Friday, 15 July 2016

Cucky Text

"I shall bring her to you now Master."

Txt: Master, I took this photo of Jeanette just three minutes ago. I am hoping that you like what you see.
Txt: Hell yeah! She looks fine. Well done Jeremy.
Txt: I shall help her put on a red silk dress with a very loose clasp so you won’t have any trouble stripping her. I have also put some fragile elastic in her knickers which are also outside her suspenders, I know Jeanette likes it when you rip them off her.
Txt: So do I Jeremy. And what about the stockings?
Txt: It would mean a lot to me if you could let her keep them on Master. It excites me to sit here imagining those pretty white legs crossed over the dark skin of your back as you plough my young Wife.
Txt: You’ve got it cucky. I’m planning to both plough her and cultivate her tonight.
Txt: That’s good to hear. Thank you Master. I shall bring her to you immediately.

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