Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Cuckold's Conversation

A husband can experience intense feelings of inferiority when he sees his Wife dressed like a Whore for another man. He knows that she is inviting a better man's lovemaking, his manhood to penetrate her and the eruption of his seed inside her. It is how he reacts to these circumstances that defines him as a cuckold.

"I love to see you dressed like a Whore for him My Love."


  1. She might also buy a piece of jewelry that features words like NAUGHTY, BAD, or DIRTY GIRL to wear on dates. If she's between lovers maybe she can find one that says AVAILABLE.

    1. Good idea Throne. The cuckold's pleasure would then to attach the jewellery to her when she is going on a date or when she is 'on the pull'. Such intimate moments between a Wife and her cuckold have always helped to strengthen such a marriage.