Sunday, 31 July 2016

Cucky Text

A text between a beautiful young Wife's Master and her cuckold.

Those beautiful long legs wrapped around her
Masters back is a sensual vision for her cuckold.

Txt: Barbara has asked me to send you this photo as a reminder of what you enjoyed in your bed last night. Her lovely long legs are such a joy to me and I know you appreciate them too.

Txt: Thanks Paul. It was really nice spending the night with those hanging over my shoulders as I made a real woman of her.

Txt: She was hoping for another date soon Master.

Txt: I’m going to London on business tomorrow, why don’t I take her with me. We can have a nice romantic time together. We can see the sights, take in a show, have a nice intimate dinner and then I can fuck her rigid. How does that sound?

Txt: Marvelous Master. How long will you and my Wife be away?

Txt: About three weeks cuckold.


  1. NICE! Some times my wife spend a full weekend w her lover in Chicago!

  2. Thanks for the comment Nico.
    I don't know Chicago, but I do know that feeling of watching her go off to spend romantic time with her Lover.

  3. My wife spends almost all weekend at home with her bull this is pune cuckold

    1. Hi pune. Do you mean She spends all weekends at her Bull's place, which is nice for Her, or do you mean She spends all weekend with her Bull at your place, which is nice for Her and you? I guess its nice for her Bull and your Wife either way really.