Friday, 22 July 2016

Cuckold Vignette

A vision of a happy cuckold marriage to start the weekend.

A cuckold is never happier than when his Wife controls the key.

When you are a cuckold, there can be many strange and wonderful scenarios in which you can enjoy your status. Watching your Wife in bed with another man is one of the best ways to remind yourself that you are not the man you once thought you were. The occasional wearing of silky ladies underwear works for many. But the most precious moment for me is when the love of my life closes the little padlock on my restraint.

The look of amusement and triumph on her beautiful face as she removes the key and its chain and then places around her neck for all her friends to see brings me delightful emotions of humiliation and subservience. And as she leaves to be with her Lover she knows that she has left behind a docile and loving husband who is happy to be a submissive cuckold, and who will wait patiently for her to return after a night of pleasing a better man than he.

That is our strange and wonderful cuckold scenario that is played out in our house on an almost daily basis. It seems like normal life to us now and my Wife and I have never been happier.


  1. If you are emotionally strong, a cuckold's life can be pretty enticing mysster.

  2. She might even let you have the key, secure in the knowledge that you won't use it. Or she can take it with her and leave it in the hands of her lover.

    1. Two very good scenarios Throne. A true cuckold wouldn't dream of using the key because that would totally negate the purpose of the celibacy that he has had willingly imposed on him by his Wife. The best option is always for a cuckold to understand that he is not the master of his little penis and to give that control over to his Wife's Lover; then he will realize what being a cuckold is all about.