a train. You were tasting and consuming another man's most intimate essence in the utmost humiliating way. But as the warm sticky fluid flowed down your gullet and into your stomach you knew that what was happening was just the beginning.

Your tongue gently parted your Wife's labia lips and you then received even more of the slime that Master had erupted inside her. Warm and salty cream once again at the back of your throat made you swallow hard as you heard your Wife moan in appreciation. You knew that you were doing this right, and the tiny erection of your little penis told you that you were liking it too.

"Get on your back cuckold and get ready to take it all," was Master's instruction, "and don't close your mouth until I say so." Like the good cuckold you now are, you obeyed immediately.

Your Wife knelt on the bed with her pussy directly over your open mouth and you were immediately rewarded with a gush of Master's seed. It filled your mouth with a salty tasting musty slime that you swallowed immediately. Again she allowed yet another gush from her vagina - you swallowed, and again and again until there was no more. Just a shiny slickness on her labia that you cleaned perfectly with your long tongue.

Perfectly clean after a  salty meal.

For the rest of the night Master had your Wife as and when he wanted and after each eruption from his thick black manhood, you played your part by carrying out your 'clean up' duties. And you had never been so humiliated, or so happy. That is until -

"Cucky. Its time to progress your training. Kneel before me. Now!"

You looked up from your Wife's labia to see Master standing by the bed with his hands on his hips. You obeyed your Master without question and kneeled before him with your face almost touching his dark member. As you gazed up at the symbol of his power you could not help thinking just how beautiful it was.

"Hold it in your hand. It won't bite. And then take it between those two effeminate lips of yours. Prove to me your total submission." He growled.

"Prove to me your total submission cuckold."

"I'm not gay Master. I have never touched another man in this way." You replied as your penis filled to, what to you was an unheard of, a stiff little four inches.

This aspect of cuckolding was new to you and most unexpected, could you handle the gayness of it. But most of all, what would you do next? 


  1. Without question or a second thought, I would take his throbbing black cock in my hand and begin to worship it, licking him up and down his long, thick shaft, sucking him as deeply into my mouth as a could, even dipping beneath him and sucking his balls into my mouth and slipping my tongue inside of his asshole, all to show him that I was ready to submit completely and do everything in my power to make him staying to please my wife the very thing he would want to do, for as long as he and she wanted him to do so.

    1. Total submission can be a wonderful thing for Master, Mistress and cuckold Leeanne.