Thursday, 21 July 2016

Cuckold's Conversation

The office affair can be devestating for a husband if he is 'the last to know'. However if his Wife is open about it and the man she dates is clearly a better man then hubby can very quickly become used to being a cuckold. In many cases he will become a part of the process for their mating and gain pleasure from it.

"Marcus and I are starting a family together cucky."


  1. Or she might visit the cuckold at his job and introduce herself to his boss. If that leads to an affair, hubby will be reminded of it every day when he goes to work and his superior smirks at him and perhaps calls him into his private office to ask, "What's your wife's favorite perfume? I want to get her a gift."

    1. Great cuckold storyline Throne. Knowing that your boss at work is also your Wife's Lover can be extremely arousing for a cuckold who enjoys humiliation; and believe me, they are many out there. To be bossed at work and at home by the same man can be a very special way of life that takes an exceptional kind of cuckold.

      As for the perfume, cuckold would of course pay for it and then apply it to his Wife when she is meeting her Lover. And if he is the right type of cucky, he may put a small dab behind his ears as well after she has left.