Sunday, 17 July 2016

Cucky Text

Sometimes I like to bring myself into our small vignettes of cuckold life. Its just an indulgence really, but we can only dream can't we?

How do you like this picture of your Wife?

Txt: ‘Hey Derek. How do you like this picture of your Jen that I took five minutes ago.’ 

Txt: ‘I don’t think that I have ever seen her so lascivious, or so beautiful Master.’

Txt: ‘She’s got a very good technique too. You can tell we’ve been practicing a lot.’ 

Txt: ‘I am not surprised considering she’s spent every night in your bed for the last two months.’

Txt: ‘And for the foreseeable future too cucky boy! That said, I don’t want to keep her from you, so why don’t you  come and join us? Jen can teach you her expertise.’ 

Txt: ‘It would be an honour Master.’

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